Friday, April 25, 2008

Just sharing....

I thought I'd share a few photos that I've taken during travels in the last year or so.... Hope you enjoy them. Today, the pictures are from a little trip I took with my parents late last summer. My step-dad decided to "test" my driving skills, so he decided we'd head over towards the coast and stay at the Coast Guard Training Facility near Petaluma. The coast sounded lovely to me, since we'd been having a heat wave over here in the valley. I don't do that well in 115 degree days.. lol I didn't get many pictures at the Coast Guard facility, but one day we decided to drive up the coast to Fort Ross. They had been there once before on a tour, but I'd never seen the place in person. Only in photos in books or magazines. The place is beautiful. The day we were there, it was peaceful and quiet. Not many visitors at all, so we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Which made it a prime day for taking photos.

The chapel.

Another view of the chapel.

The well and cannons in the background.

View from one of the windows in one of the buildings.

More of the buildings in the fort with the cannons and well in the foreground.

They had flyers on one of tables in the building on the left in the last picture that described a yearly event called "Cultural Heritage Day". It's apparently held on the last Saturday in July every year. My Mom and I thought it would be a fun event to go to. We'll have to start working on my Step-dad soon and see if we can manage a trip to see it.

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