Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Travels ~ Plus, Casey Is Back In Jail Again

As I said in my previous post, my priorities the last few days has been the visit with my nephew Shanan and his wife Molly, who are here visiting from Virginia. They are flying out tomorrow for their return home, and unfortunately, since I will possibly be on jury duty, I won't be able to see them off. This past Friday, we got up early and headed up to Oregon for a short visit with my Dad and Step-mom. We had a car full; Shanan, Molly, my brother Gene, my Mom, my Step-dad and me.

On the way up, we decided to pull into Castle Crags State Park so that we could get a look at the rock formations on the ridge. We drove up to the base of the trail that goes to the vista point. My Mom and my Step-dad stayed in the parking area while the rest of us walked up the trail to see what we could see. My Step-dad doesn't walk uneven surfaces very well these days, so he and Mom stayed behind and watched the wildlife there. The trail is a fairly easy one, a bit rough in spots but overall a good trail. We could see a lot of evidence that the Park service has been working on improving it. Once at the top, we had some absolutely glorious views. Of course, we had to move around the area to get good views between the trees.. This shot is looking up at the crags themselves and does no justice to them at all.

One view absolutely stunned me. The view of Mount Shasta we had from the vista point at Castle Crags was strange! There was very little snow on the top! I don't think I've ever seen the mountain without snow covering the peak.

Shanan, Molly, Gene and I spent an enjoyable few minutes up there. Admiring the views, talking about the strange view of Mount Shasta and watching the squirrels as they ran around in the trees scolding us for disturbing their territory. If any of you travel I5 and see that sign about Castle Crags, take that offramp and drive up to the vista point. It's well worth the time it takes to drive up there and then walk up the trail. I wish we'd had more time to appreciate the views and the wildlife. The vista point would be a fantastic place for a picnic.

After we left Castle Crags, we headed up I5 and then stopped near the Weed airport for a view of the northern side of Mount Shasta. As you can see, there is very little snow left. I didn't take anymore photos on the way up to my Dad's, but then, I was driving! lol..

My Dad and Step-mom get "visitors" every morning and evening. Wild Turkeys! As I stood out on the deck one morning, a flock of them came by. There were about 10 or so of them scattered all over the yard. These three decided to come up close and check out the driveway and the cars parked there before they wandered over to the house next door.

The turkeys roost in a stand of pines that are between my Dad's place and one of the neighbors and it was neat to watch them glide down to the road and lawn below every morning. In the evenings, the turkeys walk up the hill behind Dad's and then launch themselves into the trees. They make quite a racket when they "land" on a branch. It sounds more like they are crashing into the trees and just happen to "stick" to a limb or branch.

The Anthony Circus Keeps On Going!
So, Casey is back in jail and it isn't because the bounty hunter, Leonard Padilla and his crew revoked the bail. She was arrested on new charges that have to do with the money and checks that Casey stole from her friend Amy Huizenga. As far as I can tell, the bounty hunter and his crew have returned to Sacramento now. Cindy Anthony has been seen ranting and raving at the media, pounding "No Trespassing" signs into her yard and apparently still believing that Caylee is with the "babysitter" or "nanny" that no one besides Casey has seen. It does seem strange that last week she was cursing the media, but then this morning she started giving interviews again. I can understand that the woman is beside herself with worry over her granddaughter and her daughter, but I don't think she realizes how much her actions and attitudes have to do with the lack of support for searches by the public.

Tim Miller, who owns/runs Texas EquuSearch, is there in Orlando trying to organize searches for poor little Caylee. However, he isn't getting the help from the public for these searches that he was expecting. I have to wonder if the actions of the Anthony family have turned the public off for this case. We're told by the family that the child is alive and with someone, and they know where she is because the "kidnappers" are being watched. Then we're told to "get off our asses" and go search for the child. But as far as I know, they haven't told us where to even start looking! In other cases that I've read about where Tim Miller and the EquuSearch team have worked, when there is a call for volunteers they get hundreds of people showing up to search. This time? They're only getting a fraction of the numbers of folks willing to spend the time searching.

Anthony Bashing?
On Sunday, on an early post on this blog (The one about George Anthony lying.) an anonymous person decided to "bash" me for having a site that "bashes" the Anthony family. check it out:
I think its sick how there are sites like this who want to bash this family. I have to say that I do now think that the little girl is dead and that her mom is the main suspect here BUT I don't think her parents are doing anything any other grandparent wouldn't do. They are trying to cling on to any hope they can get. They are not going to assume that their daughter killed her I mean how could any parent face that. If she is lying to them they need to believe her so there is hope. What Casey has done, lied about, and shown zero concern is something only a monster could do and I just don't think her parents can see her in that light. I wish people would let them start to understand all of this and stop bashing them its just not right!
My response to this anonymous person is that my blog was not put here to "bash" the Anthony family. My blog was started long before Caylee Anthony went missing. Did you notice that fact? My posts about the Anthony family are only about the odd things that they are doing and saying while they try to defend their daughter. Odd? That isn't quite the word I want, maybe "bizarre" works better. As for the opinion that these grandparents are only doing what any other grandparent would do to find a missing grandchild, I say "Baloney!!". I am a grandparent. If one of my precious grandkids were missing and (heaven forbid) one of my children were suspected of doing harm to that baby, my priorities would be to find the child and once the child was found, I would work on "defending" my child (if possible!). The Anthony family can't seem to make up their minds what their priorties are. One moment they are pleading for the world to find their granddaughter and the next moment they are raging at the media because the media has reported something "bad" about their daughter.

George and Cindy Anthony know their daughter. They know she lies. They know that something is wrong, but I am sure they can't admit it out loud. But, if they truly wanted help from the public in finding this child, they should not have perpetuated and expanded on the lies that their daughter has told. I feel that it is too late now for the Anthony's to fix what they've done in the public eye.

How can the public forget the "dead body" smell in the car that somehow changed to rotten pizza, then to rotten pizza and laundry soap. Cindy now wants the world to believe that the car didn't smell bad when it was towed and it somehow got the "dead body" smell while it was sitting in the impound lot. Huh? Ok, the car got towed, then someone broke into the lot, broke into the car, placed a dead body in it, then broke in again later and took the dead body away and locked the doors? And left that purse and the other things in the car? Get real!! Cindy? You have lost a lot of crediblilty with your changing stories to protect your daughter.

Another suggestion for Cindy and George is for them to get a spokesperson who is there with them instead of sitting in an office in Los Angeles or Hollywood. Mr. Garrison hasn't won any points with the public either. A lot of the statements I've seen by him have contradicted known facts that have come out from the investigation. He's even managed to contradict Casey's lawyer, Jose Baez! If the family is going to have an "official" spokesperson, that person needs to know what is going on in Orlando, not just know what has been said on TV or in the papers. Enough with the "spin" garbage, Mr. Garrison. Try stating a fact once in a while that doesn't contradict what has been said by the family, the lawyers or the investigators.

And the "Circus" goes on. Meanwhile, Caylee is still missing and needs to be found. My heart breaks for that little girl. But it certainly doesn't break for that disfunctional family she came from.

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With all of the loop holes in our Justice system,Why wont someone have her commited for a phycic evaluation? Before this is an ongoing controvercy.....