Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Computer Glitch + Online News Source Worries

This time the glitch is mine. For several years now, I've used a program called "Mailwasher" to filter spam. It looks at your emails on the server before you download them to your computer. Well, yesterday something happened to my Mailwasher. It signaled me that I had some new emails, so I tried to open it. It had a fatal error and closed. I really hate it when a program dies like that... lol... Anyway, I restarted Mailwasher and it opened and showed me that I had a number of emails sitting on my ISP's server. And for some strange reason, Mailwasher was flagging them all as spam! So, I start clicking down the list and unchecked the little boxes flagging them as spam and then suddenly, Mailwasher decided it was time to "process mail" and it deleted all of the emails I had on the server! So, I probably have people/friends out there now who think I'm ignoring them because I didn't answer an email they sent... So.... If anyone who's reading this sent me an email sometime Saturday night or sometime Sunday, I'm not ignoring you... I had a glitch attack and didn't get your email! Grrrr!!!

Now for the worries about an online news source. One of the places I look for news about the Mario Lozano trial is the Mountain Democrat newspaper's website. Last night I spotted a line item on the website's front page that has me concerned. "Online Mountain Democrat to charge non-subscribers". The article says that the change will take place on April 2nd. And the Lozano trial will be starting tomorrow, April 1st. I'm not a subscriber of that newspaper. What would be the point? I don't live anywhere near Placerville! So does this mean that I'm not going to be able to see the articles that the editor said would be published in their paper because I'm not a "subscriber"? I guess all I can do is wait and see if I can get into any articles on Wednesday. Another "Grrrr!!!!".

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