Saturday, August 9, 2008

A "Safe House" for Casey?

Yesterday, I posted about George Anthony's temper tantrum and rant at the media. Today, I've got a video to embed, thanks to a good friend of mine. Thank you, Dan! We had a heck of a time trying to get the video, which was in a strange format that none of our conversion programs could recognize, into a format that YouTube would accept and Dan played with it yesterday afternoon and evening and finally got it converted and emailed it back to me. I sure appreciate all his hard work on it! So, here it is... Excuse the weird color thing at the beginning, something in the conversion process kind of whacked it.

On the Orlando station, Channel 6 there is an apology from George to the media. "A lot of you probably saw on the news how I sort of lashed out at the media today and I can tell the media right now that I'm sorry," George Anthony said. He "sort of lashed out"? No, that wasn't just sort of, George. You just plain lost your temper. I am guessing his losing his temper that way had something to do with Casey refusing to see her brother yesterday afternoon.

Now, about this "Safe House" thing that I saw in the news this morning. In the same article on the Channel 6 website, Cindy Anthony is quoted as saying ""Right here, I don't think is the ideal place for her not because we don't want her in the house and everything but we may have to hole her up somewhere in a safe house," Cindy Anthony said." A safe house, huh? Supposedly this is because of "threats to the family". For crying out loud, Cindy. Casey is pretty "safe" right where she is, isn't she? Apparently Casey's lawyer, Jose Baez has launched a new appeal to get Casey's bail amount reduced. I imagine that the Judge(s) will do the same for this appeal as they did the last one. The bail amount will stand and Casey will have to sit in jail until trial, or until further charges are filed.

In a way, I do feel sorry for this family. Today is the birthday of Caylee. If she weren't missing, the child would be enjoying her third birthday with a party and lots of presents. That would be hard for any family. But, that does not excuse the lies or "mistruths" that has come from this family since the beginning of the case. Casey should have told someone that her daughter was missing the minute that she realized she was missing, if her story were true. Her story of searching for her daughter by herself for a month before the police were called sounds like so much baloney. Then her parents, Cindy and George, have had a problem with staying consistant in their statements. Car smells like a dead body, then it smells like spoiled pizza and then it's pizza with laundry soap. None of it makes any sense to me. I don't think there will be a good outcome to this case and that is heartbreaking for all the people around the world who are following this case. A lot of us would love to help find this child, but... How? Where do you start? I can only hope that the investigators can find this child. I hope they can tell the world what happened to her.

Dear Caylee, I hope you are found soon. I hope you can have a happy birthday. Unfortunately, after all this time, it looks pretty bleak. No child should be "lost". Ever.

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