Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brianna Denison - A communities tragic love story

A memorial for Brianna Denison, the coed that was kidnapped and murdered by a predator in Reno Nevada last month. The article includes a song written, produced and recorded by Brianna's younger brother, Brighton and his friend, Danielle DeTomaso.

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This is my first try for adding a story from somewhere else. I added this story from the CalFire blog earlier today by using the Digg site. In other words, I submitted it to Digg and then linked it here. (It was my first time submitting something to the Digg site too! lol) Confusing stuff, but it's here nonetheless. It's well worth the read, and do listen to the song that her brother and his friend wrote, produced and recorded. Have some tissues handy too.

Here's another link to the CalFire blog:

Brianna Denison - A communities tragic love story


Bob Blogger said...

Hi thanks for the links to my website!
I found this posting after I added you as a Digg friend, You may use anything on my sites in their entirety just please give me a small attribution link, and the Diggs are nice too.

To be appreciated for writing that post is nice thank you again.

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Anakerie said...

Rest assured, if I use anything from your sites, you'll definitely get credit and a link from my blog to yours... The article I linked to was one of the best I'd read about Brianna.