Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bloodstains Found in Children's Care Home

Police investigating allegations of decades of abuse at a former children's home in the British Channel island of Jersey Friday found bloodstains in the building's cellar.

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I spotted the above article on the ABC News website this morning and submitted it to Digg, then blogged it from there. Unfortunately, Blogger seems to be having technical issues this morning, so I don't know if what I put on here will even show up! (The help site for Blogger says that they are working on the problem.. lol)

Another blogger has been following this case for the past few days. Sprocket and her team (Trials & Tribulations) have been posting some interesting articles about the case. If this case interests you, I urge you to follow the link to Sprocket's blog and read what they have posted there.

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Sprocket said...

Hi Anakerie,

I am so afraid that the Jersey government will not prosecute. From what I've last read, only one individual has been arrested and charged to date. There are anywhere between 24-40 suspects involving more care homes than just Haut de la Garenne.

I hope that the scrutiny by the international press on Jersey will cause the government to pull back the scab on this terrible event.