Thursday, April 8, 2010

So Tired of Tiger

I don't know about the rest of the world, but I'm very tired of seeing Tiger Woods on all the news stations. Yeah, he screwed up.  He is/was a "player" and the spotlight was aimed right at him the night he crashed his SUV into that tree in front of his house.  Then all the mistresses came out of the woodwork and had their 15 seconds of fame. (Can they please all go back into the woodwork?  Especially the stripper that keeps trying to get another 15 seconds!)

Ok, so Tiger is back playing golf. (Big deal! Bah!)  Can the news stations please cover him as sports news?  I thought that with the Masters was starting up, we'd have some mentions of the guy just because he's a big time golfer.  But today, he's big news again... Because of the new Nike commercial.  Have you seen it yet?  Of course you have, if you've watched any news on TV today.  If you haven't seen it yet, here's a YouTube video of it:

So what do you guys think?  All the news programs are asking what everyone's opinion of the commercial is... My answer?  It's creepy, Tiger looks lame standing there starting at the camera and could they PLEASE get him back on the sports casts and off the headlines?

Interesting... Nike Golf has blocked the ad from showing on YouTube... I wonder why they dislike free advertising? lol... If I find another copy of the ad somewhere that hasn't been blocked, I'll embed it here again....... Sorry!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

2009 Man Bellies & Hairy Backs Car Wash

I was looking around at some of the stuff on my computer and it dawned on me that I hadn't posted the video of this past summer's car wash for Kacie's Ride for Hope on the blog. If I remember right, I had held off posting it until it was posted over on the official website. I guess signals got crossed all over the place.. lol.. It never got onto the official website, and I never managed to get it posted here. So, better late than never, right?

Here's the video that was done for the event:

2009 Man Bellies & Hairy Backs Car Wash

I gave up on YouTube for this video because they kept blocking it due to the music that was chosen to accompany the video. (I guess it's that copyright stuff.) Daily Motion didn't object to the song, so no blocking of the video... Anyway.. Hope you enjoy the video!

The folks are gearing up for this years ride, so if you're interested in participating, now's the time to get on over to the Kacie's Ride for Hope website and get the information about the ride. And about the cause that the ride benefits. The fourth annual ride is scheduled for September 11, 2010. If they do another "Man Bellies & Hairy Backs Car Wash", I'll try to post the date, time and location here on the blog..

Edited to add:
Here's our post for the First Annual Man Bellies & Hairy Backs Car Wash.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Body Parts on a Beach? Mystery time!

There's a popular beach on the Feather River in Sutter County called "Beer Can Beach". And the last few months, the beach has gotten a reputation that no place would want. Body parts keep "appearing".

It all started back in November with a fisherman finding a plastic bag that had a human leg in it. The pathologists that looked at the leg determined that the leg had been removed during a "medical procedure". The big question then was "why was the leg found at Beer Can Beach?". According to the news articles I'm reading now, the Sutter County Sheriff, Paul Parker didn't agree with the pathologists, but there wasn't much he could do about it except keep investigating to try and find where the leg had come from. It was sent off for DNA testing.

In mid-December, there were reports of a body floating in the river "well south of Beer Can Beach" but the searchers from the Sheriff's office were unable to locate it.

Jump forward in time to February 26th when a torso was found floating in the Sacramento River, some distance downstream from where the Feather River joins the Sacramento River. The torso was sent off for DNA testing.

Jump forward in time again, to about two weeks ago. More body parts found at Beer Can Beach. This time, two arms were found on March 13th and the following day a head was found, each individually wrapped in their own separate plastic bags. Again, the body parts were sent off for DNA testing.

Then today the authorities announced that the human leg and the torso have matching DNA. The authorities are waiting for the testing to come back on the arms and the head, but it's probably safe to assume that those parts belong to the same unfortunate soul who's leg and torso have already been matched. The only part that's missing is the other leg. It may turn up on another beach or it may stay at the bottom of one of the rivers.

The authorities have no idea yet who the victim is. A partial description of the victim is that he was a white male who had long, grey hair pulled back in a ponytail. He was between 40-60 years old, and had a medium build.

If anyone who happens to be reading here has any idea who this man might be, please contact the Sheriff's Department's detective unit at 822-7307 or leave a tip at

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