Thursday, April 17, 2008

Art? From Firewood?

I've been playing with the Stumbleupon toolbar the last couple of days. It's been showing me some interesting websites and images. I had to post a link to this one though.. Pretty unusual artwork, wouldn't you say?

Some of the other sites that Stumble has sent me to are kind of fun to play with. One of the sites gives you an "art pad" and a paint brush. All you have to do is draw!

Another site, called Superficial Gallery has a bunch of different sections of the website, one of which caught my eye... It's a gallery of images of unusual packaging ideas... Check this one out:

Yep, Stumble is kind of fun.. I've been seeing some really creative websites using it... Probably never would have found them if I hadn't clicked on the Stumble button that is now installed on my browser... lol

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