Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Circus Continues...

And the Anthony family circus continues... Yesterday, Casey Anthony had an appointment with her case worker and the cameras caught her and her brother Lee giving each other a "high five" just inside the building where the case worker's office is. It looks like she's feeling pretty good about herself and the situation. She doesn't seem to be a bit worried about her 3 year old daughter or the rest of her family, does she?

Meanwhile, the search for Caylee has been suspended due to environmental concerns. Apparently a lot of the area that remains to be searched is still under water and Tim Miller is concerned that searching in the areas that still have water could be detrimental to the searchers as well as to whatever may be lying unseen underneath the water. In addition to the searchers on foot, they use 4-wheelers to cover more ground. It's possible that one of the 4-wheelers could run over a piece of evidence and push it deeper in the mud, making it more difficult later because it would be buried deeper.

Over the weekend, the Anthony family home was the target of protesters which has added to the circus atmosphere of that neighborhood. On Friday night, a fist fight occurred when angry neighbors confronted some of the protesters who were standing outside the Anthony home screaming and waving signs. Police had to intervene to get things calmed down. The Friday protesters looked like teenagers or people in their early 20's that had nothing better to do with their time than stand outside the Anthony home and make fools of themselves. Saturday's protesters were a bit quieter. Unfortunately some of them brought their children to the neighborhood. I'll stand up for anyone's rights who wants to protest, but bringing small children to see and hear the insanity that happens around that house is just plain wrong. Then on Sunday, George confronted a couple protesters who were standing on the driveway between the sidewalk and the street. With a hammer in his hand! He physically pushed 2 of the protesters, one of which is a 65 year old woman from St. Petersburg, FL, off the driveway and into the street, yelling at them to "get of his property". Uhm. Isn't the sidewalk and the patch of greenery between the sidewalk and street public property? Anyway, the police were there and took a report which has been added to the OCSO documents online for this case. If you want to read the report, it's the "battery report" here. The incident is in the hands of the District Attorney's office now, they will decide whether or not to press charges against George. And, unfortunately for George, it's not just his word against someone else's word. The media had cameras watching and it's there for all to see. George charged down the driveway yelling at the protesters and physically pushed two of them into the street.

Another "event" that happened on Friday night was surprising, to say the least. Late Friday night/early Saturday morning police showed up and removed a gun from the back of George's car! Apparently he had it hidden in the spare tire well in the rear of his car. Someone who remains unknown called in a tip that the gun was there, so the police went out and retrieved it. Apparently having a gun in the car in the garage of that home is a violation of the home confinement rules for Casey. She was lucky, the judge decided not to haul her back to jail for the violation. The judge seems to think that Casey had no knowledge that her father had hidden a gun out there.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to write about this family circus. It's all so bizarre! In the early days of this case, I had sympathy for the Anthony family (Not for Casey, however!). But as time has gone by and more and more things have happened, it just seems that Cindy, George and Lee have made Casey and her defense their priority. What happened to Caylee? She should be the number one priority. I just can't understand this bunch of people. Casey, with that smug smile on her face when she was arrested. Cindy, with the ever-changing stories of the smell in the car and everything else. George with his quick temper. Lee? He's an enigma. He seems to be the one to pull George and Cindy back out of a confrontation all the time. But then he also does the high-five thing with his sister.

Last night on the Nancy Grace show, Robert Dick who works with Leonard Padilla spoke up about a "new" story from Casey about what happened the day Caylee disappeared. This time it's not the Sawgrass apartments where she met with the invisible Zenaida/nanny. She told Robert Dick that she met with Zenaida and her sister Samantha at Blanchard Park. In this version, Casey supposedly met up with the two women and their children at the park and Zenaida took Caylee and handed Casey a "script" that she was supposed to follow for 30 days. Hey, Casey! The 30 days in that script are up! What is the next story you're going to try to pass off as truth?

I have just one thing to ask the Anthony family; Where is Caylee?

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She's probably next to Jimmy Hoffa. Where is he?