Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kacie Barron ~ Update

New Info Below
(I've noticed on the counter stats that google is sending people to this post when they search for Kacie Barron on google. Please note that the trial has begun for Mario Lozano and notes on the trial are being added daily by my brother and I. Just go to the top of the blog or click on one of the key words at the bottom of this post, or in the column on the right.)

My brother left a comment on my post about Kacie Barron and the Ride for Hope with an update on the status of the man who is in custody and awaiting trial for her murder, Mario Lozano. I had been looking for information about the status and had given him a call today. In the comment, he gave me the information I had been looking for. I am copying his comment to this post.

I found this in the Feb 28 edition of the Mountian Democrat:
Lozano’s murder trial postponed to end of month.

The murder trial of Mario Lozano has been moved to March 25. Lozano is accused of fatally shooting ex-girlfriend Kathleen Kacie Barron with a shotgun on July 26, 2006.
Barron, 40, was murdered in her travel trailer on Anderson Way in Placerville. Her son found the body.

Lozano was picked up on the charge near Mammoth Lakes in August 2006 with the help of FBI tracking through e-mails. He pleaded not guilty in March last year.

The trial will be heard by Superior Court Judge Eddie T. Keller. Lozano is represented by Public Defender Mike Atwell.

The estimated six-day trial was previously scheduled to begin this week. It was postponed because Atwell is ill, a representative of the court said.

I was unable to find the article in the Mountain Democrat, maybe because I'm not a "subscriber" to the paper. But, I will update again if we find or hear of any additional information.

New Info: (Thank you, Gene!)
Here's a link to the article in the paper. It's a pdf file, and the article on Mario Lozano is about halfway down the page on the right.
Mountain Democrat, Feb. 28, 2008, page A3


chaplainlimeygene said...

Hey Sis, I got the info on the Mountain Democrat site by clicking on Digital Media on the top bar. Then scanned by viewing pages on the left. After backing the date I found the article. Had to download PDF to copy & paste. I had seen it early in the day in the list on their opening page but it was removed after they added the March 3 items.
Pat returned my call this evening and you are welcome to share info about the ride. He has someone who is going to help him get the website together @
You might watch it develop and link it whenever it looks good. Talk to ya later, Gene.

Anakerie said...

Thanks Gene! I'll try the Mountain Democrat again and maybe link it here. And tell Pat I say thanks too! I'll keep an eye on his website!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, It's 11:45 PM on Sunday night. Having problems sleeping. Talked to Pat and Sharon this weekend. Trial is supposed to begin with jury selection on Tuesday. I don't suspect much more will get done that day. I'm planning to go up the hill to court on Wednesday and stay for the duration. I might go Tuesday, depends on the work load. Pat told me he visited your site and was pleased but couldn't figure out how to leave a message. You can continue what you're doing and he said you can link to kaciesrideforhope also. If you were interested in coming to court, you are welcome. I'll try to keep you posted as court proeedes. Later, Gene.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis, There's a short article in the mountain Demo about the trial. Go to the home page, look on the left colomn and click on +News under local. Then it's the sixth down the list. Or try to copy and paste this in your browser. Went right to it when I opened another tab in IE. I've got a couple jobs at work in the morning and will try to hit the road by 10:30 to get through Sac before noon. I'll have the bike packed tonight. I'll try to get into court after lunch break. Keep you posted, Gene.

Anakerie said...

Thank you, Gene... I've got the page loaded and will add it to the post I made this morning... I'll be with you guys at the courthouse in spirit, anyway.