Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh My, Things Are Crazy

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Life sure does get crazy sometimes, and not just at the Anthony home. I've been somewhat busy with family stuff the last few days and no, I'm not going to post about it. But I will post about the Anthony family. But, I figured I'd throw in a bit of humor with the LOLCat above. That poor kitty.. lol...

Anyway, the investigators that have been working on the disappearance of Caylee Anthony have released the audio files of the interview with Casey Anthony that took place in that conference room at Universal Studios. I had read (and posted links to) those 400+ documents that contained the transcripts of the interview. Now, however, with the audio released you can hear Casey's demeanor during the interview. Fox35 in Orlando has all the files on a page where you can download and listen to. In my opinion, she sounds too calm and collected to be a woman/mother worried about a child who disappeared a month before.

The protesters that have been hanging out in the Anthony's front yard have caused a lot of comment in the news, in blogs and on the message boards. The homeowners association in the Anthony's neighborhood are reportedly attempting to take steps to keep the protesters off the sidewalk in front and perhaps have them move to a vacant lot a short distance away from the Anthony's as well as restricting the times that the protesters can assemble. Good luck to them, those protesters are not an organized group. They are simply people who are fed up with Casey and the fact that she is not helping in any way to find her daughter.

Today, however, the view of the front of the Anthony home shows what looks like media people hanging out and not protesters. I don't seen any signs carried by these people today. Before, the signs that the protesters were displaying were plain to see by all, especially if a news camera was turned on and pointed at the house. The only sign I can see today is the rolling billboard that was loaned to George and Cindy by Kid Finders Network. Which is somewhat of a surprise, though, considering that the homeowners association has either moved it themselves or had George move it. I also see a car in the driveway that looks a lot like either George or Cindy's car but without all the paint and pictures on the sides of it. With the media types hanging out on the sidewalk and the non-painted car in the driveway, I have to wonder what is going on today. I guess I need to go read some more and see if there are any hints on the message boards or blogs...

Casey had more formal charges filed against her this week. Ten charges that include forgery and theft. These "new" charges have to do with Casey stealing and using the checks that were left in her friend Amy's car when she "borrowed" the car while Amy was on vacation. She won't be going back to jail for the new charges. At least not yet. Plus, almost all the news stations and papers are predicting more charges coming soon. They haven't given a hint of what the charges will be for, but a lot of folks are guessing they will be more financial misconduct crimes. Perhaps something to do with Casey's stealing money from Cindy's mother and father. CNN has an article about the latest charges here: "Formal theft charges filed against missing tot's mother"

As for the searches for poor little Caylee, they have been virtually called off. When Tim Miller and EquuSearch pulled out, the news of searchers out looking for the child vanished from the news. With the still flooded areas remaining unsearched, and no additional creditable tips coming in, the searchers and the investigators don't have any clues where to search at the moment.

This is such a sad case. With Casey not talking and Casey's family going into "defend Casey" mode there doesn't seem to be much home of finding the little girl. She seems to be getting lost in the shuffle of the Anthony family. Cindy and George hired a "high profile" attorney for themselves and he's been making the interview rounds with the major news media trying to convince everyone that George and Cindy have been honest and forthright with their stories. Nevermind that they've contradicted just about every story or excuse that they've come up with. Nevermind the visible evidence of their tempers flaring. Yes, I do agree that George and Cindy have been victimized by Casey. Yes, Lee has been victimized by Casey as well. But, in my own opinion, that does not excuse their bizzare behavior nor their lies.

Whoops. I guess I took too long typing. The rolling billboard is gone and so are all the people that were on the sidewalk!

Oh well. Off to do some reading...


Sprocket said...

I'm a big fan of LOL cats Anakerie and it's all your fault lol!

Anakerie said...

ROFL!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's become a fan of the cats.. hehe.. Some of them on the LOLCat website are absolutely hilarious!!

Welcome to my insanity! {evil grin}