Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow on I80!

I said I'd look at the CalTrans live cameras again this afternoon. I did. It's definitely snowing up there now. The wind the weatherman predicted hasn't started up yet, they're saying it'll start blowing hard later this evening or tonight. Anyway, the CalTrans road info page is showing chains are required up there too... Of course the CHP dispatch page isn't saying anything about chains, but they've got quite a few accidents/spinouts on thier page at the moment. So, here we go with screen shots from the cameras again, just for comparison with the ones from this morning. Oh yeah, while I was waiting on each camera for a view that I wanted a screen shot of, I didn't see a single plow running. I guess they're waiting for the snow to pile up some more.

Here's the Whitmore Grade camera. Lots of traffic moving very slow. I have a hunch the road is either very slick or there is something happening behind the camera.

Here's the Kingvale view. Nasty, huh? Some of the "white out" condition you see is due to the ice and snow on the camera, but most of it is the snow flying!

I decided to show a couple more cameras, this one is at the junction of highway 89 and I80. It's sort of between the city of Truckee and the truck scales. Lots of gunk on the camera in this view.. And very few cars at the moment I hit "print screen".

I had to sit and wait for some cars to show up in this one. It was a very boring picture of just the road and no cars... Look at all the snow on the access ramp into the scale. Brrr....

This is the other "extra" cam that I decided to grab a screen shot from. Normally when I'm looking at this one, I don't see snow on the ground like today. The snow elevation is dropping fast, I guess. Believe it or not, that flat white area right in front of the camera is the on and off ramp for the town of Floriston.


Brent said...

Thanks for the info. I have renters both leaving and coming to our N.Shore cabin to/from Bay area, and your site was very helpful.



Anakerie said...

I'm glad my blog helped you out! I hope your renters made it through ok!