Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yardwork........ Ouch

Ok, I'm admitting I'm getting old now. At least I am admitting it today. Yesterday my internet went down for a while, so I thought I'd go out in the yard to do a little clean-up in the yard. First of all, I'll explain what I've got here. I'm renting a house. It's a cute little house that was totally abused by the young family that rented it before I did. I moved in two years ago and the yard was a complete disaster. The renters before me did virtually nothing to the yard. Including mowing and stuff unless they absolutely had to. My landlord, Mike, who lives next door gave me complete free reign with the yard. In other words, I can do whatever I want with the yard.

Since moving here, I've planted some trees. A fruitless mulberry for shade on the front of the house. Another tree that was given to me by my Dad who called it a "Harry Lauder Walking Stick" tree. And an apple tree. All in the front yard and they're doing very well. I've also added some roses and other flowering plants in the front. Along the south side of the house is a flower bed that was just weeds when I moved in. There's an olive tree, some flowering quince, a couple old climbing roses and lots of other things that I haven't really identified yet. The olive tree is kind of interesting looking. It has a grape vine from the vacant house next door climbing up over the top of it. It has some of the climbing roses blooming up in the top. And there's a wisteria vine, also from the vacant house, weaving through it. About all I've done with the olive tree so far is trim off some of the low hanging limbs so that we can walk under it without bashing our heads. There were some white iris' growing partially in the thicket of flowering quince and I dug them up last summer and moved them to the flower bed between the house and the sidewalk where they're blooming for the first time since I moved in. I didn't know they were white iris until this spring!

Anyway, back to yesterday. When my internet went out, I went across the street to see if my daughter's internet had gone down too. We're both on a wireless broadband for access and if both of us are down, then it's our provider thats messing up, not our individual connections. They were down too. So I thought it would be a good time to do some weeding and such. My son-in-law was planning on mowing our lawns, theirs as well as mine. My 4 year old grandson, Devin, heard me say something about pulling weeds, so he announced that he was going to help me.

So Devin and I started pulling weeds near the gate and worked our way towards the house. (Devin is a pretty good helper! I pulled, he gathered the pulled weeds and carried them out to the burn pile!) We moved to the back of the house where there were some really tall weeds along the edge of the yard near my landlord's garage and the back fence, and we started pulling up stuff there. Now there was also this ugly pile of old siding, junk wood, pipes and other crud piled up against the back fence that's been there for years... While Devin and I were taking a little break while Robert (my son-in-law) was mowing and using his super-duper weed-eater on the tougher stuff that my little electric weed-eater won't chop, Mike's girlfriend, Kathy, came over and chatted a bit. She volunteered to help me move that pile of crud to a less visible area on the north side of the house. It took us a while, but the crud has been moved. The wood was mostly rotten so it took a bit to get it moved... In pieces.. lol... That corner of the yard looks a lot better now... You can see the dark line along the bottom of the fence where all that wood was piled for so long.

But... Today, I'm feeling pain in just about every muscle in my arms and legs. I imagine Kathy is too. Devin isn't, I'll bet... 4 year olds don't wear out like us "old folks"... lol.. I'm going to try to do some more work over in that corner of the yard today. That end of the yard is a "high" spot. My plan is to dig it up and rake the dirt down into the low spots that are usually small lakes when it rains. Who knows how long I'll be able to work on it today... I hurt! And I feel old this morning... lol.. Maybe I'll do an easier job today... Like wiring the supports of my shade structure back together that the wind tore up when we had that windstorm in January. I'd like to have shade over my porch swings again when it gets hot......

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