Friday, March 21, 2008

A Food Court Musical?

Ok, my usual surfing around this morning took me to a site that gave me a giggle. The website is called "Improv Everwhere" and they do some very "interesting" things in unexpected places. I saw a video by them the other day where they had a bunch of people (would you believe about 200 people?) freeze in place in Grand Central Station in New York City. The reactions (and non-reactions) of the rest of the crowds of people was pretty interesting to watch. When I saw that video, I didn't know (or didn't pay attention) that they have a website and stage these events all over the place. This morning, I stumbled upon another video by the same people and checked out their website. The video at the top of their "home" page is the one below. Just watch... And laugh. Be sure to watch the faces of the patrons of the food court in this mall.

Did you watch it? Now, imagine what your reaction to something like this would be. I think I know how I would react. lol, It would be pretty much like the folks sitting at the tables enjoying their snacks or lunches. Amazement... lol

This group also did an "event" in a Starbucks... Imagine being in a Starbucks and seeing people falling asleep. lol

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