Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hey, It's Tuesday!

It's Tuesday and I've been "absent" from my blog for a few days. Sorry about that... I've been watching the news and stuff but hadn't really found a lot to rant, rave or post about. Lets see... First we'll start with a "funny"... Love this picture of the bear in the tree with the orange tabby cat sitting below... Sure makes you wonder how that came about, doesn't it? lol...
more cat pictures

Next topic. A good friend of mine (The trucker that I occasionally mention in the blog..) took off on a long awaited vacation early yesterday morning. To England! I was a bit jealous, of course. I would love to see England someday. But, last night the "jealousy" went away... The poor guy got stuck at the Charlotte, NC airport. He left Sacramento yesterday morning, switched planes in Las Vegas and then flew to Charlotte expecting to board the flight to London. I saw him in my Yahoo messenger about 9pm last night and sent him a smiley and a wish for a fun vacation. The message I got back wasn't a happy one. He told me to call another friend of ours, Dan (The computer genius that helped me convert the video of George Anthony's rant the other day.) for the whole story. The story behind Dan knowing what was going on, is that Dan and his wife, Jan, sent a laptop computer with my trucker friend to give to Jan's son in London. Her son needed to know what was going on so he could meet the plane there in London without waiting for hours for it to come in.

Anyway, Dan said that our trucker friend boarded the flight to London there in Charlotte okay, but then the plane sat there because there was a mechanical failure somewhere on the plane. The airline then had everyone get off the plane and come back in the terminal while they shuffled things around to get another plane there to pick them up. The airline gave them all a voucher for a meal, which our trucker friend wasn't happy with since the only place to eat was a sandwich place there in the terminal. So, there he is, sitting in the terminal. Hadn't had a smoke since he left Sacramento early yesterday morning and he was stuck and not at all happy about it.

After I went to bed, my Yahoo messenger received more messages from him. At about 1:15am, he messaged that they were boarding a plane again; "just got on plane now, still going to be a few mins before take off, hopefully no more delays or issues." Then about 3am another message comes in; "same prob again, waiting on new plane now. I hate this city." And then finally, at about 5am, one more message from him: "just got on a new plane, hopefully will be there soon." I just checked the Gatwick airport's flight information and it says they are expected to arrive there at about 8:50pm (London time) tonight. They were supposed to have been there at Gatwick at 8:45am this morning! What a way to start a vacation, huh? A 12 hour delay, apparently because of mechanical problems? Definitely not a way to keep my impatient trucker friend happy! I sure hope the rest of his vacation goes smoothly!

10:15am: Dan and I found a site that tracks flights and gives you an image of where the plane is. We were curious if the plane had actually taken off after that last message from our trucker friend. According to the tracker site, FlyteComm, the plane is somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, so they did take off after the last message I got from him this morning. Hurray!

Ok, next topic. Caylee Anthony is still missing and the investigators are still trying to put the pieces together. Mom Casey refused a visit from her parents, Cindy and George, on Sunday. Her brother Lee scheduled a visit for today but then canceled it yesterday afternoon. Her parents have another visit scheduled for Thursday. We shall see if that actually happens. I have a hunch that Casey's lawyer, Jose Baez, is behind some of the cancelations because he doesn't want any conversations with Casey being recorded.

Casey's lawyer got shot down by the appeals court in Florida yesterday as well. They denied his 2nd motion to reduce Casey's bail for the third time. So, she has to sit in "protective custody" at the jail a while longer. Until there are some answers as to what happened to Caylee, I doubt the courts would allow Casey out of jail. She, after all, is the only "person of interest" in the disappearance of Caylee and hasn't been at all honest in her dealings with the investigators so far.

The grandparents, meanwhile, are driving around central Florida with a rolling billboard with little Caylee's photo and information on it. But, they met with the investigators yesterday morning before heading out to "get the word out" about Caylee. And, of course, when they came out of the Sheriff's Office, they answered more questions from reporters. And, again of course, Cindy dropped a new hint to the media of a supposed phone call from Caylee to her great-grandmother after the child was alledgedly "kidnapped" by the babysitter. Plus, Cindy claims that the phone records that the investigators are working with are false. According to her, the phone company left off the call that Casey said she recieved from Caylee, the one that investigators have said didn't happen. (Hey, Cindy! Is the phone company now supposed to be part of a conspiricy against Casey?) Another thing about the phone records slipped out yesterday as well. Casey had run up a bill of over $700 and it wasn't paid, so she, her attorney nor Cindy have the records of that phone that are dated after July 7th! The investigators do, though, I'm sure.

There are searches going on in Orlando now. A team of psychics, with search dogs, led by Gale St. John have been conducting their own searches for Caylee. "Gale St. John said she had a vision of a place in Orlando near a lake, surrounded by trees and wildflowers. That is where she believes Caylee Anthony can be found, but not alive." So, now we have a team of psychics searching, George and Cindy driving around with the mobile billboard and the investigators following any leads or tips that come in. It could all be so easily solved if only Casey would open her mouth and tell the truth about where, when and with whom (If there was a "whom"!) she left her little girl.

Travel Update 12:44pm:
Dan found another flight tracking site that is kind of neat. It's iFly.com and it uses Microsoft Virtual Earth to give you a 3D view of where the plane is at any given time. (Allowing for a 10 minute delay, that is.) Here's the view of where our trucker friend's plane was when he found the site. By the way, according to the Gatwick airport flight info, our friend is just about there... He should be landing in just a few minutes now.

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