Monday, March 24, 2008

Kacie Barron - Another Update

My brother left another comment on one of the earlier posts about Kacie. He keeps in contact with Kacie's brother, so is well informed on what is going on with the trial for her murderer, Mario Lozano. Jury selection is supposed to start tomorrow, the 25th of March. My brother will be going up there to attend the trial and will try to keep me informed about what is going on. If they complete the jury selection tomorrow, opening statements may be tomorrow or on Wednesday. I would be going up there for the trial as well, but the "commute" would be awful for me, not to mention expensive because of the price of fuel. (Ugh!!) I'll be there in spirit, though. For my brother and for Kacie's family.

Kacie's brother, Pat, has visited my blog and approves of the updates I've been doing. Thank you, Pat. :-) He has a website in progress for the "Ride For Hope" in Kacie's honor, and as soon as the website is a little further along, with information about this years ride and stuff, I'll link it here for anyone who is interested.

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