Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mario Lozano Trial ~ Day 3

The Mountain Democrat has switched their main page over to tomorrow's front page. Another article posted that I can't get into because I'm not going to pay them a subscription fee for online access that is the same as a subscription for a print copy (which they wouldn't send to me anyway because I don't live in El Dorado County!). If you don't pay their subscription, all you see is the headline, the byline and a bit of the first sentence of the story:

Lozano said killing was an accident; reenactment aims to debunk 'accident' claim
By Ken Paglia - Democrat staff writer April 03, 2008 15:48
Just hours after his arrest for murder Mario Lozano told a police detective he shot Kacie Barron accidentally,... Read More

And, of course, if you click on "read more" you get the login page. Lozano is claiming that killing Kacie was an "accident". Ok, one shot I could take for an accident. But two? And the second one to her head? That doesn't sound like an accident to me. The reenactment had to have been interesting.

I'll update the "who's who" again after Gene posts his notes.

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