Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Frustrated!

I know that the trial for Mario Lozano is going on. The Mountain Democrat newspaper said so the other day. That is the "local" newspaper for the area where the murder of Kacie Barron took place. But they are not reporting anything beyond the initial announcement that I copied into the previous post the other day. What gives? Is the murder of a beautiful woman not worth the time of their editor and reporters? Do they think that no one would be interested in what is going on with the trial? I've written an email to the person listed as "publisher" on the paper's website asking why there is no news of the trial/case. I encourage anyone else interested in finding news about the trial/case to do the same. Just follow the link above and scroll down on the left hand side to the "About Us" section and click on the Staff Directory.

I'll update this when and if I get an answer from the publisher, Jim Webb.

1st Update:
Read the comment below from my brother. Apparently they are still in jury selection and hopefully will begin the opening statements tomorrow (Thursday).


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, It's Wednessday evening and they haven't finished screening jurors yet in two days. They expect to finish tomorrow, hopefully before noon, and get right into opening statements. Trial will continue on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It's upstairs in the old courthouse downtown. Let you know more tomorrow evening. Gene.

Anakerie said...

Thank you, Gene! I've been going through the paper online trying to find out any information on what was going on. If they're still in jury selection, that would be an explanation why it's been so "quiet" in the news till now. I'll keep watching the paper, and maybe I'll hear back from the email I sent to the paper. I'm with you in spirit, you know...