Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Milepost?

My 2 month old little blog hit a milestone sometime early this morning. 1000 visitors! Unreal!

It seems that the trial coverage that my brother and I are trying to do, along with a couple other topics that I have posted have had people coming to my pages quite often. My thanks go out to Sprocket who put an entry in her blog about the trial coverage and another thank you goes to my friend "Peetce" who sent me that funny email about "Stuff we miss in the movies". Google brings a lot of folks into the blog with search terms like Mario Lozano, Kacie Barron and "Stuff we miss in the movies". I intend to continue posting about the trial along with adding other "random" posts about things on the web or things around here locally. (Although I haven't posted about my little town yet. It's a small town! Nothing much happens here!) I also have to thank my brother for posting his observations from that courtroom in Placerville. He's doing a fantastic job!

Thank you to all who visit... lol.. 1000 visits! To me, that is a big "wow!".


Sprocket said...

Anakerie, you're just getting started! I think you're doing a terrific job blogging and I SO LOVE the kitty funnies. I certainly hope your readership continues to grow.

Anakerie said...

hehe.. Thanks Sprocket. I'm still new at blogging, but I'm learning. I enjoy putting stuff into the blog that I find interesting or funny on the web. And the LOLcats are definitely something I get a kick out of. :-)