Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First annual Man-bellies and Hairy-backs Carwash?

Last weekend in Placerville I had the opportunity to participate in a "different" carwash. Pat Barron had been bouncing ideas around to help generate funds for this years "Kacie's Ride for Hope." We had talked about doing a carwash with us men washing the cars. We joked about going shirtless in all our glory to treat the women for a change. Beer bellies and hairy backs exposed with a couple hard bodies included. We were ages about 8 to 60 and did we have fun!!! For 6 hours on sunday starting around 9:30 in the morning, we washed and dried cars non-stop. We were a bit spastic at first but after about an hour we fell into crews and worked exceptionally well together. Two hoses going were either pre wetting or rinsing as two men attacked the wheels and 4 to 6 men would wash and scrub the vehicles vehicles two at a time. Then we would pull the vehicles up and another crew would shammy the cars, blow them off with a leaf blower (Pat's idea), and wash windows. Only a man would think of the leaf blower and it worked really well!!! We recieved enthusiastic compliments and we had a few people go get other cars. The 30' motorhome was a challenge and about 10 men worked on it until it was done. A few people drove in just to make contributions to the fund.

So there's a lot of severely sunburned bellies, love handles, legs and feet this week. But every time it hurts, I smile remembering how much fun we had.

All said and done, with expenses covered, we raised $1,100 to put in the purse for this years run and ultimately add to this years contribution to the women's center now named "the center for violence-free relationships." We are thinking of making this an annual thing too. If so, I'll try to post announcements next year prior to the wash.

Pat sent me what was in the Mountain Democrat but sent me a scanned picture that was very poor. I'm not sure but believe it was his letter to the editor, here's the print:

Kacie’s Ride For Hope, man bellies and hairy backs car wash
PAT BARRON Placerville August 19, 2008 16:35
EDITOR: Our first-time car wash, Aug. 17 at Breaker Glass was a huge success. The funds we raised from the wash will assist us with “Kacie’s Ride” this year and in turn will support The Center for Violence Free Relationships. I know it would not have been a success without all those dirty cars, even a 30-foot motor home, the cars were non-stop. I thank you all for those generous donations and the opportunity to wash your vehicles, and to those that just handed us money, a special thanks to all those bellies and hairy backs that brought their families out and did all the work. Kevin Brown and Breaker Glass on Placerville Drive, we could not have pulled it off with out you and the use of your parking lot. I am especially proud of the way my family shows up and supports me at all these events. Once again our community stood up for a good cause. With your continued help, together we can all make a difference. Thank you all. Kacie’s brother.

The run is coming up soon, on September 13th! You can get info for the run @ . There you can find pictures of past runs, donation forms, a map for the run and more. Last year was a blast and we expect more to participate this year.

Had fun, having fun and planning on more.



Anakerie said...

lol, It sounds like you guys had a blast out there! I'm so glad you got a good turnout for the car wash! Thank you for giving us a report of the sunburned bellies and backs! LOL

cheri said...

it sound as if you had fun while raising mone for an excellent cause Uncle Gene Great Work!! Those people realy need all the support they can get to change their lives for the better. Thank You for doing your part, While most people just sit back and wonder what they can do..