Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cherries and Stuff

The neighboring house right behind me has cherry trees planted along the fence. Two or three varieties. One of the trees has ripe cherries on it that the birds haven't stolen yet. I've been out there picking some the last couple of days and have shared some with my daughter across the street and I've got a bowl full of them in the refrigerator. More will be ripe enough to pick tomorrow too. I don't know the variety of the ones that are ripe now, but they sure are good.
I've been looking through my cookbooks at recipes to try with them since there are so many. As long as I can beat the birds to them! Plus the trees on either side of this one have cherries that will ripen in a couple weeks or so, I think.

Other stuff; The little town I'm living in had a community yard sale even this weekend. A lot of folks pitched in to run the ad in the paper and there were yard sales all over town. It was a pretty good day for it too. The weather was perfect. Clear, sunny and not hot with a little breeze blowing most of the day. I put my stuff at my daughter's in-laws sale, since I didn't have a lot of stuff sorted out yet. The town might do it again this fall. Maybe I'll have some stuff sorted out of my storage unit to add more items to sell. Now, you have to understand, this town is small. The sign out on the highway says we have less than 500 people in town. (And that supposedly includes the folks living on the farms in the surrounding area.) We're sort of in between two larger towns. 10 miles one way, and 15 miles the other. So, just having one yard sale here in town doesn't usually get a lot of "customers". But, if you advertise that there are sales going on all over town... Well, the yard salers will come out here. We had lots of folks come by and lots of them bought stuff. Yay! I felt sorry for one young couple. As they were carrying their treasures out to their car, the young fellow asked me where the gas station was here in town. I had to tell him that we don't have one. The closest stations are 10 miles to the west or 15 miles to the east. They looked a bit unhappy when I told them. I hope they made it to a station! What's left over from the sale is going to get loaded in my son-in-law's dad's pickup tomorrow and will go over to the Cancer Society's thrift shop. And we'll all start sorting through boxes to see what we want to part with in the Fall.

More stuff; It looks like I'll be doing a little traveling later this month. My Step-dad wants to go down to Fort Hunter-Ligget and do a little sight seeing around that area and has asked me to do the driving so he can relax and enjoy the scenery. He and my Mom have even made reservations for us to take one of the tours through Hearst Castle! That's a place I've wanted to visit for years and just never had the opportunity. When I get back from that I should have some good pictures to post. (Must remember to charge the camera batteries! LOL)

Today is May 4th. 12 more days until Mario Lozano's sentencing hearing. 12 more days until we know how long they are going to put him away for killing Kacie. My brother is still planning on being there in the courtroom and will post what he sees and hears, I'm sure. My hopes are that they will put him in there for good. But, even if they do give him a possibility of parole, I hope it's long enough in the future that they have to carry him out of there in a box. Any man who kills someone and then says that he was only "putting someone out of their misery" doesn't deserve any kind of freedom. 12 more days.


Steven said...

Good One! That made me get up and walk out into the orchard to see how my two cherry trees are doing. One will be ripe within a week and the other is about two weeks off. And a week ago, the two trees had very green cherries! There is a third tree, planted last year and it has an even dozen cherries. I'll give those to the birds and call it even.

Anakerie said...

Hi Steven... The cherry trees are surprising me this year. I've lived in this little house for about 2 1/2 years now and this is the first year I've been able to get any fruit before the birds stripped them. But then, the last couple years there wasn't much fruit on the 3 trees overhanging the back fence. There's even a flowering cherry next to another fence (overhanging from an empty house) that has fruit on it! lol.. There is no way I'm going to be able to eat all the cherries that are on the trees this year, so the birds and I will just share..