Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mario Lozano Trial ~ Day 2 Again

Thank you to the Anonymous commenter for copying the Mountain Democrat story from yesterday into the comments for my earlier "Day 2" post! At this point in time, I'm not going to link to the paper's website anymore. What's the point if all you can see are the titles of the articles and the "freebie" stuff in the paper that the publisher/editor has decided that non-subscribing readers can get to? There are enough links in earlier posts that go to their main page.

The Mountain Democrat article only mentions the criminalist who testified yesterday. Not the pathologist that my brother wrote about. (What's up with that?) Anyway, Mr. John Yount, a criminalist from the Department of Justice, described how he performed tests to determine the distance from which Kacie was shot. He test fired shots from the shotgun used in the murder at varying distances at cardboard pieces, then compared the holes in the cardboard pieces to Barron's chest wound. Kacie was shot both in the chest and in the head. Mr. Yount determined that the shots were fired by her killer two to five feet from Kacie.

Officer Brody JordanDefense also testified again Wednesday and testified that his analysis of blood spatter at the murder scene led him to believe Barron was standing up when she was shot in the head. (That was the second shot. I guess we'll hear later what the significance of that finding is.)

Thats about all that the reporter from the paper wrote about, unless you count the reminders of what the case is all about, Kacie being shot and killed by Mario Lozano on July 26th, 2006. Plus the reminder that Mario took off after he shot Kacie and was captured/arrested about 2 weeks later near Mammoth Lakes CA.

It will be interesting to see what kind of defense that will be presented for Mario. Since Mr. Atwell hasn't made his opening statement yet, we don't know. We won't hear the defense opening until after the prosecution has completed their case in chief. We do know that Mario has admitted shooting her, but I suppose the question will be the "why he shot her".

Updated Who's Who
  • Victim: Kathleen "Kacie" Barron
  • Defendant: Mario H. Lozano
  • Place: Placerville, El Dorado County, Superior Court Dept No. 2
  • Judge: Honorable Eddie T. Keller
  • Prosecution: Deputy District Attorney Dale R. Gomes
  • Defense: Deputy Public Defender Michael N. Atwell
Prosecution witnesses:
  • Nick Selbman (Kacie Barron's son, now 22 years old. He was also the person who found Kacie's body on July 26th, 2006.)
  • Mike Nuss (Longtime friend of Kacie Barron.)
  • Mike Thompson (Longtime friend of Kacie Barron.)
  • Gary Chapman (Friend of Mario Lozano, then friend of Kacie Barron.)
  • Officer Brody Jordan (Placerville Police Department. Patrol officer and crime scene investigator.)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Albers (Forensic Pathologist for the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office)
  • John Yount ( Department of Justice Criminalist)
Kacie's family/supporters:
  • Annie Walker (Kacie's Mother)
  • Doug Walker (Kacie's Stepdad)
  • Lee Barron (Kacie's Dad)
  • Pat Barron (Kacie's brother)
  • John (?) (Kacie's Stepbrother)
  • Gene (Chaplainlimeygene, former boyfriend and friend of Kacie)
Mario's family/supporters

I am guessing that Kacie's son, Nick, her friends Mike Nuss, Mike Thompson and Gary Chapman are not in the courtroom during testimony since the defense attorney reserved the right to recall them for more testimony later on.

I am also a little bit curious about Mario's supporters (if any!). Are there any in the courtroom? I'll ask my brother this weekend.


Sprocket said...

I would like to know if Mario has family in the courtroom too. I'd also like to know what Mario looks like. Is he cleaned up for trial? Is the defense putting him in a suit every day or is he wearing prison garb or other shirt and pants?

Anakerie said...

I'm going to ask Gene about that stuff this weekend when I talk to him on the phone. When he's down in Placerville, we have no phone contact, only what we write on here. So, when he comes back home, I bug him on the phone.. lol..

Anonymous said...

Hi again Sis,
Well, I did get some rest last night. I had a couple glitches (Oh Noooo!)with the bike this trip and had to fool with it each night after court too. Don't worry too much about me. The facts revealed aren't wearing too hard on me. They have actually helped clarify and put to rest some questions I've had. You know, the imagination runs wild when you just don't know. Court ended today shortly after 10:00. They are waiting for a transcript of the "confession tape" from when Mario was picked up, aprox 2 hour tape. I'm trying to leave Placerville about 12:30 to miss the lunch traffic in Sac. and will finish posting my notes at home.
I haven't seen anyone there for Mario. NO ONE. He has been showing up in the same suit every day since the beginning of jury selection. A black or dark blue sport jacket and light colored button up shirt with tan slacks. With the same wrinkles since last week. I had eye contact with him once as he was arriving during jury selection and he acted like he was trying to stare me down. I just looked down and shook my head. Since then, at Pat's suggestion, we just turn our backs to him when he's passing. This trial is really wearing on Pat. He seems to be struggling to maintain his composure at times. Those who pray, please be lifting him up for strength. More later, Gene.

Anakerie said...

Gene, tell Pat and his family that they've been in my thoughts a lot.. I wish them strength every day. I know this all has to be extremely hard on them, but it will be "over" soon. Mario is going to be locked up and out of their lives soon.

Thank you for answering some of my questions about Mario. Especially the part about NO ONE being there on his side.

michellep said...

Hi Gene! I'm sorry that I didn't make it to court yesterday-- The stress paired with all of the sitting in the courtroom and the drive up from downtown Sac has worsened my multiple sclerosis symptoms and I had to give my body a break. However, I will be there for the remainder of the trial regardless of health issues. What time are we to be there on Tuesday? Thanks-- and remember to take care of yourself over the weekend. Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Michell, I believe court is expected to start at 8:30 on Tuesday. See you there Lord willing.
Hey Sis, On your who's who list add a line:
Mario's family/supporters:

Later, Gene.

Anakerie said...

hehe.. I'll do that, Gene!