Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mario Lozano Trial ~ Day 2

The Mountain Democrat has it's new edition up on the web. There's an article titled "Victim was shot at close range" and I can't see anymore of the article than the title and a bit of the first line of the article:
"In the Mario Lozano murder trial Wednesday a criminalist testifying for the prosecution revealed that the killer who shot Kacie Barron did so from just a few feet away. Lozano, 60, was living at Barr... "

That's it. Clicking on the link on the page just takes you to their login page where you're supposed to log in if you have a subscription for the paper. I wish someone living in Placerville who's got a subscription to the paper would email me the article! lol! I guess I'll have to wait for my brother to post later tonight... **sigh** Google is still no help. Apparently the only news organization that is covering this trial is the Mountain Democrat. Why couldn't they have waited until next month to do this "pay for online access" experiment. I wonder how long they'll be charging for people to look at their little paper. Think of the "big guys" who used to charge for viewing their online content. I remember back when even CNN made you pay to get into certain areas of their website. Same for the New York Times. And I think one of the Bay area newspapers did the same thing for a while. It's been a very long time since I've run across a news organization that makes you pay to see the news.

I'll see about doing an updated "Who's who" after my brother posts his notes. No point in it now since I've no clue who was on the stand there today.


Anonymous said...

Here's a copy of the Mountain Democrat text today, April 02, 2008.

In the Mario Lozano murder trial Wednesday a criminalist testifying for the prosecution revealed that the killer who shot Kacie Barron did so from just a few feet away.

Lozano, 60, was living at Barron's home at the time of the murder. On Tuesday several witnesses described tension between them and said Barron, 40, wanted him to leave.

On Wednesday Department of Justice criminalist John Yount described the procedure he used to determine the distance from which Barron was shot. He test fired shots from the shotgun used in the murder at varying distances from cardboard pieces, then compared the holes to Barron's chest wound (She was shot in the chest and head).

Yount determined that Barron was two to five feet away from her killer.

Placerville Police Officer and crime scene investigator Brody Jordan testified on Wednesday that his analysis of blood spatter at the murder scene led him to believe Barron was standing up when she was shot in the head.

It hasn't yet been made clear the significance of that finding.

Barron's body was found in her travel trailer on July 26, 2006. Lozano was arrested near Mammoth Lakes two weeks later (The Mountain Democrat incorrectly reported in previous articles that Lozano was arrested two months later).

Lozano is represented by public defender Michael Atwell, who has yet to reveal the nature of his defense. He chose to postpone his opening statement until the prosecution finishes their case.

If Lozano is convicted he is facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. He is not facing the death penalty.

You guys are doing a better job of covering.

Anakerie said...

Thank you! Both for posting the text of the article and for the compliment! I think maybe my brother and I are covering the trial different from the Mt. Democrat because there is a personal interest in what is happening. Plus, we have more "space" for what we write compared to what the reporter is allotted in the newspaper... lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, before I zone out I wanted to tell you that Kacie's Mom said she could email M/D articles to me. She has a subscription. Due to emotions and fatigue we'll see. If she did I will post if Anonymous doesn't and I guess if she doesn't I wont...
Am I babbling?? Good night.zzzzz

Anakerie said...

lol, Good night Gene... Get some rest!!