Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Caylee Anthony = Profits? (With Updates)

Update Below

I guess it's time for me to break my silence about the Caylee Anthony case and the circus surrounding it. If you've been following the Caylee Anthony case lately, I'm sure you've seen the reports of the dolls that are being sold by a couple people. I can't speak for most folks, but to me, these people wanting to profit from the death of that child are bottom feeders. Period.

Bottom Feeder 1
Yesterday the news came out about some promoter who wants to profit off the tragedy of the death of Caylee Anthony. The image to the left is the so-called Sunshine Caylee Doll that was for sale for a short period of time on a website run by a Jacksonville-based company called "Showbiz Promotions". (I am not going to supply a link to their website!) The company supposedly was going to start selling these dolls at noon today, but apparently they've changed their minds. The sale of the dolls has been "suspended". The dolls were to be sold for $29.99 each and according to the website, a portion of the profits were to be donated to an unnamed charity. Last night on the Nancy Grace show, Jaime Salcedo defended his company's sale of the dolls. According to him, the dolls are a "tribute" to Caylee. Uhm. Yeah, right. He couldn't even name the "charity" that he was going to donate money to, nor could he say how much would be donated. The guy is a bottom feeder who thought he had a great idea for making money. Put the dolls on sale, brag about what a wonderful thing they're doing by "donating" part of the proceeds and never, ever let anyone know who or how much goes to some "charity". So, they've "suspended" the sale of the dolls that don't look like Caylee, but play "You Are My Sunshine" when you poke the doll's belly button.

Hey Mr. Jaime Salcedo, I hope the Anthony's go after you. Cindy went after a blogger, for crying out loud, just because she thought that somehow that blogger was making a profit off her granddaughter. There was no profit for the blogger, but this dude... Yeah, I think the Anthony's could get him. Mr. Salcedo, that was a bad idea. A very bad idea.

Bottom Feeder 2
This morning, the news is reporting about an Ebay seller that has created Casey Anthony voodoo dolls. (Oh brother!) The seller describes themself as follows: "Artist is a studied, practiced and renound Spiritual Healer; Gemologist and Jeweler. Equally engages in healing and spiritual craftmaking, and in designing and manufacturing spiratual and uniquie jewel crafts (emphasis on Voodoo Dolls and Dreamcatchers)." The most expensive doll sells for $29.99 and comes complete with handcuffs, a Bible and white sunglasses.
Ok... So maybe this one isn't as much of a bottom feeder as the one above if you take into account the amusement value of having a Casey Anthony Voodoo doll that comes with handcuffs and white sunglasses. Still, I count this seller as a bottom feeder. She/he/whoever is trying to make a profit off a tragedy. A child is dead who was stuffed into a garbage bag and dumped along side a road like so much trash, her mother is in jail waiting for a murder trial and the rest of the family has stayed out of the news as much as they could until George ended up in the hospital due to a suicide attempt. The child hasn't even been buried yet! (And I guess Jose Baez is the one who has the say over when poor little Caylee can be laid to rest.)

Bottom feeders......... I know there will be more than just these two. On eBay alone, there are lots of sellers that have listings that pertain to the case, but most of those are clippings or magazines. So far, though, the bottom feeders aren't making much money off Caylee. Yet. The doll sales were suspended before they began and the voodoo doll "artist" hasn't sold a single one yet. I checked the history for the seller. The dolls closed with no bids and have been relisted, still with no bids. Perhaps the seller will find a buyer now though since the news has spotlighted the listing... Ugh.

Update on the eBay Seller
Well, my prediction has proven true about that eBay seller. Less than an hour ago, none of the dolls had bids, and now all three of the voodoo dolls now have bids on them. I guess that "artist" is doing a little happy dance now that her auctions have hit the news. (Insert rolling eyes icon here... **sigh**)

Another Update on the eBay Seller
Apparently someone, or lots of someones, reported that seller to eBay and eBay took all the auctions down and the seller is "no longer a registered user". In other words, eBay banned the seller from the site. Two of the auctions did "end" with buyers, one for about $75 and the other was over $100. The third doll was still getting bids when the seller went **poof**, with the top bid being over $7,000! Insane!!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Defense Prepares?

Yes, I am still banned from the InSessions board, but I'm there reading/lurking without logging in. Someone in the Caylee Anthony forums linked this cartoon into the threads this morning and it so fits so many cases I've watched over the years that I had to put it here on my blog.

As we all watch the news from Orlando, I am sure I'm not the only one wondering what kind of defense Jose Baez is going to present. The news is saying that the investigators (according to "sources inside the investigation") have overwhelming evidence that Casey Anthony intentionally murdered her almost 3 year old daughter, Caylee. They are also saying that according to reports returned by forensic botanists and entomologists brought in to anaylyze the terrain and insect growth where Caylee's remains were found, they can place the time of the death sometime in June. The sources say that plants were growing through the skeleton and bug evidence was also recovered, both of which helped scientists reach their conclusion. So those experts (If the "sources" are right.) have pretty much canceled out the rumors that keep floating around that the child's body was moved there after Casey was jailed.

So how is Jose Baez going to explain away Casey's involvement in her daughter's death? He can't stand there and spout off the stories about the child being alive and out there somewhere with the kidnappers now that the remains have been found. Is he going to go with the "nanny-kidnapper" story? If so, which one? The story about Casey dropping Caylee off in an apartment at the Sawgrass Apartments? Or the story about dropping her off on the stairs in front of the apartment? Or maybe the one about the "nanny" and her sister knocking Casey to the ground and taking off with Caylee? In the brief that was sent to the prosecutors earlier on trying to get the death penalty taken off the table, it was theorized that Caylee died due to an accidental overdose. Is that the one Mr. Baez is going to run with? It's hard to tell what the guy is aiming for as we watch him in action in the courtroom dealing with all the motions he's filed.

Speaking of all those motions being filed. The court appearance of Casey on Thursday was a surprise to a lot of people. Casey had refused to come to court initially when the jailers went to fetch her, but the judge insisted that since she didn't sign a waiver, she had to appear. It seems Mr. Baez forgot to have her sign the waiver and was just going on her verbal decision not to attend. So, Casey was brought to court. Her demeanor was amazing, in my opinion. The lawyers and the judge were discussing her own daughter's remains (Her bones!) and Casey sat there for the most part expressionless. No emotion, no connection to what was being said about her daughters bones. It seemed a couple of times she had to suppress a smirk or smile about something that was said, but overall, she looked like a cold fish, totally bored with what was being discussed. I don't think I could have been so cold if someone were discussing my child's remains like that!

Anyway, the photos of poor little Caylee's bones are supposed to end up on a "secure" server in Jose Baez's office that the defense experts will access to form their opinions of what happened to the child. I have a problem with that "secure server" in the Baez office though. How the heck is he going to set up something like that when his own law firm's website is as screwed up as it is? There hasn't been a working link on that website since Casey was spending her days in his office! Was she playing at being Jose's webmaster during all those days kicking back in his office? lol.. That "secure server" is a lot more complicated to set up than a simple website with working links!

Anyway, back to the defense........ Whatever it might be. It will be an interesting trial to watch just to see what the evidence is and to see what the defense has to say that is going to make us say "Now I understand!" I'd like to give Jose Baez a "clue". We understand that your client, Casey Anthony, murdered her daughter, packed her body in trash bags and dumped it in the woods less than a quarter mile from her parent's home.

Meanwhile, George and Cindy Anthony are supposedly "actively" planning the memorial services for their granddaughter. Finally. "She's finally been able to start working on some plans in regards to the public service,” Conway, the Anthony's attorney said. “Music, flowers, possible venues for it.” He also stated that not all are "welcome" to attend the services. He (and I'm guessing Cindy) says that Leonard Padilla, the California bounty hunter that bailed Casey out of jail the first time, will not be invited or let in to the services. Sheesh. I wonder who else Cindy has on her list of "uninvited" guests to her granddaughter's memorial. Perhaps the two private investigators who supposedly have a video of the area where the remains were found? How about Tim Miller from Texas Equusearch, the man who headed up all those searches for a "not alive" child? What about the Anthony's first attorney, Mark Nejames? Personally, if I were planning a memorial service for a loved one, the last thing I would think about would be who can't attend. And the circus keeps on going, doesn't it?

Bah... Enough about the Anthony circus for now. I'm going to close with a cat picture that I fell in love with when I saw it on the LOLCat website yesterday;

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh Dear.... I have been Banned....

This morning, I logged on to the InSessions message boards and found out that I had been banned from the boards. Granted, it's a temporary ban until 1/11/09, but still.... The reason for the ban is that I put a link on the Phil Spector trial board to a blog called "Los Angeles Trials" that is written by someone calling themselves "Joe Friday". Mr. Joe Friday (whoever the heck he/she is) has an "Adult Content" warning at the front of their blog and that is what got me banned from InSessions. I emailed Coldwater asking about the ban, and also assuring her that there is no porn or anything on the blog. She emailed me back with the explanation that the ban was because of that stupid warning that the blogger put on their blog. **sigh**

So, this is to Mr. Joe Friday;
You lost a reader, dude. Yes, I wanted information about Phil Spector's trial. And yes, I "shared" your blog link with others on the forum, but because of you and your stupid warning, I am unable to post on the boards that I've been on for the last 2 or 3 years. That link up above is the last link I'm going to post to your blog. I think I will stick to Sprocket's blog for information on the Phil Spector trial from now on.

Yep, I'm pissed at the blogger... And I guess I'm a bit peeved at myself for not thinking about that stupid warning on the blog before I posted the link to it on InSessions. I'll wait out the ban. I'm not going to create a new identity on there, I kind of like the one I've had (Anakerie). So, I get 3 days of just reading at InSessions. No questions. No answers. No comment. If any other InSessions people see this, take my banning as a warning. DO NOT POST LINKS TO THAT BLOG!

Apparently Joe Friday has removed the warning on the front end of his blog, according to the comment below. I don't know, I haven't gone to look and I don't know if it would even show for me since I had clicked ok on it before. Do those things leave a cookie on your computer? **shrug** Anyway, I sent a note to Coldwater, the moderator for the InSession boards to let her know that the warning is supposed to be gone now so that no one else will get banned like I did. I'll let you all know if I hear back from her again. (I wish there was some way to find out who reported my post to Coldwater... lol)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Video Clips from the Caylee Anthony Case

A group called Nifter Media has produced some powerful videos that show the contrasting and conflicting statements made by the Anthony family, George, Cindy, Lee and Casey. If you haven't seen them already, please watch....

Part 1 of 4 ~ You Are My Sunshine

Part 2 of 4 ~ You Are My Sunshine

Part 3 of 4 ~ You Are My Sunshine

Part 4 of 4 ~ You Are My Sunshine

This is from the description that Nifter Media put on the YouTube site:
A 4 part series featuring a collection of clips from the Caylee Marie Anthony homicide case.

This series of videos focuses on the 'Anthony family perspective,' so to speak; most of the clips are of Anthony family members directly, or, about a specific family member.

The song 'You Are My Sunshine' is used as a theme for these videos for a variety of reasons, foremost because videos of both Caylee and her grandfather singing this song have been released to the public, but also because the world has become attached to this little girl and the song fits well within this context. There are also other reasons also, including the fact that it offers stark contrast between the life Caylee could have had and the events that have unfolded.

These videos do not represent a timeline of the case, rather, they were picked randomly and pieced together in a way that we thought fit best with what we were trying to present. Additionally, the videos are not intended to make anyone appear guitly of any wrong-doing. Editing that leaves the viewer with an impression of unlawful activity by anyone referred to in the videos is purely coincidental and unintended.