Friday, February 15, 2008

Bobby Cutts Verdicts

After waiting for 20 plus hours of deliberations (Sorry, my brain seems to have lost the actual number of hours that the jury was out.), the verdicts are in for Bobby Cutts.

  • Count 1 Aggravated Murder of Jessie - Not Guilty
  • Murder (Lesser Offense) - Guilty

  • Count 2 Aggravated Murder of Jessie - Guilty
  • Guilty of committing said offense after committing aggravated burglary.
  • Guilty of Aggravated Murder - guilty of purposely causing death of unborn human

  • Count 3 - Baby Chloe - Guilty
  • Guilty of Aggravated Murder
  • Guilty of Committing Purposeful Killing of Baby Chloe
  • Guilty of Committing said offense after committing aggravated burglary

  • Count 4 Aggravated Burglary - Guilty
  • Count 5 - Gross abuse of a corpse - Guilty
  • Count 6 - Gross abuse of Baby Chloe - Guilty
  • Count 7 - endangering Blake Davis - Guilty

As I watched and read the message boards at Insession during the verdict watch, there was a lot of speculation as to why the jury was taking so long. At this point, the reason is up for grabs. I think they were just taking their time and looking at all the evidence and testimony and working hard to make sure they did it "right". When the judge began reading the verdicts, the "not guilty" for count 1 made my heart drop. I thought "Not again!". But then he read the next page, "Guilty" for murder. I thought "Ok, I can breathe again!" And then all the other charges got "guilty" and I could really breathe again. The whole time the verdicts were being read, Bobby Cutts sat there with absolutely no emotion showing on his face. He just had his head tipped back so that it appeared he was looking down his nose at the judge and the jury. His lawyers leaned forward a few times and whispered to each other, but Bobby seemed not to care at all. I guess he used up his "tears" with the one single tear that dropped from his eyes during his "emotional" sobbing testimony the other day.

After the verdicts were read, the defense asked for a mistrial because they thought the jury was "confused". (Denied!) They looked at the dates that the forms were filled out. Count 1 was signed on the 13th, counts 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 (If I remember correctly) were signed yesterday, the 14th and count 4, the aggravated burglary charge was signed today, the 15th.

"Rug Party" Anyone?
Yesterday evening on the message boards at Insession was.. Uhm... Interesting I guess is the word I want... lol.. Somehow, the camera ended up on the floor of the courtroom and it was pointed in the general direction of where the prosecution and defense tables are in the courtroom. We had a great view of the dirty carpet, a wheel on something, maybe a cart of something, chair legs, part of the half wall at the jury box and a bit of the rail at the front of the gallery. So, it was decided that we (the posters in that thread) were having a "Rug Party". Every once in a while we could see someone moving around in the courtroom. One fellow in a white shirt seemed to pace a bit near the wall behind the tables, another fellow in a tan suit wandered around every so often with a cell phone, then a woman in a dark suit with a blue blouse joined them for a while. There was a lot of theories of what the fellow with the phone was saying, including apologizing to his wife that he'd missed Valentine's Day. One of the posters who lives near the courthouse got recruited to take a drive down to the courthouse to see what was happening! Then late last night after the jury went back to the hotel, the live feed from the floor went black. This morning, though, the camera was back up on the tripod and focused on the benches in the gallery and it didn't take long to see a lot of people in the room. The fellow with the tan suit seemed to be there again along with the lady in the dark suit and blue blouse. Didn't they sleep? There seemed to be a lot of law enforcement present as well. They were gesturing at the benches as if they were making plans as to who was going to sit where... Then.... The news came in that there was a verdict! The message boards were humming for sure, with everyone so anxious to hear what the jury had decided.

Now we wait again. The penalty phase for Bobby starts on February 25th at 8:30am. The jury has a week off to decompress and rest, Bobby has a week to contemplate his fate, the lawyers have a week to finish preparations, Bobby's family has a week to worry and Jessie's family has a week to adjust to the knowledge that her killer was found guilty. The only thing that remains is the decision for his penalty. Life in prison or the death penalty.

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