Monday, February 25, 2008

The stuff that we miss in the movies!

Hey! Samari warrior! What time is it?

Hey Dude! Put your finger on the trigger! Now!

Trojan War? Check! Jet in the sky? Check!

Costumes?... Bows and arrows?... Walkie talkie?... Action!

And here's a favorite...

What? Oh! I remember now! Adidas.... Founded in 1635


This was sent to me in an email from a good friend. I couldn't resist adding it here, so I emailed her and asked if it was ok... Thank you Peetce!!


mControl said...

LOL. Very funny photos, the Brad Pit/Plane image was awesome! Clearly the Trojan's required a bit of air support!

Anonymous said...

Dude, these are fake.

Anakerie said...

Fake or not. They're funny to look at.. lol

Anonymous said...

How corny!