Monday, March 24, 2008

Kacie Barron - News

My brother sent me a link to a news article in the Mountain Democrat this evening. As there is no copyright notice at the bottom of the page, I'm going to copy it here, including the picture of Lozano that was in the paper. Scary looking guy.

Trial set to start for alleged shotgun killer
By Eric Laughlin | Democrat staff writer | March 23, 2008 14:34

Jury selection is set to begin tomorrow in the murder trial of the man who allegedly killed his former girlfriend with a shotgun before going on the run as a fugitive for two months.

Mario H. Lozano, 59, has been in the custody of the El Dorado County sheriff since his August 2006 arrest in Mono County north of Bishop. He had reportedly been staying with a friend before Placerville detectives caught up with him there.

Lozano is accused of killing 40-year-old Kathleen Kacie Barron at her Anderson Way, Placerville, residence. The incident took place in July 2006, after Lozano had returned from his native Kauai to 'rekindle the relationship,' according to a police official.

Barron's body was found by her son in a travel trailer parked in her home's driveway. The incident was the only murder in the city in 2006.

Lozano's trial will be prosecuted by deputy district attorney Dale Gomes, an aggressive prosecutor known for successfully handling sexual assault and domestic violence cases. Lozano is represented by deputy public defender and former prosecutor Michael Atwell.

Jury selection could take two or three days before opening statements begin. The trial could last up to a month or more.

Several members of Barron's family have attended Lozano's pre-trial hearings and plan to be present during the trial.

'We intend to attend everything,' said brother Pat Barron. 'It's pretty painful, though, knowing that whatever happens, we're never going to see my sister again.'

Photo Caption: Democrat photo by Dan Burkhart SUSPECTED KILLER Mario Lozano appears in court Friday for a trial readiness hearing. The 59-year-old Hawaiian native has been charged with the shotgun slaying of his former girlfriend Kathleen Kacie Barron. His trial is set to begin this week.
From the Mountain Democrat

UPDATE: Ok, I've had to change the link for the article at the Mountain Democrat website. They've moved the page somewhere and you can't even get to it by using their so-called search engine on the site. I am glad that I copied the article here. And if by some weird chance someone from that newspaper finds this blog... Hey, There are people out here who want to know what is going on!!!!


Sprocket said...

That's one frightening looking defendant! I wonder if that's how he's going to appear in court, or if they are going to clean him up for trial.

Anakerie said...

Good question! Gene says that he looked pretty much the same during the jury selection, but I forgot to ask him if he was in street clothes or jail garb.. lol.. I'll have to remember to ask him the next time we're on the phone. And yes, I agree.. The guy is definitely a scary looking defendant.