Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trucker update and stuff

I forgot to post about my trucker friend yesterday. Yes, he made it safely down the hill in that snowy mess Sunday night. He was sore and tired, but made it safely. Yesterday was fairly quiet around here. Did a little trimming of the blasted mock orange that is coming over the back fence from the neighbor's house, hopefully by the time the weather warms up, I'll have it all trimmed back to the fence and have all the trimmings disposed of. I played WoW for a while with my friends, the trucker and a couple that live in a nearby town. My paladin character is now level 47...

My younger daughter called from Oregon last night. She and her family are really suffering from the cold up there. For the last few years, they had been living in Hawaii, but for a job opportunity, they pulled up stakes there and moved to Northern Oregon this past December. Talk about climate shock! They're doing good, her husband seems to be doing well with this new job opportunity and the kids are thriving, naturally. Isn't that what kids do? They adapt!

My Mom also called last night. She'd gotten a call from my Uncle, who lives up in Washington. His mother passed away yesterday morning. She'd been staying with a family member up in a town called Burney, so now they have to make arrangements for transporting her down to this area and for the funeral. I think I only met his mother one time.. Briefly, at that. There had been a "family reunion" up in the foothills at what used to be the 4H camp a few years ago. The reunion involved the whole extended family. Since my side of the family is connected to my uncle's family in a couple of branches, some of us went up there for it. I don't remember a whole lot, other than just sitting and visiting with a bunch of cousins (both blood cousins and cousins "by choice") and watching all the little ones running around. I do remember it was a very pleasant afternoon.

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