Friday, September 5, 2008

Casey is Out Again + Update

Well, Casey Anthony has been bailed out of jail. Again. I guess she decided not to "hold her head up high" again as she came out of the building. But, she's got new body guards to help her and Jose Baez get past the reporters who swarmed the entrance to the jail.

The source of money for the bond is somewhat of a mystery this time. One source says that it was an anonymous donor who is concerned about Casey's constitutional rights. Another source says that the donor is a production company in Tennessee that has made a deal with Casey's parents, Cindy and George for book or movie rights. Yet another source says that ABC's 20/20 program offered the Anthony's 1 million dollars for an exclusive interview. Whatever the source of the money was, she's out. And if the reports of the million dollars are true, the Anthony family are going to be profiting from the disappearance of Caylee, and that is just wrong.

Check this picture out. Is that a smile on her face? She's still not "holding her head up high", either. Head down, hide the smirk behind the bill of the cap and let the bodyguards and the lawyer lead you to your car.

She's quite the "celebrity" now, isn't she? They even had a helicopter following her home. Although from what I saw of the helicopter view of the neighborhood where the Anthony family lives it was one huge traffic jam near the Anthony home. Media trucks, the neighbors, protesters and supporters all jammed the street and brought everything to a standstill in that neighborhood. If I were one of the neighbors on that street, I'd be screaming bloody murder about now.

I suppose there is one thing that works to the advantage of the justice system in having Casey bonded out of jail. When this comes to trial and she is found guilty of the charges she has up to this point, there won't be much credit for "time served" because she's not serving time in jail. She's out, although it's home confinement, she's not "serving time" in jail so they can't subtract from whatever sentences she receives for the child neglect, the lying to investigators, petty theft and use of a forged check. She still hasn't been charged with her daughter's disappearance yet. I'm sure the investigators are working very hard on that part. I'm also sure that the investigators have much, much more evidence than what we've seen in the news.

And I read somewhere that today is George Anthony's birthday. What a present for him, huh? He's got his daughter home to "celebrate" with him. It's sad that poor little Caylee can't celebrate her grandpa's birthday, isn't it? Cindy has been amazingly quiet since the email blasting Tim Miller and Leonard Padilla yesterday. I wonder if the Anthony's new lawyer told her to "shut up" and she listened. So, we wait for the next "act" in the Anthony Family Circus.

Meanwhile, Tim Miller and the EquuSearch teams are out searching for Caylee again today. They'll be searching all weekend as well, unless they find her. Investigation Discovery is backing their crime blogger, David Lohr, and he's there in Orlando with the search teams. He apparently arrived yesterday and will be blogging about the searches. He's already got 2 blog entries up about it this morning.

Other Stuff
I mentioned a few days ago that I'd gotten a summons for jury duty. I think I was actually looking forward to doing it. I was supposed to report to the courthouse on Wednesday morning, but Tuesday evening, the county put a notice on their website that my services weren't required and that my jury duty had been completed. I still have no clue what kind of case they were calling jurors for. Oh well. I'm sure they'll "find" me again sometime in the future.. lol...

Update (12:00PM)
Just saw an update on the Orlando Sentinel site about the rumor that ABC was paying the Anthony family. It says:
ABC responds to rumors of the network paying George and Cindy Anthony $1 million for an exclusive interview
2:17 p.m. Some sources close to the Casey Anthony case said that ABC had offered the Anthonys compensation for an interview on the network's show 20/20. However, ABC denies those reports. "It's an ABC News policy not to pay for interviews," said Alyssa Apple, a New York-based publicist for the network.

Other reports show that ABC was offered compensation to sell video footage of the Anthonys to a Nashville-based production company. That claim also has been denied by ABC.
That makes me feel a bit better. So ABC isn't helping the Anthony's profit from the disappearance of Caylee. But we still don't know who this mysterious anonymous benefactor is that paid Casey's way out of jail this time.

On the InSessions Message boards, there were posts earlier about several of the people who post there going to Orlando to help out in the searches for Caylee. There is also another poster who is already in Orlando and has been on a number of the searches and has posted about her experiences. High Five's to all of the searchers! If I were closer to Florida, I would most likely be out there getting mosquito bitten and muddy while searching too.


Sprocket said...

Yep. IMO, that's a smirk on her face. To me it looks like this sociopath is lovin' all the attention.

I believe her time will come and a jury is not going to think too highly of a mother who didn't report her daughter missing, and had to be FORCED to talk to a 911 operator about her child's disappearance.

It's my opinion that there will be a special place in prison for Casey and we will just have to be patient for that to happen.

Anonymous said...

the 20/20 source is credible. of course they won't admit to it. they will say the money was for the purchase of photos or home videos from the family.

Sprocket said...


Did you read over on ID's blog, The Criminal Report Daily, written by David Lohr, who is in Orlando, helping EquuSearch about how the family allegedly refused to give TES an article of clothing with Caylee's scent on it?

It's in an entry he posted on Sept. 6th. Here's what he said:

"One of the K9 handlers said that they would have an easier time during the search if Casey Anthony or her family would provide them with an item that would have Caylee Anthony's scent on it. According to the handler, an item was requested from the family but they have allegedly refused to provide one."

This is so wrong.

Anakerie said...

Yep, I read what David Lohr wrote. Amazing, huh? Kudos to David for going to Orlando and searching. A few InSession posters got together and drove to Orlando and participated in the searches as well. Kudos to them as well as the hundreds of people that have come out to help Tim and EquuSearch this weekend.

As for the Anthony's refusing to give the searchers an item of Caylee's clothing, I am not surprised. Cindy wants no part in the searches in the Orlando area. She would prefer that everyone search in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Texas. (Along with the other places she named early on in the case like New York.) The Anthony family have circled the wagons and are in "protect Casey" mode and forgetting that the main focus should be Caylee.