Friday, August 22, 2008

And The Circus Continues. Larry Garrson? Answer THIS!

To start with, I am going to put in a response to Mr. Larry Garrison, the Anthony family "spokesman", who left a comment on my post about the "circus" the day before yesterday. For those of you who missed his comment, here it is again:
Get your facts straight. I worked with Dave Holloway for three years trying to exposed the Arubans and Joran Van Der Sloot. I co-authored the book.

I am not doing a movie and book on The Anthony Story. I am the spokesperson and I am trying to stop the spin and lies like this. I am not getting paid and I am disgusted with BS reporting like this.

Instead help the family search for Caylee. She was kidnapped and you can make a difference.

Larry Garrison
And, here is my response that day:
Wow! You must be googling your name to find my little blog. How sad for you. Perhaps you can give me a suggestion as to how a person in California is supposed to search for this poor little girl? Should I be out beating the bushes here in Northern California? Fat chance of finding Caylee, wouldn't you say?

As I said in a previous post, if I were closer to Orlando, I would be out searching for that child
Ok, that done, I will get on with more of a response to him. First of all, if I managed to get the wrong information about Mr. Garrison and the Natalie Holloway case, perhaps he should hunt down the source I got the information from and correct them so that no other bloggers like me can write about it again. But, this isn't about the Natalie Holloway case. This is about the Caylee Anthony case.

Mr. Garrison, if you are the designated "family spokesman", why don't we see your face on the news instead of the "world famous" bounty hunter, Leonard Padilla? Why aren't you being interviewed by all those newscasters?

Can you give a positive "spin" to anything? How do you explain Casey taking the investigators on that wild goose chase to a place of employment (that she hadn't worked at for a couple of years), or to the empty apartment where the "nanny" lives (and said apartment had been vacant for months), or to the neighborhood where the "nanny's" mother supposedly lived (where Casey "couldn't remember which house the "mom" lived in), or any of the other stories (lies!) that are documented in the search warrants or the arrest warrant?

Can you give a positive "spin" to the statements by Cindy and George about the car that smelled like a "dead body" had been in it? Or, wait, that dead body got changed to an old pizza in the trunk. Oops.. It got changed again to an old pizza with laundry soap! What's up with that stuff, Mr. Garrison?

Perhaps the public would appreciate some truth from the Anthony family. Perhaps the public would prefer not to hear someone spinning stories. I know I'd like to see some truths. Especially from Casey! You say that you are "disgusted" by the BS that you are seeing about this case. Well, you want to know something? I am disgusted as well. Disgusted by the whole Anthony family. Cindy and George want their granddaughter back and I can understand that. But, both have yelled at the "public" to go out and find Caylee. Casey is the one they should be yelling at. Casey is the one who "lost" her daughter and then proceeded to party on at Fusion and pursue her relationship with the new boyfriend, Tony. Caylee is missing and there are no clues to give anyone a chance at searching for her. Where would a search start? The empty apartment? I think not. What does this Zenaida look like? How about a better description of her? And perhaps an actual, truthful location of where Casey left her daughter. What was Caylee wearing when Casey "lost" her? Has that ever been mentioned? I sure haven't seen it.

I have another question for you, Mr. Garrison. You told me in your comment that I should help the Anthony family search for Caylee. You (and the rest of the Anthony family) say she has been "kidnapped". How the hell am I supposed to "help the Anthony family" search? Send me a plane ticket and give me a place to stay in Florida and I'll go out and beat the bushes and search for the "nanny". I've seen numerous mentions of you doing your "spin" control on blogs, on message boards and in emails. Why aren't you in Florida helping with the search? Or is your job just to sit and google your name or to search the blogs and message boards for posts so that you can tell people that they need to help the Anthony's?

Maybe, Mr. Garrison, you should get together with Casey's lawyer and try to figure out a way of getting Caylee's location from Casey, after all, she is the one with the answers. Not this blogger in California. Not the posters on message boards. Not the people who've sent you emails. And not the bounty hunter and his pals.

End of rant.

I will be very surprised if Larry Garrison finds this blog again, and I would be very surprised if the actually replies to any of this... So, on with the circus. Casey is out of jail and has her new piece of jewelry on her ankle. Cindy and George have their daughter home with them now. But, her lawyer has ordered her not to speak to anyone about the case. So, Caylee is still out there somewhere and Mr. Baez has his priorities set up. First and foremost is Casey's defense. After that, comes finding Caylee. It seems to me that the first priority should be finding that child. If the child is found safe, wouldn't the defense be a lot easier to "spin"?

Other Stuff
When I got my mail from the post office yesterday I found a jury summons. I have to report to the Sutter County courthouse on Sept. 3rd. I have no clue what kind of cases are coming up over at the courthouse, so it's a mystery to me as to what kind of cases they're doing jury selection for. The summons says I have to check with the courthouse the night before or early on the morning of the 3rd to see if they still need me to drive over there. We shall see, I guess.


larry garrison said...

I am not googling my name. I am a huge fan of the internet, and someone sent me your quote. Maybe you have not seen me when I was on the bigger legimate shows, and it is not about showing my face. It is about speaking to the Associate Press and people that do not spin and telling the truth.

Instead of trying the case on your site and other places, I am cooperationg with the authorities and giving out what may inspire the public to realize that Caylee is in fact kidnapped and may be still alive.

Thanks for caring enough to spread the word.

Larry Garrison

Anakerie said...

Yes, Mr. Garrison, I've seen you on a few of what you call the "legitimate" shows. I have no idea what you are insinuating about the the shows you consider not "legitimate", though. Perhaps you could enlighten me? As for truth, Mr. Garrison, I think there are a lot of people who've been reading and watching this circus unfold who would appreciate some truths.

Yes, I care about that poor little girl. And I care about all the other children and adults that are "missing". And the words I'd like to spread would be the words of truth about what happened to Caylee and the truth about why her mother didn't report her missing.

Anonymous said...

" and giving out what may inspire the public to realize that Caylee is in fact kidnapped and may be still alive. "

Good, please have Casey sit down immediately with a sketch artist -- we need a sketch of Nanny Xanny.

Where is Caylee?

Anakerie said...

Yes. A full description and sketch of the "nanny" would be extremely helpful. A full description of the car the "nanny" drives would also be helpful.

If we're supposed to believe that Caylee was kidnapped, wouldn't you think a bit more information on the "kidnapper" would be necessary?

Clue: Ask Casey!!!

Anonymous said...

you seem to be involved with covering something up too Mr garrison if you spent half as much time looking for that little girl as you do replying to all the blogs on the internet than maybe there would be more hope on finding the poor thing alive. some one needs to do some hypno therapy on the mother or something to get some real answers

cheri said...

Well its been a day and no answer to your question..... I guess he may get the point that he should be helping Caylee and not Casey... she just needs to admit was really happened and deal with her punishment instead of punishing all the people who really do care.
I hope and pray that she is found safe and put into a safer environment than th eone she has "looking" for her.

Sprocket said...


Great response Anakerie! Keep it up!

I just got a jury summons too! It's a decision on whether or not to delay the service, or take my chances on a one day service.

Anakerie said...

Thanks Sprocket, and thanks to everyone else too.

So what are you going to do with your jury summons, Sprocket? lol.. I am going to go ahead with mine. No real reason to delay or try to get out of it, so who knows. Whatever case they're doing might be interesting. *If* I get chosen for it.. lol.. They may not want a crime/trial watcher on a jury.. hehe...

Sprocket said...

Well my summons is for October 6th. Right smack in the middle of Spector start but before voie dire. I'm going to take my chances an go. It's at a different courthouse than Temple Street.

If I only serve a couple days, I'll be home free to catch the Spector voie dire on October 14th. However, if I somehow get on a jury (and pass voie dire myself, with revealing I'm a crime blog writer) I hope it's a short trial, lol!