Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Had a Visitor!

I walked over to the post office to pick up my mail a few minutes ago. When I came back home, I heard a commotion in the cherry tree that overhangs my back fence. Check out my noisy "visitor"!My cats were about to have fits because this little guy was hopping around in that tree, chirping and making scratching noises on the branches. He sat there for a bit while I tried to get a better view of him through the leaves, but when I got really close, he chirped loudly and then took off from tree to tree across my back fence and then into a tree that is closer to the house behind me. lol.. One of my cats is still sitting out there just below one of the trees. I guess she's waiting for the visitor to come back.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that we have squirrels in the neighborhood. I mean why not? We've got possums and everything else here!

1 comment:

Nick said...

Aww that thing is cute.