Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kacie Barron & The Ride For Hope

Kacie Barron, 40, died July 26, 2006, a victim of domestic abuse, allegedly murdered by a man still in custody and awaiting trial, Mario Lozano. Her name, nor the name of her accused murderer haven't been in the news much since her murder. I was googling this morning trying to find out what is happening with the accused murderer. All I can find are old news articles. I found virtually nothing about the actual crime, nor anything at all about Mario Lozano, other than the fact that he is still in custody. I suppose I need to call my brother to see if there has been anything at all happening.

Kacie's name comes up once a year in local news, though. Her brother, Pat Barron organized a motorcycle run in her honor along with many of her friends, including my brother that first year after her death. Kacie's Ride For Hope. The ride was a 140 mile bike ride from Placerville to Fair Play via Highways 88 and 89 through the beautiful Hope Valley to benefit the El Dorado Women's Center. They organized a run again last year and had twice as many participants as the first year. I'm sure there will be a third annual run to honor Kacie and to benefit the Woman's Center in El Dorado County. By the way, about the graphic above? The woman on the bike is Kacie.

I need to call my brother and see if he can give me anymore information. About the status of the POS that is jail awaiting trial for her murder. (By the way, for those who have encouraged me to attend a trial, this is one that I would like to see. For my brother. For Kacie's family. And about the Ride For Hope. I'll update later.


Chaplain Limeygene said...

I found this in the Feb 28 edition of the Mountian Democrat:
Lozano’s murder trial postponed to end of month
The murder trial of Mario
Lozano has been moved to
March 25. Lozano is accused of
fatally shooting ex-girlfriend
Kathleen Kacie Barron with a
shotgun on July 26, 2006.
Barron, 40, was murdered in
her travel trailer on Anderson
Way in Placerville. Her son
found the body.
Lozano was picked on the
charge near Mammoth Lakes
in August 2006 with the help of
FBI tracking through e-mails.
He pleaded not guilty in
March last year.
The trial will be heard by
Superior Court Judge Eddie T.
Keller. Lozano is represented
by Public Defender Mike
The estimated six-day trial
was previously scheduled to
begin this week. It was postponed
because Atwell is ill, a
representative of the court

Anakerie said...

Thank you, Gene. I'm going to copy the information to a post of it's own.