Saturday, March 8, 2008

Murderer indicted as 'I-5 Strangler'

Roger Reece Kibbe, dubbed by authorities as the "I-5 Strangler," was arraigned Friday in San Joaquin County on six new counts of murder, including two Sacramento women. Kibbe was convicted in 1991 of strangling a 17-year-old West Sacramento prostitute and leaving her nude body at Echo Summit. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for the 1987 slaying.

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There are a lot of stories about this guy available online. Just google his name, or the "I-5 Strangler" name he was given. One of the articles I read said that he would be eligible for parole in 2 years after serving time for that first conviction. It looks like law enforcement are going to ensure that he will stay in prison for the rest of his life. Also according to a few of the articles I read this morning, he is the primary suspect in a total of 20 murders...

Back when I first moved to Northern California in 1981, the murders and the bodies being found had everyone scared. Including me and my family. Even though we lived an hour or so North of where the disappearances happened, how could we be certain that the murderer wouldn't look North of Sacramento for new victims. We couldn't. When they convicted him in 1991, people breathed a sigh of relief knowing that he was where he needed to be. In prison. The thought that he was close to being eligible for parole is a scary. But this time, he is being charged with 6 murders. He will be eligible for the death penalty. If not the death penalty, he will get life without parole. This man is a serial killer. He can't be let out of prison to hunt victims again. Back then, he prowled the I-5 corridor South of Sacramento looking for victims. He found them. Too many of them. Some were women on their way somewhere and happened to break down alongside the highway. This murderer would stop, befriend them, assault and strangle them, then leave their bodies alongside a highway. They put him away for one murder, but they had evidence for others. Now they will use the evidence to make sure he never gets out of prison.

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