Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to Jail for Casey Anthony

Shortly before 3pm Orlando time this afternoon, Casey surrendered to authorities at the Orange County Jail. She is charged with uttering a forged check, criminal use of personal identification and petty theft of $100 or more, jail records show. She'll see a judge about it tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and see what bail gets set this time. Her attorney, Jose Baez arrived at today's meeting with the home confinement officer and was with her when she surrendered to authorities. I would imagine she'll have bail posted and be out again tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning at the latest. I wonder if all this bail money are the funds that George and Cindy have solicited for the search for Caylee. I'd say that Casey looks a bit haggard in this newest mugshot and not at all happy to be going back to jail for the 3rd time.

WFTV in Orlando has a slideshow up of photos of Casey's most recent arrest here. Could someone please tell me why she is wearing rosary beads?

Last night (Sunday evening), the Anthony family held their weekly vigil, although at this point I'm not sure if the vigil is for Caylee or if it's for Casey. Reportedly Cindy spoke out at the beginning of the "gathering" and told everyone that if they didn't support Casey, they were in the wrong place. Uhm. Excuse me, Cindy? When did the vigils for Caylee get turned in to vigils for your daughter, Casey? Is Caylee getting lost in the shuffle with your defense of the last person to see your granddaughter?

On Saturday night, Cindy was out in her yard close to midnight hammering her no trespassing signs into the ground again. And, naturally, there were still "protesters" there outside the home. And, of course, Cindy got into a shouting match with one of them. This one turned pretty ugly. It wasn't even on the Anthony property, it was out in the middle of the street! Cindy charged across the street screaming at the woman who was getting in her car with her kids. During the screaming match, a young tatooed man restrained the woman and pushed her towards the car, and in the process closing the back door where a child had his arm in the way. The little boy fell to the ground screaming and Cindy and the mother pretty much ignored the kid. I don't have a lot of sympathy for the woman or her kid in this one, since the woman had the child out so late and the child was screaming obscenities at Cindy along with his mom. But why on earth can't Cindy ignore these people? It seems like the only reason these people are there is to get a "rise" out of Cindy, George or Lee. Do they honestly believe that standing out in front of that house screaming and carrying signs is going to make Casey tell where Caylee is?

During that altercation with the woman and her kid, Cindy made a statement about the searches for Caylee. She screamed at the woman that there are people searching for the child. Three of them. Wow. A whole 3 people are searching for Caylee now according to Cindy. Last week there were a couple thousand people searching. Oh yeah, Cindy doesn't want searches to happen in Orlando, so those don't count. **sigh**

Then we have an incident with Lee vs. the Protesters. He arrived at the Anthony family home, and yes, there where protesters on the sidewalk and some were close to the driveway. Reportedly one woman holding a baby was nearly hit by Lee's car. It's honestly getting scary out there in that neighborhood. With the bad tempers that the Anthony family has demonstrated, those protesters are pretty much asking for someone to get hurt. Whether it's Cindy with her hammer, Lee with his car or George with his pushing/swinging at people, someone is going to get hurt.

I support anyone's right to protest or demonstrate. After all, it's our constitutional right. But when these protesters endanger children or push things so far just to get a reaction, it's time to step back and look at what they are doing and maybe think twice before going out there. Sure, go out and protest, but leave the children at home. Leave the dogs at home. Carry your sign, but do so civilly. Have a little consideration for the neighbors of the Anthony family. Those folks aren't involved in what Casey has done, nor are they involved in the disappearance of Caylee. Give them a little peace! Yelling and screaming at the top of your lungs late in the evening is only going to get the cops on the street, for crying out loud!

My advice to the Anthony family is to shut up, ignore the protesters and deal with finding your granddaughter, dead or alive. Deal with the evidence that has come out so far and stop denying everything or making excuses. I doubt if many people in the world believe your pizza story (among other things). Find some way of making Casey tell where Caylee is. Stop making this about defending Casey and put the spotlight back on Caylee. She is the one that is missing, remember?


Liz said...

I can't support anyone in this debacle. In my world, the protestors would be send home or arrested and everyone else would be told to keep their mouth's shut.

Actually - I support the other folks living in the street. We live in a quiet suburban street and a few yahoos had a loud party on the weekend. That almost sent me to complain to LE, then I remembered the parties of my youth & decided we can all be tolerant sometimes - but to have this carryon where you live day after day after day must stretch any type of tolerance.

Sprocket said...

Great entry Anakerie.

Imho, Cindy keeps this drama going by continuing to confront the protesters.

The latest news is, Cindy has been looking at websites, and is going to go after websites that have "negative language" about the Anthony family.

Yeah Cindy. That's the ticket. That's the absolutely best focus of your energy in finding Caylee. Reading websites and threatening to shut them down. Makes a whole lot of sense to me. NOT!

Anakerie said...

Thanks for that link, Sprocket. I've spent some time this morning reading through that thread and for some reason I am not surprised that Cindy would attempt to go after websites that don't support her daughter.

The Anthony family have their priorities completely screwed up. Their number one priority should be Caylee, not Casey.