Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh boy... Too much Reading and Too Little Time

Oh boy. The files that were released from the Orlando Sheriff's Department are some fascinating reading. I haven't had a lot of time to sit and read them all at once, but I've been looking at them when I have a moment or two to spare.

Here are the links to the files:
It's about 100 megs of pdf files, so prepare for a long download. Another place to view the files courtesy of a poster at WebSleuths, , gigi2009, and you don't need a pdf viewer to read them. Here are the links:
I hesitate to comment a whole lot at this point. I haven't had a chance to read through all of the files yet. I've read most of the initial interview with Casey when she and the detectives were sitting in that unused conference room at Universal and I will admit that I am floored by Casey's answers and the lies she tried so hard to keep going. I can not, for the life of me, figure out how she thought she was going to get away with taking them to a place that she hadn't worked at for 2 years and still try to convince them that she had a job there. I've read a number of posts over on the InSessions message boards where people are discussing what they've read in those newly released files and I'm floored by some of it. I am also wondering if there is any chance that Casey will let the truth about what happened to her daughter will ever come out. The number of victims that Casey has affected has multiplied tremendously with these documents and we might even have to add a 4th ring to the circus. Oh! We can also add one more "victim" to the lists; a sheriff's deputy who has been fired because he didn't come clean about a "relationship" he had with Casey. Check out the article that the Orlando Sentinal has about him. How many more victims will Casey have? Of course, Caylee is the primary victim in this. The poor child is still out there somewhere and Casey still hasn't given up the truth of where she is.

Eventually I'll get the rest of those files read, but at the moment I have other priorities. The Anthony Family Circus will just have to take a back seat to my own family. My nephew, Shanan, and his wife, Molly, are here visiting from Virginia, and since I am the "designated driver" according to my Step-Dad, I will be spending some time far away from my computer. It's been almost 4 years since they were here, so we have a lot of "catching up" to do. Tomorrow, for instance, we are going over to the wine country. We're taking Shanan and Molly to Sonoma for the day. We're planning on meandering around town plaza and doing a bit of window shopping, plus we have to go through the Sonoma Jack Cheese Factory and sample the yummy cheeses they make and sell. It should be fun, and hopefully the weather will be cooler over there than it is here in the valley. I'll take my camera along and hopefully will get some nice shots to post, too.

So, the Anthony Family Circus will just have to continue on without me for a few days. I will be having too much fun with my own family to pay a lot of attention to the drama in Orlando.

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