Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bed & Breakfast

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When I checked the website for the funny LOL Cats this morning, I found this one. It reminded me of a Bed 'n Breakfast place that I would really like to stay in one of these days. It's a Lighthouse/Light Station that has been converted to a Bed and Breakfast on the Oregon coast. The place is the Heceta Head Lighthouse.

I actually saw the place last fall when I drove my parents up to Washington to visit family and friends. (I'll have to put some of the pictures I took on that trip in here one of these days.. lol) We drove up Highway 1 through Northern California, then through Oregon and when we hit Washington, we turned east. But one afternoon on the Oregon coast, we were driving up the highway admiring the views, I needed to have a break to get out and walk off a cramp in my leg. I spotted a turnout along side the road (It wasn't one my Stepdad wanted.. No restroom.. lol) and quickly made the left turn into it because I knew where we were. I wanted to see that view of the lighthouse... And take a few pictures of it.

Beautiful, isn't it? I have seen so many photos of that lighthouse, but this one is mine. Some day I'm going to make reservations there and spend a night or two... The lighthouse out on that rocky point is a working lighthouse, but the Keeper's house has been converted into a Bed and Breakfast. There are paths out to the lighthouse and down to the beach to stroll on. Would you believe they serve a 7 course breakfast every morning?

Also, a mile away, there is the Sea Lion Caves which would be something to see.. There's even an elevator that takes you down into the cave to see the Sea Lions inside. They say that Fall and Winter are the best times to visit the Caves. Come to think of it, I think Fall or Winter would be a good time to be at the Lighthouse too. I love watching the ocean after a storm and beach-combing is best then too. You never know what you'll find washed up on a beach after a storm.

Ahh... What a dream... Someday I'm going to make it there for a night or two...


catsrule said...

Goodmorning....I enjoyed your writing and loved the cute kitten pictures.

Anakerie said...

Good morning to you too! Thank you, I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog.. The kitty pictures are sort of a favorite with me too.. :-)