Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mario Lozano Trial ~ Day 4 and Updated Who's Who

Thanks again to Gene for sending me names for the who's who list, I'm updating again tonight. Also thanks to our wonderful anonymous commenter, we know that the defense only called Lt. Nida back to the stand to testify about the taped confession that Mario made right after he was arrested.

The defense attorney Atwell showed jurors an hour and a half long taped confession given by Mario Lozano shortly after he was arrested. Mario's version of the crime, as testified to by Lt. Nida last week and shown in the video, was that he shot Kacie in the stomach after they got into an argument. And, as testified to last week, he said that they both were pointing shotguns at each other and Kacie supposedly grabbed the barrel of "his" gun and he accidentally pulled the trigger. He then said that he shot her in the head to "put her out of her misery".

During the interview with Lt. Nida, she asked whether he still relives the incident in his mind, Mario replied, 'It hasn't stopped, I don't think it ever will, that's my penance.'

Good! He needs to relive it every day of the rest of his life! Penance, hell! Perhaps he should have a few pictures of Kacie in his cell to remind him of what an animal he is! And this is his "defense"? This taped confession? This taped confession that doesn't match up to the forensic evidence? Wow... I'm not going to write more about what was on that tape, nor what Lt. Nida said today (because the Mt. Democrat article doesn't really say what she testified to today.) Gene's got his notes of the testimony today, and he's got a transcript of the video. So I'll wait until after he's made his posts before I say a whole lot more about that "confession". I'm surprised that the defense didn't do more, though. Closing arguments were this afternoon (probably after the Mt. Democrat reporter had to submit his story.) and the jury already has their instructions. Tomorrow morning they start deliberating. Somehow I can't see the deliberations lasting a long time. Back with a verdict Wednesday afternoon maybe? If they take that long! There isn't that much evidence and testimony to go over. It all comes down to whether they believe Mario's version or if they believe the forensics. I'm betting on the forensics.

Updated Who's Who
  • Victim: Kathleen "Kacie" Barron
  • Defendant: Mario H. Lozano
  • Place: Placerville, El Dorado County, Superior Court Dept No. 2
  • Judge: Honorable Eddie T. Keller
  • Prosecution: Deputy District Attorney Dale R. Gomes
  • Defense: Deputy Public Defender Michael N. Atwell

Prosecution witnesses:
  • Nick Selbman (Kacie Barron's son, now 22 years old. He was also the person who found Kacie's body on July 26th, 2006.)
  • Mike Nuss (Longtime friend of Kacie Barron.)
  • Mike Thompson (Longtime friend of Kacie Barron.)
  • Gary Chapman (Friend of Mario Lozano, then friend of Kacie Barron.)
  • Officer Brody Jordan (Placerville Police Department. Patrol officer and crime scene investigator.)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Albers (Forensic Pathologist for the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office)
  • John Yount (Department of Justice, Criminalist)
  • Linda Senteney (Department of Justice, Latents)
  • Lt. Kim Nida (Placerville Police Department.)

Defense witnesses
  • Lt. Kim Nida (Placerville Police Department.)
  • (no one?)

Kacie's family/supporters:
  • Annie Walker (Kacie's Mother)
  • Doug Walker (Kacie's Stepdad)
  • Lee Barron (Kacie's Dad)
  • Pat Barron (Kacie's brother)
  • John S. MacDonald (Kacie's Stepbrother)
  • Gene (Chaplainlimeygene, former boyfriend and friend of Kacie)
  • Michelle Pitcher (Long time friend)
  • Steve and Linda Tracy (Family friends)
  • Lorraine Tollett (A neighbor)
  • Ben Parks (Family friend)
  • Karen Pitts (Family friend)
  • Lisa Butler (Friend)
  • Jennifer Hodges (Friend
  • Harry Bannister (Neighbor)
  • Val Pease (Cousin)
  • Kay Pease (Val's Stepmom)
  • Sedina Pease (2nd Cousin)
  • Carrol Watson (Victim's witness advocate, worked with Kacie in case against Dave Partridge who broke her fingers.)
Plus a couple other women who'd been there on some days but who's names my brother didn't get. Several of the women who were friends had been helped out of crisis and volatile situations by Kacie in the past.

Mario's family/supporters
  • (no one?)
And still no one there for Mario. Kind of says a lot, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Given the liar that he is, perhaps his familiy doesn't even know. Either that, or he asked them not to come. Either way, it bespeaks him wanting to keep things secret from them. He probably doesn't have any friends left. Who'd want to be friends with him? Most normal people value their lives.

And I have faith in the jury, who (even if they don't get the forensic evidence, as obvious as it seems to be) are hopefully a bunch of normal people, and would not want their lives snuffed out like a rabid dog, espcially not by the likes of that naricisstic, arrogant, cave dweller.

Though I've not heard or read the closing arguements, here's what I think happened. I think Kacie had called it off with him, which pissed him off. I find it difficult to believe that he sent her money, and it was probably the other way around. Certainly that bit about nearly dying from the centipede was a manipulitive load of you know what, that she fell for. Since she was tox positive, not to speak ill of the dead, but he would have been using too, and was probably using her and manipulation her for everything he could, drugs, money, etc. If he came back from Hawaii, he wanted something, and it probably was a roof over his head, money, in any event, more than what she wanted to give him.

She was right to avoid, him, and she should have let her son and/or friends throw him out. More than likely he was high that day, and more than likely she threatened him in some way, and this combination, meth plus threats isn't a good one. I'm guessing she became afraid and locked herself in the trailer, and pulled the gun on him to scare him off, which didn't work, and made him more angry. He got the gun, came out and shot her. There was no playing around as he descibed. Who on earth would grab a shot gun that's pointed at them in the middle of an arguement? It's ridiculous. And I bet she was trapped in there and terrified. She might not have actually expected that he would have shot her, so perhaps she said something which triggered him. Doesn't matter.

I think he shot her twice to make sure she died, and not to "put her out of her misery." It's a lousy defense. He'd be better off admitting that he was insane, out of his mind, higher than a kite on meth. That's at least plausible. Still not a defense, but at least people could make some sense of his behavior. As it stands, he seems, as does his defense to be completely whacky, nothing but crap.

My heart goes out to the Kacie's family. I have felt so incredibly sorry for them. I doubt anyone can feel any sense of resolution or closure, with the exception of know that he will be in prison and unable to euthanize anyone else. Even if he apologized, I think it would ring unbelievable and false, and I don't see how they could trust it. I hope they are able to find their own way to move on and find peace when this is over.

Anonymous said...

I feel quite ill reading the remark "to put her out of her misery" - Normal folks would call an ambulance if a gun went off accidentally.


Anonymous said...

About the several women who had been helped in the past. You might add that they had been helped by Kacie. Thanx Sis, Gene.

Anakerie said...

Done! Thanks Gene...

Anonymous said...

Hi Gene,
I was the other woman you are speaking of.Kacie took me in as a teenager and raised me for a few years.I was telling Michelle P the other day that if it weren't for Kacie,I wouldn't be the mother I am today to my son.I want people to know the kind of heart Kacie had.She didn't hesitate a second to take me in.She saved me because I was going through hard times and was only just a kid still.I will forever be thankful and forever miss her.Thank you for what you are doing here on this site.I ended up missing some of the testimony but will see you back in the court for sentencing.
Sheryl Williams Elder

Anakerie said...

Hello Sheryl,
This isn't Gene, I'm his sister.. I'm the one who talked him into posting about what happened in the courtroom. I never met Kacie, but I wish I had. She sounds like a good person. I will add your name to the next updated "Who's Who" after the hearing on May 16th.

Anonymous said...


Anakerie said...

Mario didn't tell any of his family that he'd shot someone? Or was on trial? Do you know why, Anonymous?

Anakerie said...

Whoops... I forgot to ask, does anyone know where Mario is now?

Anonymous said...

why did kacie have so many men problems? she slept with a gun in bed? and was a drug addict, whats so nice about that kind of woman?

Anonymous said...

Mario is not a liar or a thief. trust me he would've never taken a woman like Kacie home to his mom.

Anakerie said...

Ok, Anonymous. It has been more than 5 months since Mario Lozano was tried and sentenced. If you're so intent on defending him, where were you when the trial was going on?

Did you actually know Kacie? Or are your postings based on some kind of facts that someone has told you?

Like I said in the Who's Who that I posted, there were supporters there in the courtroom for Kacie. There were NONE for Mario. Where were YOU?