Sunday, March 2, 2008

What were they thinking?

I stumbled onto this video this morning and had a good laugh at the usual blooper type film clips. I hadn't seen these on the TV.... My favorite is the shot of the old man standing there looking at the camera and suddenly a car goes sailing by and he slowly turns and watches it fly past. The poor woman who got her skirt caught in the car, too...

Whoever put the clips together made a good choice in music to put to the films.

By the way, I've been absent from my blog for the last few days because I managed to catch that latest "bug" that has been going around. ICK! Living alone and being sick kind of sucks. Picture it, you're not feeling good, moving around makes it kind of worse and you know you need to eat something and drink lots of fluids. Finding and fixing a meal was awful! I'm getting better now, thank goodness. All I need now is for the cough to go away.

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