Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snow in the Pass Again

A while back I posted about the snow in the Sierras with a rant about CalTrans and the CHP not talking. Well, it's snowing again in the Sierras today. And, again, CalTrans and the CHP aren't communicating. Here's a view from the live camera at the Whitmore Grade... Looks a bit snowy, right? The road doesn't look that bad, so maybe it's ok to go? Maybe?

So I check the CHP dispatch site... Nothing being said about chain controls. Cool! It must be okay to run, right?

So, I check the CalTrans website for the road conditions....... What? Chains are required? Oh boy......

I am not going to call my trucker friend and ask him what the radio is saying. He has a constant rant about CalTrans and how they handle the snow up in the pass. He says that he sees the plows and sand trucks sitting along side the road or on an offramp more than he sees them plowing. All I can do is tell him what I see on the websites...

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