Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mario Lozano Trial ~ Another Updated Who's Who

I hadn't updated the who's who after Gene's post yesterday, so I figured I'd do it now that I've had a chance to read the article about the reenactment of Mario killing Kacie (Day 3). My brother had told me a while back that Mario was claiming the shooting to be "accidental" and that he had shot her the second time to "end her suffering". My reaction back then was "Hogwash".. Well, I didn't exactly use that word, but I'm sure you get the gist of what I was thinking. (Think large male bovine excrement. lol) I still have the same opinion of Mario's "story".

In my opinion, Mario was pissed off that Kacie didn't want him as a boyfriend. And this thing about him just wanting his two bags of clothes and other items back? That's why he was pointing a shotgun at her? Uhm. No, that makes no sense at all to me. If that was the reason for the argument, why didn't he take those bags with him when he stole Kacie's car, Kacie's bank card and that lockbox that he climbed in the window to get? As for his firing the second shot, the "kill shot" because he didn't want her to suffer, that is complete total garbage. Wouldn't it have been better to call 911 and get some medical help for her? She could have SURVIVED! But then, he would have had to deal with a witness when he got arrested for shooting her. This way it's his story against what the forensics say. And the forensics don't seem to match his story.

From what my brother told me, Kacie dealt with pain every day of her life. And, from what I understand, crank or meth would aggravate that pain, or make it harder to deal with. Mario is trying to make excuses for doing what he did. Kacie wanted him out of her home and he didn't want to go.

The prosecution's case in chief is closed. And now, Tuesday morning at 8:30am at the courthouse in Placerville, the defense gets to begin presenting their case.

Updated Who's Who

  • Victim: Kathleen "Kacie" Barron
  • Defendant: Mario H. Lozano
  • Place: Placerville, El Dorado County, Superior Court Dept No. 2
  • Judge: Honorable Eddie T. Keller
  • Prosecution: Deputy District Attorney Dale R. Gomes
  • Defense: Deputy Public Defender Michael N. Atwell
Prosecution witnesses:
  • Nick Selbman (Kacie Barron's son, now 22 years old. He was also the person who found Kacie's body on July 26th, 2006.)
  • Mike Nuss (Longtime friend of Kacie Barron.)
  • Mike Thompson (Longtime friend of Kacie Barron.)
  • Gary Chapman (Friend of Mario Lozano, then friend of Kacie Barron.)
  • Officer Brody Jordan (Placerville Police Department. Patrol officer and crime scene investigator.)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Albers (Forensic Pathologist for the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office)
  • John Yount ( Department of Justice Criminalist)
  • Lt. Kim Nida (Placerville Police Department.)
Kacie's family/supporters:
  • Annie Walker (Kacie's Mother)
  • Doug Walker (Kacie's Stepdad)
  • Lee Barron (Kacie's Dad)
  • Pat Barron (Kacie's brother)
  • John (?) (Kacie's Stepbrother)
  • Gene (Chaplainlimeygene, former boyfriend and friend of Kacie)
Mario's family/supporters

I am still guessing that Kacie's son, Nick, her friends Mike Nuss, Mike Thompson and Gary Chapman are not in the courtroom during testimony since the defense attorney reserved the right to recall them for more testimony later on.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis. It's Tues. eve. and before I get buzy with making sense of my notes, I'll list some more names of people that showed up today. Some all day and some for a session. Of course there was Pat, Annie, Doug and Lee. Her other brother is John S. MacDonald. Let's see, we had: Michelle Pitcher, Long time friend; Steve and Linda Tracy, family friends; Lorraine Tollett, a neighbor;Ben Parks and Karen Pitts, family friends; Lisa Butler, friend; Jennifer Hodges, friend; Harry Bannister, neighbor; Val Pease, cousin; Sedina Pease, 2nd cousin;Carrol Watson, victim's witness advocate, worked with Kacie in case against Dave Partridge who broke her fingers. A couple women who's names I didn't get have been here on other days. Several of the women who were friends had been helped out of crisis' and volitle situations in the past. I'll try to get today's posted by tomorrow. Court is done and the jury has been instructed. Tomorrow at 9:00 they will get to work. I have a transcript of the interview video but will wait for the jury to be done before posting. I'ts a lot of pages. Post ya later, Gene.

Anonymous said...

Also Kay Pease, Vals stepmom.