Monday, August 4, 2008

Shame on Cindy Anthony!

Cindy Anthony decided to rant at the vigil for Caylee last night. I saw a bit of it late last night on Geraldo or one of the other news shows and was shocked that the grandmother of this missing little girl would go "off" the way she did.

I finally found a video of the interviews and stuff about the vigil last night on the Central Florida Channel 13 website. The article they wrote up, titled "Cindy Anthony Uses Choice Words At Vigil" gives a bit of the background of why she went "off". According to the article on their website, the thing that "upset" Cindy was a supposed call from "someone saying that someone called her to say that a 911 dispatcher in Pennsylvania told a caller that Caylee was dead." Here's what else Cindy had to say:
"I'm telling everybody, get off your a** and look for my granddaughter. I don't care if this is on the news or what, but she is out there. She’s out there and God knows what I'm talking about," said the toddler’s grandmother.
Uhm.. Excuse me, lady! I know you're under a lot of stress because your granddaughter is missing. And I know you're under a lot of stress because you and the rest of your family are busy running around trying to cover for yours and Casey's lies. But! I think before you start screaming that everyone should get off their asses and go look for your grandchild, you should try telling the truth and give us a timeline! A truthful timeline! How the hell are we or anyone supposed to look for a child when no one knows when she was last seen, where she was last seen, what she was wearing or anything else? Yes, I know you just want to protect your precious daughter, Casey. But face it, lady! Your daughter is lying and has been lying for a very long time! If you truly want to know where Caylee is, ask Casey! Or maybe ask your "God" where the child is. According to you, He knows what you're talking about!

Here's the Channel 13 report:

What do you folks think? Does Cindy's yelling that we should "get off our asses" and go look for that child make you mad? It sure made me mad!

Oh, and by the way, George... All of those photos of Casey partying weren't from before Caylee disappeared. The ones of her in the blue dress at the "Hot Body" contest at Fusion were from the 20th according to the photographers who took the pics.... And, another thing George. If all those pictures were from before Caylee was born, why the hell is Casey drinking? She's 22, right? Caylee is almost 3, right? Isn't the legal drinking age in Florida 21? What a find upstanding "little girl" you have...


Anonymous said...

I think the stress of knowing the truth has gotten to her. She should be in jail with her daughter.

Anakerie said...

I haven't come to the conclusion that Grandma Cindy knows what happened to Caylee. Yet. But I'm sure she has some pretty good guesses that whatever happened to the little girl happened at the hands of Casey. Maybe she's in denial. Whatever. I don't care if stress is her problem, she has poisoned the public's mind against her by telling the lies and then demanding that people "get off their asses" and do something.

In my opinion, she should get off her own ass and ask her daughter where that child is. Casey needs to tell the truth so that the investigators can retrieve that poor child!

deborah said...

I find this entire mess to be very sad and I don't see a happy ending. If the child was ever in a trunk in the FL. temps. for any length of time there is not much hope. This lunatic Casey is more concerned about her boy friends phone number. Gee they been so close she doesn't even know his number. It's time to find this child. Don't tell me her dad was a cop and doesn't know what death smells like. I am sorry for the morbid comments. But I held onto so much hope for Jessica Lundsford, that I haven't the heart to muster up sympathy for the Anthony's and the lies that continue, while we all seem to be doing the grieving. Deb in KS

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have been following this case since the beginning and it looks like Casey Anthony got more than a few examples of lying to save ones butt, from her mother. Cindy Anthony looks and acts like a idiot and I have only sympathy for little Caylee. This Anthony Family would'nt know the truth if they stumbled over it in the light of day. I have 4 daughters and if ANY one of them were in this trouble, I would do all I could do to help locate Caylee. I would not cover up for the lost daughter. The evidence is mounting and the Anthony family can't face the truth their daughter MOST LIKELY killed their granddaughter. Sad case to have a daughter like Casey.
They know that Casey has been like this her whole life and they have covered up for her. You don't just become a pathological liar, thief, slut,and baby killer over night.
God help them all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Any legal experts reading this?

I have a question about the grandparents and their responsibility to establish gaurdianship for the child when she was born.

Reports suggest that Casey wanted an abortion, and the parents urged her to have the baby. Then Casey wanted to let her out for adoption, and the parents urged her to keep the baby.

BOTH actions would have been perfectly legal, and Casey would not be in this mess. I am not suggesting that parental pressure lightens the burden of guilt for Casey, but do the parents share in the guilt simply by not establishing FORMAL guardianship at birth?

I am reminded of good samaritan laws that obligate a "helper" to follow thru once assistance has begun. The grandparents were "good samaritans" by enabling her birth and then strongly urging that the family keep the baby, but in some ways left her in guardianship "limbo" by leaving her in Casey's hands.

With formal guardianship, they would not have allowed her to be missing for ANY amount of time, much less a MONTH when they never knew where she was.


Anakerie said...

You've raised a good question, Anonymous... And I have no good answers. I am not an expert in legal matters. At all. Hopefully someone will stumble upon my blog and read your comment and give us some answers.

TPM said...

The more official transcripts I read of this case, the closer I come to an apoplectic stroke. My girlfriend won't even let me go on you tube anymore to listen to the depositions. How can a shady cast of scumbags become MILLIONAIRES over an innocent child's death? Cindy KNOWS so much and should be charged. The smugness, lies, and self-aggrandizing circus is a travesty of a sham of a mockery of a sham of a travesty. *WHEW** OK, It's out of me for the moment. Thanks!