Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Anthony Circus?

The news from Orlando about Caylee Anthony is still crazy and getting crazier by the day. In my opinion, the whole case is becoming a 3 ring circus. Meanwhile, 3 year old Caylee Anthony is still missing out there somewhere.
  • Ring #1 is filled with Casey Anthony and her lies and maybe her lawer, Jose Baez. I suppose we can put the elusive Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez in this ring as well as the rest of the invisible co-workers and friend that Casey told the police about. At one point, I tried listing all the lies that Casey had told, but David Lohr with Investigation Discovery had done it so much better than I could that I deleted my file.
  • Ring #2 is full of the rest of the Anthony family. George, Cindy and Lee. I almost miss Cindy's daily news updates where she contradicted herself, her husband and the investigators. She's silent now because of what is in Ring #3, I guess. All we can do is wait for Jose Baez to tell us how Cindy's prediction of Casey the world giving Casey the "Mother of the Year" award when he makes his opening statements at trial.
  • Ring #3 has the "world famous" bounty hunter, Leonard Padilla with his team and the newly hired "family spokesperson" Larry Garrison. As for the "world famous" bounty hunter, the only reason I was familiar with his name was that he in in the news in Sacramento periodically. He wanted to be the Mayor, for one thing. He's been in the news for a few other things as well. Like offering "his" property up for the homeless to camp on. Apparently his neighbors didn't think too much of the idea. Then it also came out that the property wasn't exactly "his" to offer up. Something about a dispute with the IRS, I guess. I was surprised to read that this character has a "Bounty Hunter" show on the National Geographic channel. I've never seen his show, and have no plans on watching it. Oh well.

    Now, the other character in Ring #3 is this guy, Larry Garrison, from California who somehow got himself appointed as the family spokesperson. Mr. Garrison seems to be an opportunist and seems to enjoy inserting himself and his company, SilverCreek Entertainment, into high profile cases. He jumped into the Natalie Holloway case and "represented" Joran Van Der Sloot, then he got involved in the book about "the true life story" of Natalie. He promoted a book about the "true life story" of Bonny Bakely, Robert Blakes wife/victim. He also promotes a book called "Breaking into Acting For Dummies". The interviews I've seen with him so far have only shown that the guy knows practically nothing about this case. Talk about misinformation! Heck, Cindy was better at handing out the misinformation than this guy!
The bounty hunter guy announced last Friday that he was going to fly to Orlando and bail Casey out of jail, then stay with her 24/7 and get her to tell him where Caylee is. Well, here it is now, Wednesday, and Casey is still in jail. Supposedly due to paperwork problems and the "jealousy" of other Florida bail bondsmen who are alledgedly making it difficult for Casey to get out on bail. Leonard Padilla is on all the news shows every day, spouting off about his theories of why Caylee is missing. Larry Garrison chimes in once in a while, but Leonard is the one we see the most. Do I believe the guy? Uhm. No. The whole thing is a circus and if it weren't for the fact that there is still a missing child out there, I wouldn't even be following the case at all. But, Caylee is still missing, so I still watch. And hope.

Kudos to the folks who have been trying to do something. The bloggers who got together there in Orlando and actually searched for the child. The investigators who are still trying to run down each and every lead that gets phoned in. And, I guess we should give credit to a lot of the news reporters who are keeping Caylee's picture out there. I'd like to hand out bops to the head for some of the reporters who've put out information without verifying first though. Like Nancy Grace and her "headline" about how much money Casey had charged on her parent's credit cards. $45,000? I'll bet it was supposed to be reported that it was 4 to 5 thousand dollars. I supposed someday we might find out the truth. But I'm not going to hold my breath.


larry garrison said...

Get your facts straight. I worked with Dave Holloway for three years trying to exposed the Arubans and Joran Van Der Sloot. I co-authored the book.

I am not doing a movie and book on The Anthony Story. I am the spokesperson and I am trying to stop the spin and lies like this. I am not getting paid and I am disgusted with BS reporting like this.

Instead help the family search for Caylee. She was kidnapped and you can make a difference.

Larry Garrison

Anakerie said...

Wow! You must be googling your name to find my little blog. How sad for you. Perhaps you can give me a suggestion as to how a person in California is supposed to search for this poor little girl? Should I be out beating the bushes here in Northern California? Fat chance of finding Caylee, wouldn't you say?

As I said in a previous post, if I were closer to Orlando, I would be out searching for that child.

steffaroob4 said...

Great post!
I see the clowns have arrived, with some luck we may hear from the ring master tomorrow.

Anakerie said...

lol, I am still trying to figure out who the "ring master" is!

Sprocket said...

Hey steffaroo! Wave!

The "ring master" is Casey, who is controlling everyone by not cooperating with police.

I believe the child is dead. I just can't get around two cadaver dogs hitting on the trunk of her car. Scarecrow granny Cindy showed her straw-for-brains by washing Casey's pants that also smelled like death. That family needs more than just a "spokesperson."

The longer the child's body goes undiscovered, the harder it will be to determine cause of death.

Anakerie said...

I, too, believe the child is dead. As much as I hate the thought. The dogs, the "invisible" people that Casey tried to lead the police to, the job she'd been fired from 2 years before (what was she doing for the last 2 years??), two separate dogs hitting on the car and the backyard and more. There's just too many things and none of them speak for Caylee being alive.

Harry Knopp said...

I don't have any problem with Casey going home for a while. Maybe her parents can get some info out of her.

By the way, you can easily track what's going on with this case on USA Media Guide. It has a special section of links to local Orlando coverage of the case, as well as a link to the official family site.

The link is

Anakerie said...

Thanks for that link, Harry! I'll keep an eye on it!

As for Cindy and George getting any truth out of Casey, I have a hunch that Cindy and George are among the people that Baez has told Casey NOT to talk to.

cheri said...

hey it seems someone is on their computer a little too much instead of looking...... Looks like your little blog got someones attention.

Anakerie said...

Yep.. I guess someone was offended by what I said and is annoyed that I am not in Florida looking for the child... For shame. I don't think that person is in Florida "helping" either.

carpe said...

I find it funny a loser like Larry Garrison would nag at you to get your facts straight. There are no facts whatsoever that point to a kidnapping scenario. The Anthony's and Larry Garrison do not deal in facts. They deal in Casey fables.