Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cindy Anthony Against the World?

The news this morning gave us an emailed "statement" from Cindy Anthony. I am thoroughly disgusted with this woman. The email says:
"Leonard Padilla and Tim Miller came to me under false pretenses. Both claiming their sole purpose to find Caylee alive. Tim Miller misrepresented his intentions, and is falsely accusing me of not cooperating with him, when it is evident his motives were to obtain publicity for his organization at the expense of exploiting my granddaughters disappearance. Tim Miller tried to discredit Kid Finders Network by falsely stating that they tried to pull out of the search for Caylee. Mr. Miller also claims that he spent twelve hours in my home with my family including Casey, when in fact he spent only a few hours total with me and minutes with Casey. This is an example of Tim Miller following in Leonard Padillas footsteps. Although I feel his organization has a purpose, his misrepresentation has tainted the efforts of so many people with good intentions. I would have expected Tim Miller to speak with me one on one, rather than me hearing him on Nancy Grace."
Unbelievable. This woman who wants the public's help to find her granddaughter is now maligning Tim Miller and EquuSearch. I can find no words strong enough to describe my feelings for her behavior. Did she not know what EquuSearch even is when she called them? Tim Miller and EquuSearch are a well respected group of people who take time out of their own lives to help the families of missing persons. EquuSearch is a well known non-profit organization that has been helping families find their missing loved ones for years now. There are hundreds of families all over this country who would welcome the help that Tim Miller and EquuSearch gives.

Cindy is apparently upset that Tim Miller spoke out on the Nancy Grace show the other night and said that the family wasn't cooperating with his group in the efforts to find Caylee. And I believe Tim Miller over any of the Anthony family, especially Cindy. Cindy Anthony doesn't "cooperate" with anyone who doesn't agree with her about her daughter being the "mother of the year". She doesn't "cooperate" with anyone who doesn't agree with her that her missing grandchild is in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Texas or where ever she decides to send the "searchers" next. Cindy should be thanking her lucky stars that there are people like Tim Miller and the rest of the volunteers who are actually doing something towards finding Caylee.

What has Cindy done lately in the efforts to find that child? Hmm.. Lets see. She's shaken the trees near her house. Does that count? Even though she was trying to find a camera, I suppose shaking trees would count as a search. This family has absolutely no credibility. They can't keep their stories straight. They get caught in obvious lies and then lie some more to cover the lies they got caught in.

I am done with my rant for the moment. I may be back later today. Or not. This family, and Cindy in particular, disgusts me beyond belief.

To Tim Miller, EquuSearch and all the volunteers who are out searching, I applaud you and I would be there with you if I didn't live a whole country away.

Update (11:40AM):
Well, I had to come back with this.. It's Tim Miller's response to Cindy's nasty email.
"This is about Caylee, period, the end," Miller said. "And I would hope, if something has happened to Caylee, I would hope Cindy would want us out here finding her body too. If Cindy wants us to stop looking for her body, guess what -- we are not going to."
And another little item showed up too. A day or so ago, Cindy was on camera "demanding" an apology from the Orange County Sheriff's Office for the way they've "mishandled" the case. Yesterday, Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary responded:
"Cindy Anthony was on national TV demanding an apology from the sheriff's office. (It) won't happen," Beary said after a chuckle. "It won't happen. We are doing our job. What we need is credible information, especially from her daughter and that is a message I send back to her."
Hey Cindy! Guess what? The Sheriff's Dept. and Tim Miller are doing their jobs. How about you? Or are you sitting there closed up in that house that I can see on a web cam trying to think up more excuses for your daughter? Or maybe some more lies? Or maybe some more countries where you think Caylee might be? If you really want to rant and rave about Caylee, go to the jail and rant and rave at your daughter!

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Anonymous said...

Bravo. Cindy Anthony is making a spectacle of herself. She is yelling at everyone around her and pointing the finger. Reminds me of her daughter, who killed her own child, and now relaliates and manipulates against her family and the public. Retardation. Complete retardation.