Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Amazing Basket!

I saw this on the news and went hunting for the video... This kid is amazing! LOL!!

"Top Cat" LOL! (And a gripe at the end.. *sigh*)

Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing this fellow with his pal? I'm sure the regular readers of my blog know I like cats, and I think I've mentioned a while back that I have 2 cats here that "own" me. But my cats have never tried riding around on my head! LOL

I guess I'll continue the feline funnies by adding an LOL Cat...
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I'm still watching the news, both on TV and online. I just haven't found a lot to write about lately. The Casey Anthony case is progressing, both for the murder trial and for the fraud case. Apparently the prosecutors are going to try to push the fraud case ahead of the murder case. The defense for the murder case is saying they won't be ready until some time next year, so why not push the fraud case ahead.. The motions have been filed, so we'll have to wait and see what the judge says. And we'll probably have to listen to Baez whine about how unfair it is for Casey to have to face up to her theft of money from her friend and her grandparents before she has to face the music for Caylee's death.

Someone recently asked about the case against a local man that I posted about months ago, and I've done some looking around and have found absolutely nothing online about the case that is recent. The man I am talking about is Rex Archer. When I went for that drive on Sunday with my Mom and Stepdad on Father's Day, we talked about Rex and the lack of news about the case against him. (Rex Archer was accused and arrested for sexual abuse on two girls. ) There were two postponements of hearings and then suddenly there was no news at all about the case. My folks and I are thinking that Rex has pulled some strings in Yuba County.. After all, he is one of the "good old boys" over there. I'll keep trying to find out what has happened with the case.

Now, about a case that is done with. Sort of. Phil Spector. Apparently there are a few people trolling the net who object to anything being posted that is the least bit unfavorable towards thier idol, Phil Spector. They've decided my blog is a good place to play again. (Similar childishness happened back when I posted the photo of Rachelle Spector playing with a gun during the second trial for Phil.) So, since the children have decided they want to use my blog for their games, I am putting the comment moderation back into effect. If they want to post about how much they love Phil and Rachelle Spector and spread their hate for everyone that doesn't love them, I suggest they start their own blog or message board. I guess they haven't noticed that Phil Spector is only a very minor part of my blog. As the civil cases that Phil Spector is involved in advance, there may be other posts about him on here. If Rachelle Spector does any outrageous things again, there may be other posts about her. The fans of Mr. Spector and his wife need to grow up and realize that their games aren't going to change anyone's minds about his guilt or anything else. Give it a rest, kids... I'm not going to change my mind about Phil Spector. He has been found guilty of murdering Lana Clarkson. And rightly so. He has been sentenced to prison, most likely for the rest of his life. Again, rightly so. If his "fans" don't want to behave themselves in the comments here, the comments won't see the light of day. Period.

After all, this is my blog and since it is my blog, I can post my opinion whenever I want, no matter how popular or unpopular it is. (And I don't have to put up with abuse from people who oppose my views... lol)

My apologies to my regular readers and commenters. Hopefully the children will go find another place to play soon.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I don't know how many readers of my blog are Dads, but I'll send a wish for a lovely Father's Day out to all Dads in general. I'll be spending the day with my Mom and Stepdad today. My Stepdad decided that he wants to go for a drive today, so my chauffeur duties will be starting as soon as they pick me up. Hmm.. I should probably go grab my camera. No telling what kind of scenery we'll be seeing.

Meanwhile, here's a LOL Cat for the Dads out there....

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Caylee Anthony Autopsy Documents Released Today

George and Cindy lost their bid to have the autopsy results sealed until trial. Judge Stan Strickland ruled the autopsy report of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony would be made public despite the motion that Brad Conway filed on George and Cindy's behalf.

WFTV has raw video available for you to watch George's speech and the rest of the hearing. Click WFTV to get to the page. Watch the video and George's performance. Watch Cindy shake her head at what the judge is saying.. Can someone explain to me why the Anthony family thinks they are above the law?

I'm copying and pasting an article from the Orlando Sentinel about the documents released today with my comments in blue italics:

Autopsy of Caylee Marie released

The Medical Examiner's autopsy report on Caylee Marie Anthony released today showed there were no drugs found in the body of the 2-year-old at the time her death.

Amy L. Edwards | Sentinel Staff Writer
1:07 PM EDT, June 19, 2009

The official autopsy and other forensic reports released today indicate there were no drugs found in the body of 2-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony at the time her death. ~ From what I've read in the reports, there was no soft tissue left to test for drugs...

The Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office released dozens of pages of documents in the first-degree murder case against Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony, after a judge ruled today that the autopsy report could be made public. ~ George and the Anthony's attorney Brad Conway did their best to convince the Judge that the autopsy report needed to be sealed. George got up and spoke about how "fragile" they are and how they are still trying to cope with having a murdered grandchild. He begged the Judge to give them privacy and "dignity". He managed to cry on cue, too. But, the tears and anguished voice disappeared when the attorney for the media asked him how many times he and Cindy had been on TV talking about the case.

Also released today were reports from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, where scientists analyzed decomposed pizza and a squirrel.

Some findings from the reports:
Crime scene technicians spent more than a week scouring the wooded area at the end of Suburban Drive to locate the remains.

The autopsy report shows they collected "an almost complete skeleton of a young child with only multiple small bones missing. The missing bones include small bones from the wrists and hands, as well as fingers and ankle, hyoid and patella," the report said. ~ With the hyoid bone missing, there is no way to know whether or not Casey strangled her little girl.

The report shows several overlapping pieces of duct tape on Caylee's skull. ~ Several pieces of duct tape? That is new news. It has been publicized before that there was duct tape over the mouth area of the skull.

"Although there is no trauma evident on the skeleton, there is duct tape over the lower facial region still attached to head hair," the report said. "This duct tape was clearly placed prior to decomposition keeping the mandible in place." ~ The report confirms the location of the tape and the fact that it was still attached to the hair, but most everything I'd read up to now was talking about one piece of duct tape, not several pieces. Why on earth did Casey have to put all that duct tape over her daughter's mouth?

They also noted that a portion of her skeletal remains were intermixed with two plastic trash bags and a canvas laundry bag. "The bags have a woodsy, outdoor odor with no smell of decomposition," the report said. ~ In other words, the bags and Caylee's remains had been out in the woods long enough for the decomp smell to fade away.

Vertebrae were found clustered in an area away from the skull. ~ Evidence that animals had scavenged in those bags? How awful to think of that...

Medical examiners noted that there were multiple roots extending through portions of the plastic garbage bag and skeletal remains. At least one root was 10 centimeters in length and "completely extends through the bag."

"The roots growing into the vertebrae and bags indicate that the body was placed there months prior to being found. There is nothing inconsistent with the body being placed there soon after the day of being last seen alive." ~ In other words, Casey discarded her daughter not long after Father's Day and went merrily on her way...

Roots had also grown through the Winnie the Pooh blanket found with the plastic bags.

According to a forensic report from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, scientists performed tests that allowed them to analyze the decomposition of a squirrel and pizza.

Casey Anthony's relatives have maintained the pungent odor coming from the trunk of her Pontiac Sunfire could have come from an old pizza or squirrel.

The Oak Ridge report states that previous reports of a decomposing pizza found in the vehicle trunk were not true. But the scientists went ahead and analyzed a piece of mushroom and pepperoni pizza, in the original box, which they let decompose for several days. "It is interesting to note that no maggots were found on the pizza," the report said.

The adult squirrel – apparently the victim of a hit-and-run – was allowed to decompose outdoors for about 10 days in a trashcan with fly access. The researchers said the maggot activity and odor was "significantly less than expected." They noted, "Results of this analysis showed very little similarity to the Florida carpet sample." No sulfur compounds or chloroform were detected.

Of the 51 chemicals identified from Anthony's trunk carpet sample, 80 percent were consistent with decompositional events, the report said.

"Nearly all the compounds present in early human decomposition were detected in the trunk samples if their concentrations were high enough to detect," the report said.


Here are the documents I've been able to get so far:

I can see why the Anthony's didn't want these reports released. Some of the findings clearly disprove some of the lies that the Anthony's have been putting out to the media. The "decomposing pizza", the "dead squirrel" and so on.. George and Cindy need to realize that this is not about them. Perhaps their plea for dignity and privacy might have had more weight if they hadn't been so ready to jump in front of a camera to spread the lies and propaganda to try and get their daughter out of "trouble". They say that they've only been doing the interviews to promote the "foundation" that they've started in Caylee's name.. Uhm.. Yeah, right. I don't believe it. I've said it before. They need to stay home and cope with the murder of their granddaughter and stop spreading the lies. Casey is going to stand trial for the murder of Caylee no matter what George and Cindy want.

Friday, June 12, 2009

(The Customer Is) Not Always Right

Ok, today's post is going to be a shameless plug for another blog. A blog that has had me sitting here laughing out loud... A friend on Facebook posted a link and a recommendation for the site and I've been "stuck" there ever since... The name of the blog is "(The Customer Is) Not Always Right" and it's a compilation of anecdotes of.. uhm.. strange encounters between customers and sales or service people. This site had me laughing from the very first post:

The Store, My Friend, Is Blowing In The Wind

Customer: *on the phone* “I’ve been trying to order a book from your store in Palm Harbor for the last two days, but they never pick up the phone!”

Me: “OK, what number are you calling?”

(The customer gives me the number and I check our records. She has been calling the right number.)

Customer: “I’ve been calling and calling and they never, EVER answer! It’s so unprofessional! I need you to contact them for me.”

Me: “Well, to be honest, if they never pick up for you, they’re not going to pick up for me either, but I’ll see if our manager has a suggestion.”

Customer: “Well, obviously you should try calling on the employee line!”

Me: “We don’t have that, ma’am. We call each other’s stores with the same numbers you’re using.”

Customer: “When you get through to them, tell them I want them to order this item…”

(The customer gives me all the book information and her phone number, then proceeds to complain about how frustrated and angry she is about our company’s terrible attitude. I talk to my district manager, who gives me some very important news. I relay the following to this woman’s answering machine…)

Me: “Hello, I’m calling you back about the item you wanted ordered from another store in our chain. Unfortunately, we’ve just found out that our Palm Harbor store was blown away in the recent hurricane. I’m sure this is why they’re not answering their phone. Please give us a call back any time, and let us know if we can assist you further. Have a nice day!”

If you have some time, go browse a bit and get some laughs... Although it does make you wonder about how many stupid people there are!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Faces of Phil Spector (Mugshots!)

Phil Spector's mugshot back in February of 2003

Phil Spector's Mugshot (with wig) from the Los Angeles County Jail after his conviction in April 2009

Phil Spector (sans wig) at North Kern State Prison, June 2009

Well, Phil's mugshot finally hit The Smoking Gun and TMZ websites today. What can I say? Uhm... Nothing. His mugshots kind of speak for themselves! There will be more mugshots of Phil in the future. The next one will most likely be the one they take when he is moved from North Kern to whatever facility they decide will be his "permanent" home.

I have to wonder if (now that his newest mugshot has hit the internet) we get to hear another media blitz from Rachelle? Or maybe she'll stay quiet this time? From what I've read, her last few interviews weren't believed by very many people... After all, who wants to hear about her sex life with Phil? I sure don't!

Here's another comparison for you... Take a look at these two photos. Compare the two women. Which one looks "older"? Lana or Rachelle?

Update (3/16/2011):
Please note that this blog post was written nearly 2 years ago.  The blog post was originally written in response to a discussion on the InSession Message board that no longer exists in cyberspace.  There was no hate involved in writing the post, which is more than I can say for the so called "anonymous" comments that are continually being submitted on this and on other  Phil Spector blog posts.  The blog is still on "moderation" and will continue to be for as long as I can foresee because I don't want the "hate" campaign in the comments on this nor any other post on my blog.  Those nasty little notes will NOT see the light of day on this blog.

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's the Start of a New Month

And I'm sitting here remembering last June... The beginning of June a year ago, I was traveling with my Mom and Stepdad. Later in June last year, California started burning. We had over 2,000 wild fires burning all over the state and the air became so smoky it was clearly visible in satellite photos. I hope we don't have a repeat of last year, although some travels again would be nice.. lol...

I'm mainly posting today because I've been having some problems with the blog. The previous post about Phil Spector keeps "hiding" from me. If I go straight to the main URL for the blog, that post is gone. But if I use the "Archive" link for 2009, the post is there.. Weird. I'm hoping that this post will show up on the main URL... If not, I get to hit the blogger help files for a while... UGH!!

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If this works, I'll see about working on some more posts.... (crossing my fingers!)

Well, it seems to have worked... Finally... I can actually see the "missing posts" now when I go to the main URL... Don't know how it fixed itself! It only took an hour of rummaging around in the blogspot help forums and I never found anything.. Was getting ready to post and thought I'd check again.. It was fixed! LOL