Thursday, September 18, 2008

23 Cents vs a Baseball Bat?

Last night, the Anthony family had more problems with "protesters". And this time, I use the word "protesters" in the broadest sense of the word. There were a half a dozen or so young adults at the house around 1:30 in the morning and apparently had been yelling, throwing things at the house and banging on the garage door. So, Cindy called 911. Here's the transcript of the call:

Cindy: The protesters are throwing things at my house. They’re throwing rocks at my home. They’re hitting the windows of my house and they’re in my yard. I want an officer out there right away. Please…before my husband goes out and something happens.
Operator: How many people are out there do you know?
Cindy: Umm from the surveillance, there’s at least half a dozen or more.
Operator: OK. And they’re throwing rocks at the house.
Cindy: Yes ma’am.
Operator: OK, has anything gone through a window or anything?
Cindy: Not yet. But it’s real close. My husband’s about ready to go outside, and I’m trying keep him inside.
Operator: Ask him to stay inside.
Cindy: I’m trying honey. I really am.
Operator: OK.
Cindy: Thank you dear. Bye.
Operator: Bye-bye.

Well, George and Cindy didn't stay inside. George went outside, and Cindy was right behind him armed with a baseball bat. Check out the video:

As you can see in the video, the cops did show up and of course, the rowdy group had left by the time they arrived. Apparently sometime during this altercation and the one later, Casey managed to call 911 as well. (Sorry, I don' t have a transcript for that call, but you can listen to it here: Disturbance 9-1-1 Call.) Anyway, the idiots were there at the house, and this video shows George hosing them down with Cindy standing by his side with a baseball bat in her hands:

Why on earth didn't they stay inside, the way the 911 operator said? Why did they have to open that garage door and go outside? Armed with a baseball bat?

Now, for the 23 cents I mentioned in the title, read the police report:
On September 18, 2008 I responded to 4937 Hopespring Drive in the Chickasaw Park Subdivision in reference to a suspicious incident.
Upon arrival I made contact with the victim/reporter, Cynthia M. Anthony, who advised of the following: At approximately 0010 hours on September 18, 2008, Cynthia heard noises coming from the front area of her home.
It sounded like rocks were hitting the front bedroom window and the garage door. Cynthia advised she observed via her surveillance camera, a large group of people (approximately 14 people) standing in the middle of her front yard. Cynthia advised she could not describe or identify anyone from the surveillance video because it was to dark. Cynthia then called 911.
I did an area check around the residence and found four coins around the front window (three pennies & one dime) and two coins in front of the garage (two nickels). It appeared the suspects (demonstrator) threw coins at Cynthia's home.
Coins were submitted into OCSO evidence.
23 Cents was apparently thrown at the home and for that, Cindy picks up the baseball bat and George grabs the hose. Honestly. In both of the 911 calls, first from Cindy and then from Casey, they refer to these idiots in their front yard as "protesters". In my opinion, those weren't protesters. They were a bunch of young adults who'd probably fortified themselves with liquid courage and then decided to go "have some fun" by baiting the Anthony's. I truly feel sorry for the neighbors around the Anthony home. One more thing, Cindy says a dozen or more, or 14 "protesters" in the police report, but in the video I only counted about 6 or so? Was she seeing double or were some of them "invisible" like the nanny?

And then this morning, George actually spoke to the media outside his home. Not blaming them for "destroying his family" this time, but to ask all of Central Florida for help in prosecuting the idiots from last night. Hey George! Why didn't you include a plea for the public to help find your missing granddaughter?

Oh yeah. The search for Caylee. Cindy went to a Spanish speaking TV station yesterday and taped an interview so that it can be broadcast in Puerto Rico. I'm still trying to figure out why she thinks Caylee is alive and well in Puerto Rico. Or Texas. Or Mexico. Or New York. Or wherever else she has said... Cindy, the key to finding Caylee is sitting in your house. Ask Casey where she really left Caylee. Was it the Sawgrass apartments or was it at Jay Blanchard Park? Or was it somewhere else?

This is becoming less like a circus and more like a very bad soap opera every day. Hey "Protesters"!
Go Home!

Thanks to Channel 13 in Orlando, here is the transcript of Casey's call to the police last night:

Casey: Yes, there are protesters still in the front of our home. We already called about an hour and a half ago. It took over 30 minutes for the officers to get here. The protesters are now banging on our garage door. They’ve still been throwing things at our windows and our garage. And now the media’s here. My father’s going outside and there’s going to be a fight, so please can you send people down here because there’s now a physical altercation. You need to send vehicles immediately.

Operator: It’s getting physical?
Casey: Yes, it’s getting physical right now.
Operator: Do you see them physically fighting?
Casey: Yes, I see them physically fighting. We have surveillance.
Operator: OK do you see any weapons?
Casey: I don’t know if there’s any weapons. I know that my father’s outside and so is my mother, so please send as many people as you possibly can.
Operator: And who is this?
Casey: Inaudible
Operator: Just one second OK?
Casey: They need to be arrested because this can’t keep happening. We already had six or seven officers out here for 45 minutes and they didn’t do anything. And these are the same punks that were out here all night throwing stuff at our house.
Operator: OK, stay on the line with me OK?
Casey: I absolutely will, but they need to hurry up. They just left not that long ago.
Operator: The police officers left?
Casey: The police officers just left about 1 o’clock. Yeah.
Operator: OK. Stay on the line.
Casey: And a media van just pulled up and that’s when all this started happening.
Operator: I’m going to connect with my dispatcher, OK don’t hang up.
Casey: Ok, Thank you.
Operator: About how many people are out there?
Casey: There’s at least a dozen people. And now two media vans. And there’s actually more people walking from across the street.
Operator: How many people are involved in the altercation?

Casey to someone in background: I already did. I already did.

Casey: Channel 2 News has everything on tape already.
Operator: Ok. How many people are involved in the altercation?
Casey: There’s at least a dozen people. My mom’s out there now spraying people with the hose, or my father is. They’re trying to get them off the property. They’re also trespassing on the property…
Operator: Is it still happening?
Casey: they’re still standing on the property, yes. They’re out there recording it.
Operator: So what about the physical altercation, is it over?
Casey: it’s already over. Yes. That’s when my father…
2nd Operator: OK, so it’s no longer physical?
Casey: It’s no longer physical, but it was already physical when…
2nd Operator: Is this a protester or is this a resident?
Casey: It’s the protesters.
2nd Operator: No, I’m saying who are you?
Casey: I’m the resident. We have everything on tape thanks to Channel 2 and also our home surveillance.
2nd Operator: Was there any weapons involved?
Casey: Not that I can see, no.
2nd Operator: Are both your parents outside?
Casey: both my parents are outside, yes.
2nd Operator: Have they separated or is it still verbal?
Casey: it’s still verbal. And there’s still at least a dozen people on our property. My mom’s bringing my dad inside, so at least my parents aren’t outside, but this needs to get taken care of immediately.
Operator: Are they inside now?
Casey: Yes. My parents are inside right now.

Casey to someone in background: What happened?

Casey: Both of my parents were hit by two of the protesters. As you heard from both of my parents channel 2 has it on video. Excellent. So can we get people out here immediately?
Operator: There’s someone on the way. I just need you to stay on the line OK?
Casey: I’ll stay on the line until somebody comes, no problem.
2nd Operator: OK, we have several units on the way.
Casey: Ok, thank you.
2nd Operator: Just stay on the phone with us.
Casey: One of the vehicles just left.

Casey to someone in background: So white Expedition. You have the tag of who just left. You already have the tag information. Yes the guys just left. They just got in the car and left.

Casey: My mom went outside and got the tag information for the vehicle that had been out in front of our house for at least the last three and a half hours.
Operator: OK, and was those the people that had been involved in the physical?
Casey: Yes, they were the people that were involved in the physical altercation. We have the make and model of the vehicle and also the tag number.
Operator: OK, the make and model was?
Casey: It was a white Ford Expedition.
Operator: OK. Was it a Florida Tag?
Casey: Yes, it was a Florida tag.
Operator: Ok and what’s that number?
Casey: Hold on for just one second.

2nd Operator: Hello.
Operator: She’s still on the line, they’re, both parents are inside.
2nd Operator: Oh, they’re inside the house now?
Operator: Hmmmhmm. Yep.
2nd Operator: Did the phone die or we’re just stuck on mute?
Operator: She’s getting the tag information.
2nd Operator: For what?
Operator: The vehicle that was involved in striking the parents.
2nd Operator: Was it a white Suburban?
Operator: Uhh, Ford Expedition.
2nd Operator: White in Color.
Operator: Yep.
Operator: Hello, Hello. Are you there?
3rd Operator: Hello are they still fighting?
Operator: No, she’s not answering now.
2nd Operator: She’s back on the phone?
Operator: No. Hello.
2nd Operator: Alright, we’re 10-2 we can hang up.
Operator: OK.
2nd Operator: Thank you.

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