Thursday, February 7, 2008

Darren Mack Sentencing Hearing.... Day 1

I've been halfway watching the streaming video of the sentencing hearing for Darren Mack today. (The link leads to Wikipedia, for what it's worth. If I try to use other links to explain about his case, there'd be way too many of them!) For those not familiar with him, he's the guy from Reno, NV, who killed his wife, then took a gun and went after the judge who ruled on the Mack's divorce, then took off to Mexico. In his initial trial, the guy plead not guilty by reason of insanity. In other words, he admits to the crimes, but said he was crazy when he did it. During the trial, things didn't look so hot for him, so he made a plea deal. Then he tried to retract the plea deal and go back to trial. The judges have said "no".. You made a deal, no more trial, its time for the sentencing.

Anyway, the statements from people on Darren Mack's side so far this morning have been... Uhm.. Strange. Full of sentiments about how wonderful a person D. Mack is and then going on to rage about the Nevada judicial system and how "unfair" it is. Baloney. His 19 year old son got up on the stand and started in about how his father was "innocent". I'm like... Innocent? Of what? He has admitted that he killed his wife and he has admitted that he shot the judge, right? What the heck is he innocent of? Half the witness statements sounded like they were scripted by the same person. Same terminology, same sentiments, etc. Well, except for the one guy who said that Darren consoled him when his birds died... lol

Weird stuff... I just might try to watch some more of the statements this afternoon... In between trimming the mock orange hanging over my back fence and housecleaning, that is...

Here's a link to a blog that has a "blow by blow" of the hearing today...
Trials & Tribulations: Darren Mack Sentencing Day 1

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