Monday, September 29, 2008

Caylee Anthony ~ 105 Days & Counting

It's getting increasingly hard to post about Caylee Anthony and her family. There is so much information coming out into the public's eyes right now it's mind-boggling. Interviews with family and friends, both in transcripts and in video and audio recordings. I've read most of the documents and listened or watched the recordings. I honestly can't think of a thing to say that hasn't already been written and re-written on a thousand or so websites, both news sites and on blogs. If you want to read, listen or watch the statements and interviews, there are a number of websites that have the entire list of them available for download. Two that I use are the Criminal Report Daily on the Investigation Discovery website and a Wordpress blog called Caylee Anthony. Then we have the message boards that are all over the net. InSessions and Websleuths are just two of many that have whole sections of their boards dedicated to following the Anthony Family Circus.

I was reading on a couple of the boards this morning and the big "buzz" on the message boards is that Casey Anthony, poor little Caylee's mother, has been very active on Facebook. She's apparently started a "blog" of sorts on her Facebook page. Now, I have a Facebook account but I have not searched her out to add as a "friend", but apparently others have and the posts that Casey is making on her page have been publicized on the boards. One of the posts is all about Nancy Grace and it's not complimentary. But, it's not in Casey Anthony's own words. She went to Wikipedia and copied and pasted part of the section about Nancy Grace's Career as a prosecutor. I guess Casey hasn't the skills to write what she feels about Nancy Grace and the coverage that her missing daughter is getting on the show. (Check out the Caylee Anthony blog, they've got the texts posted there.) I guess since Casey is confined to her parent's home and isn't able to "visiting" her friends or go out dancing at Fusion she's having her fun online, in chatrooms and on Facebook. I have to wonder what her lawyer has told her about her internet wanderings.

Cindy's interview with the investigators was aggravating to watch and listen to. Especially when she started trying to steer the investigators towards Jesse Grund. In her opinion at that time, Jesse or someone associated with him had Caylee. Strange that Jesse has been very cooperative with the investigation and has even passed a lie detector test, isn't it, Cindy? What can I say about George's interview? Ugh. I am so tired of listening to the Anthony family now. I just hope that the investigators can make some sense out of it all, because I am sure getting confused. There are way too many lies and "half-truths" coming from the whole family. Casey first, then Cindy, George and Lee. Liars all. And they told the "stories" to the investigators. Cindy, George and Lee have their priorities set. Casey's defense first, then comes the search for Caylee.

Blah. I just don't know what to say about this whole dysfunctional family. Oh wait. I do have something to say: "Where is Caylee?"

Other Stuff
In the next few days, my brother will arrive from Virginia for a visit. So my time will be spent with my family. Perhaps I'll even have a few more photos to post since both my brothers and I will be going back up to Oregon to visit my Dad and Stepmom. I am so glad that my family doesn't even faintly resemble the Anthony's!


Sprocket said...

Excellent entry Anakerie. This family certainly is wacked in the head, and NOT in a good way. Every single one of them.

katfish said...

Great Post Anakerie. You echo my sentiments exactly. I did a post on my blog about the Anthony family on August 29....even though alot of info has come out since, the story hasn't changed .....Casey where is Caylee? IMO, the only thing this latest dump of info clarifies is that Cindy is as big of a manipulater as Casey.

Anakerie said...

Thank you, Sprocket and Katfish. I keep hoping for an end of some sort to this sad and bizarre story, but I'm not thinking it will happen soon. I keep following the case, but it gets harder and harder to write anything about it. Even on the message boards, I've become a lurker. **sigh**

Anonymous said...

I think Caylee went into a dumpster and is now in a landfill, never to be found.
That family is as sick as they come and facebook needs to yank her page.