Sunday, August 3, 2008

George Anthony Speaks.... And Lies?

I watched this "interview" of George Anthony this morning. If you haven't been watching the news and don't know who he is, he's the grandfather of the almost 3 year old little girl, Caylee Anthony, who's been missing from Orlando, FL since sometime in June. The only one who knows for sure when the child disappeared is her 22 year old mother, Casey, who is in jail and isn't talking. Her grandmother, Cindy, has floated a few dates around, but no one really knows for sure except the jailed "mom". Anyway, here's the "interview" with George:

One of the things that bothers me about this "interview" is how George talks about the "pizza experiment". Here's the background on the pizza thing. Sometime in June, Casey abandoned a car, supposedly a car she "borrowed" from her parents, in the parking lot of a check cashing place there in Orlando, Florida. After a few days of the car sitting there, the owner of the lot/shopping center had it towed away. After another few days, the grandparents received a letter from the tow company/impound lot telling them that they can come pick up the car. (After paying the tow and impound fees, of course.) Anyway, apparently George and Cindy managed to get the car back from the impound lot on the same day that George and their son Lee went and picked the car up. In the 911 tapes that were released to the media, the first call is fairly calm, which seems odd to me since the missing child is more or less mentioned almost as an afterthought. The second call is the one that mentions the smell in the car. Cindy tearfully in a panicked sort of voice tells the 911 operator that Caylee had been missing for a month and that they had "just found the car" and that it smelled like there had been a "dead body in the damn car".

In later interviews, Cindy backed off the "dead body in the car" statement and started saying that the smell was from a pizza that had been in the car for 12 days, then 19 days and then 15 days. Uhm. No, Cindy. 12 day old, 15 day old or 19 day old pizza does not smell like a dead body. And now, with George's interview today, he's saying that the pizza has to be in a small trash bag and there has to be some Arm & Hammer dry detergent in a box in the bag with it. Hello! Arm & Hammer plus pizza would not equal a dead body smell! Get a clue, Anthony family! The lies are going to come back and bite you folks in the butt!!!

Another thing that bothered me about the "interview" with George today is his plea for money. He says its going to be for flyers, billboards and the like. Oh yeah, and a trust fund for Caylee. Excuse me, a trust fund for the missing child who is most likely dead? After all the lies that Casey, Cindy and Lee are blabbing to the media, they expect the world to open up their wallets and give them money? How gullible do they think everyone is? Apparently they think we're extremely gullible.

And another thing about George (And Lee!) that is odd. On the "Caylee is Missing" MySpace page, George and Lee advertised for "personal assistants". Volunteer personal assistants! Here's their "ads":
Personal Assistant to George Anthony
24 hours On-Call DAILY
Locations: Charity office space located near Sand Lake Road and Orange Blossom Trail, Anthony Family Residence at 4937 Hopespring Drive Orlando, and also the possibility of working from home.
Purpose: Coordinate daily volunteer efforts at Publix Tent location and Call Center location. Check emails from the public offering to help volunteer, distribute supplies, and/or donate supplies or resources towards the search efforts. Will also be responsible for scheduling volunteers, and to assist in coordinating distribution of supplies to individuals/areas nationally.
Skills/Resources Required: Must have a valid drivers license and a personal cell phone. Ability to take and execute direction given by George Anthony. Great organizational skills, ability to multi-task, Windows-based computer skills to include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), Internet Explorer, and email. Ability to lift 50 lbs and work with little to no supervision. There is no compensation for this position.
Whom to Contact: George Anthony - xxx-xxx-xxxx cell - (email address removed)

Personal Assistant to Lee Anthony
24 hours On-Call DAILY
Locations: TBD, willing to travel within greater Orlando area with the potential for out of state travel.
Purpose: Run errands, schedule meetings, answer emails, update Myspace and websites, etc.
Skills/Resources Required: Must own or have regular access to a personal computer, cell phone, and reliable transporation. Must have a valid drivers license. Ability to take and execute direction given by Lee Anthony. Great organizational skills, ability to multi-task, and work with little to no supervision. Knowledge of how to maintain a myspace page, basic html/website design, and other internet based resources such as search engines and news media sites is a must. This is a jack-of-all-trades position that may be cross utilized in all aspects of the search for Caylee as well as any personal need of the Anthony family, as directed by Lee Anthony. There is no compensation for this position.
Whom to Contact: Lee Anthony - xxx-xxx-xxxx cell - (email address removed)
Hmm... "24 hour, on-call daily" personal assistant? What the heck? Are they going to have these "volunteer personal assistants" doing errands in the middle of the night or something? I have to wonder if they've gotten many applicants. I know I sure wouldn't "volunteer" for something like that from a family that seems to have no problem at all lying to everyone! (By the way, I x'd out the phone numbers and removed the email addresses. If anyone is gullible enough to fall for the lies from this family, they can go to the MySpace page and "apply" for the jobs.. I'm not advertising them! LOL)


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! This family is disgusting. On the news they showed Casey sitting in the court room smiling and giggling and saying Hi to someone. This is coming from a mother whos child has been missing for a month. The whole family just makes me sick. I believe that George and Lee deep down inside know the fate of their grandchild as they indicated in previous comments. Now they are trying to cover up their tracks knowing their grandchild is dead and dont want too lose their compulsive deceitful daughter as well.

Anakerie said...

I know what you mean... In other missing children cases, my heart goes out to the families and I would be out there helping them hunt for the child if I were close enough. This family, however, turned me "off" shortly after they began appearing on the news shows. Casey, the mom, smiling or smirking when she did her little perp walk. Cindy, the grandma, with her tirades against the media and the cops because they weren't looking for Caylee. Lee, the uncle, with his "coded" phone conversations with Casey. George was silent to begin with, but this "interview" this morning lumps him right in there with the mom and grandma... Disgusting is a very good description of all of their behaviors.

Why wasn't this child reported missing a month before? Because the "mom", Casey, knows what happened and is trying to bail her butt out. And grandma and grandpa are right in there helping her. At least thats how it looks to me...

donchais said...

Damn! Had ya left the phone number in, I would have called immediately for that "24 hour, on-call daily" personal assistant" position!


Anonymous said...

This family is crazy. I think Cindy is the most arrogant, disgusting example of a worried grandma I have ever seen. I call her Grandmonster Dearest.... or how about Grandzilla!!!! Anyway, I think they all know what happened but are to afraid to face the truth. They are all delusional. I can't believe the job postings.... they actually think that someone will do all that work for nothing? Need a cell phone, travel out of state.....give me a break!!!! I think either Casey is waiting till there is no evidence left, or is faking this whole thing and is going to write a book about this. This is the most bizarre case I have ever seen. She is a spoiled brat, who mooches off her parents,
enjoys the night life and has a whole different side to her that obviously her parents don't know about. I am getting tired of watching this, because nothing is happening. I am definitely sick of Cindy. She treated Geraldo like crap on his show and then cursed today during a sound bite. She needs some medication. They asked if Casey had any mental problems.... someone should ask this mother if she has any. Of course, she would just dance around it like everything else.
She is disgusting. They are probably going to use the money for Casey's defense. The dad knows more that he is telling. For gosh sakes he used to be a cop!!!! When you have a background like that... you should have a hunch about things or he wasn't a good cop. I am the daughter of a cop and I have figured some of these things out before they were reported. They are going to have a birthday party for Caley one way or the other this Saturday.... are these people from Mars or what?

Anakerie said...

Hmm... I like "Grandzilla"... It works for both of the grandparents!

I have never felt so hostile towards the family of a missing person/child as I do towards these people. And the really bad part is that this insane family have no clue how they are alienating people. If I happened to live in Orlando, where these folks are, there is no way in hell I would be out "searching" for this child because the family says she is ok and is close. Close to WHAT, I might ask...

Anonymous said...

It's me again..... the grandzilla poster. I am so glad to hear that you feel this way about the family. I would not search for her if I lived close either. I guess I am offended when grandma orders people to search for Caylee. Why doesn't she?

She said she almost went to Atlanta, after she got that tip about a sighting. I think it is really fishy that all the sightings are coming in on her phones and not the police or tipline. Very very fishy......

Does anyone know what police dept. George Anthony worked for in Ohio? I am from Ohio and would like to know if it is close to me.

Anakerie said...

I am not sure where in Ohio the Anthony's are from. I think I read a post or two about it on either the InSessions message board or on WebSleuths, but I can't remember what was said.

Anonymous said...

I see only one FACT, in this case and that is the dog hit on the trunk of the car. If this does turn out to be a ploy for cash. I hope that entire family is prosecuted to the fullest. grandzilla was eager to point out that it was only one dog. HELLO Grandma, it's just one two year old child. Wake Up.. Or SHUT UP.. Birthday Party??? I am going to be sick.........Deb

Anakerie said...

If I remember correctly, the investigators brought in two dogs and both hit on the same place in the yard and the same area of the car. I missed her saying "only one dog" because my satellite went out and it took a while for it to reacquire signal.

She's not going to "wake up"... She is too deep in denial, or up to her neck with Casey. I'm with you about the ploy for cash. If the child "magically" reappears for her "birthday party", I hope that the investigators take a long hard look at the family and put them in adjoining cells with Casey.

Candee said...

Here are the problems I have with the "protection" theory. For one, if this child is really in danger and in the hands of people who might hurt her, as Casey, says then any normal mother would want the SWAT team to descend on their house immediately and rescue her. What, she'd rather leave the child in a dangerous situation with dangerous people? And if these people who have Caylee might hurt her then how can Casey claim to know she is ok? But here's the really big problem: Casey says she won't cooperate because she is protecting the child but then she and her lawyer say that she WILL cooperate if she is granted immunity. What, she doesn't mind putting the child in danger as long as the state agrees not to prosecute her?

Anonymous said...

There are so many holes in this story it is starting to resemble swiss cheese.

Grandzilla keeps changing her story. I watched Greta tonight, the Grandfather admitted that Casey stole the gas cans. I couldn't believe it. The father said that Casey wrote a letter and supposedly gave it to her attorney. UH.... the attorney said he never received a letter and the brother Lee, said there is no letter. I am getting sooo frustrated with this case.

If I were Casey, and really feared for my daughter's life then I would let the FBI know. She doesn't seem to trust the local authorities. If you are afraid to tell someone, then why would Grandmas go on National TV and say they are afraid for Caylee. If Casey wouldn't say something, why would her mother? If this were really true, do they actually think the authorities would make that public?

There is something so very wrong with Casey. I don't believe for a minute that she is protecting her daughter. She is stalling for time to figure out what she is going to finally say. I wish they would really put the heat on her and try to crack her, so she tells them something.

If she was really afraid that harm would come to Caylee, she would run to the authorities and tell them everything. I am not buying her story or any of the rest of the family's pathetic excuses and stories. My God, George Anthony was talking about an experiment with a pizza in a box and Arm & Hammer. He said you have to do it just right in order to come up with the same smell they had in the car. OK.... now, what was the Arm and Hammer doing in the trunk?

This was my take on the dogs. They brought one dog in and he hit on the trunk and the backyard. They brought in a second dog just to validate the findings of the first dog. They said the second dog hit on the exact same spots the first dog did. Now, Grandzilla was trying to dispute that too.

When I was watching her speak tonight, she speaks in riddles and goes in circles so much.... you forget what the question was. She is definitely the mouthpiece for the family. I am really surprised that Grandpa doesn't speak more, being a former cop and all. Very intersting.

Granzilla, you better be kinder to the media. They are giving your story international attention. Blasting them everytime you do, hurts your chances of finding Caylee.

Casey, you better start praying
that God saves your little girl. You also better start praying that God gives you the strength to quit lying and start telling the truth.

I think all of America is sick of this mother!!! I only hope and pray this beautiful little child is still alive. My gut tells me otherwise.

Candee said...

I am sick of this whole family! I believe the police have hard evidence at this point against the mother. I want to know what the DNA says. I wonder what crap the grandparents will spout when DNA shows the little girl was dead in the trunk. Let's see them try to talk their way out of that one!

Anonymous said...

Another night gone and no Caylee. As the country watches this family spit lies like venom effortlessly, I only wonder if they want the public to pay Casey's bond. I am shocked at the thought of this family asking us all to use our vehicles,cell phones or what ever for nothing. Are they so out of touch that they don't even see that the economy is slightly disabled at the moment. And you think we as tax payers are gonna drive around all day burning gas, looking for a child that someone in that family knows where she is. NOPE sorry Anthony family, you are on your own. Grandma can't even say what the motive is. Talk about someone talking out of both sides of their mouths, yeah they talk both sides and top and bottom. All this talk isn't bringing this child back. Prozac anyone??? Deb

Candee said...

We will soon be finding out what Grandzilla's darling daughter did with little Casey. The police are zeroing in. Notice that no Amber Alert has been issued, no police sketches of any alleged kidnapper, no request from the police for the public to help look for Caylee. Why? Because police don't believe Casey, that's why! Their absolute only interest has been in the Anthony's backyard!

Anakerie said...

And the CSI teams and more detectives have been at the Anthony home today... One has to wonder what was in those evidence bags that were taken from the house today..... And from what the news helicopters were telling the reporters on the ground, there was zero activity in the backyard.. So whatever was taken came from the house itself.

deborah said...

The sinking feeling of finding little Caylee alive has arrived. Am I giving up to soon? You know if you think back to Mark Lundsford's unstopable tears over the loss of his daughter Jessica. I don't see this grief or much of any emotion at all with this family. Could there be a huge insurance policy on this child. Why? Who? Someone please speak the truth. CSI isn't in the Anthony home for a picnic. The missing gas cans leaves a horrible thought. Amber Alert was the first thing one would think to do. Right?? Could this be gang related?

Candee said...

No one can speak the truth just yet, unless perhaps you work for the State of Florida. We only know what the truth probably is...Little Caylee is safe on the other side in God's arms, which may be a lot more than Casey can count on unless she stops lying and comes clean. The good news is she WILL be accountable for what she has done. All the evidence points straight to her and no amount of Arm & Hammer is going to cover it up!

Anonymous said...

I live here in Orlando and this whole thing has been so bizarre from the beginning, it's just inconceivable! I'm also a retired cop, so it's really been wrong to me from the get-go. I personally think Casey is a sociopath who obviously never cared about her baby except for what she could get using Caylee as a pawn. And from the beginning I've wondered about the father - where is he? During the bond hearing I learned George is a former cop, but he's now a security officer. Now I know one doesn't go from a law enforcement officer to a security guard without some "questionable" behavior that caused that person to lose their law enforcement career. And the whole family appears to be mental. And there is obviously some kind of "close" (weird) relationship between Casey and Lee. I feel it's been apparent from the beginning that Caylee is not alive - all the speculation and talk will end when the evidence is finally put together. And hopefully since this case has attracted world-wide attention, the Sheriff's Office will conduct a proper and unbiased investigation.

Anonymous said...

I have no law enforcement history, just common "MOM" history. Would it be to far fetched to see if some of Caylee's belongings i.e. her clothes, special toys, are missing. I mean if you are leaving for a month don't you take some thing with you. A toothbrush,hairbrush,socks,shoes?? Casey, the Anthony family are throwing out names of people slandering their names. Someone needs to be accountable and soon. I would be damned if anyone used my name as this "mentally deranged" girl has done. Are we suppose to be on their side. The "lying" side. I was taught and told you NEVER lie to a police officer. And, I have not. Because there is nothing to have to lie about. Stepping down to a security guard level. Was it his health? And Grandma is so stupid as to think she innocently washed her pin striped pants. I don't see this trial happening in that county.

Candee said...

I believe what needs to happen is that the grandparents should focus their anger 100% at Casey. If they would go off on her the way they go off on the media and the public then Casey might start talking. I believe Casey doesn't talk in part because of the emotional support she gets from her family. They are her allies. By supporting her and believing her lies they are encouraging her to continue to lie.

Deborah said...

"The Birthday Party" was more like a memorial service. It seems that the yorkie pups were more familiar with Caylee's baby crib than anyone. Why did Lee shave his head? Yeah right, like Casey would give up a party and go borrow a shovel to dig bamboo. It appeared to me on Greta's interveiw, that Cindy look at George, as if waiting for approval or agreement on everything that was said. With all of the lies Casey shoul lose her phone and visitation rights. The lawyer can't seem to be honest either. The Anthonys love the media or they would SHUT UP. Deb

Anakerie said...

The Anthony family seem to be "shutting up" a bit since the "birthday party" yesterday. I've hardly seen anything in the news about them today that is new. That is something other than the fact that Casey canceled the visit with George and Cindy this evening. So "Princess Casey" has now canceled her visit with Lee on Friday and her parents today.

Do you think Casey has her nose a bit out of joint because she saw something said by one of the family on the news?

Candee said...

My suspicion is that Casey is now in avoidance mode with her family, just as she was for the first 31 days she didn't report her daughter missing and her mother Cindy Anthony had to go track her down. I think it is her family perhaps getting more demanding of her, wanting answers, and Casey of course doesn't want to give them. In Casey's mind the world revolves around her and everyone must do exactly as she wants them to or else.

I think it's about time for the DNA tests to be done from the trunk of the car, they were supposed to have been back by the end of last week I believe. I wonder what is going on with that?

debbiekaye said...

If Casey chooses to "shut down" and speak with no one including her lawyer, she must feel she has the upper hand. However you can "Convit" in the state of KS. without a body. I don't know the FL. laws. Should it be entirely up to DNA, how does one rule out the fact that the childs DNA would be all over the home? Maybe someone should be more aggressive towards mom Casey. Has there been anything said about her psych. evaluation?

I just pray this little angel is still among us.

Candee said...

I have heard several times on the news shows that you can be convicted for murder in the state of Florida without a body. Not good news for this future "Mother Of The Year" award recipient. I also believe that the police probably have a whole lot of evidence at this point that they are keeping quiet about so as not to compromise their case when it goes to trial, and that could also include the psych. evaluation.

Candee said...

Please someone tell me that Princess Casey will not be bailed out of jail on Monday. Please let the state file more charges against her or do something to prevent it.

debbiekaye said...

Why would anyone come up with a half a million dollars for Lying Casey? Bounty hunter? Does anybody think this is a conspriacy? I think the entire family is sick.

Candee said...

Well Casey has had her cheeseburger and her manicure -- has she revealed what happened to Caylee yet?

debbiekaye said...

Apparently not Candee, the welfare and search of this missing child, seems more focused on her affairs, her parents, Leonard P, and now a deputy cop in the city of Orlando. What next? DNA, is that the only evidence or lack of that is protecting the ever despondant and uncaring Casey Anthony. I am pleased not to be her judge, come jugement day.

Anonymous said...

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Saturday, August 30, 2008
Just like everyone, except it seems, for Casey Anthony, I'm literally heartbroken about the disappearance of little, Caylee Anthony. My eyes fill with tears, everytime I look at little Caylee Anthony reading her storybook on TV. What a loss, what a tragedy. Not knowing what happened to her, is so heartwrenching.
WHY, WHY, IS SHE STILL MISSING? Why? It doesn't make sense in any manner whatsoever!
This whole family, as much as I hate to say this, seems to be covering up things, lying,stuck in some kind of 'denial'. Perhaps, even hiding dark, deep seated family secrets. Oh, I pray to our Heavenly father, they are not!
The story about who Caylee's father is, is nothing short of what seems to be a 'fictionalization', of the real truth! Who really is Caylee's father? Not, that it is the crux of the problem! The problem is, where is little Caylee? However, knowing who the real father is, would certainly shed some light on the matter!
This whole thing, seems to be a creation of "secrets and lies"! A new story every day, a new chain of events. It's like playing out a script, rewriting it every day, casting a new role for a new actor, depending on how a piece of the puzzle may or may not fit! I hate to even think this, but perhaps there was incest in the Anthony family? I really don't like putting it out there, I hope it never proves to be true, but we all know it happens, in the best and worst of families. I pray it did not. However, shouldn't it still be investigated, as though it may be a possibility?
I know the grandparents are going throuh unimaginable pain and anguish. However, it still needs to be checked out!
What about the statement,(supposedly made) by Cindy Anthony on "Myspace'? It sounds like a mother, and a grandmother, in total anguish and despair. Cindy Anthony wrote:

"She came into my life unexspectedly,(sic) just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankfull for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning and does not let her mother now speak to the baby that her mother raised, fed, clothed, sheltered, paid her medical bills, etc. Instead tells her friends that her mother is controlling her life and she needs her space. No money, no future. Where did she go? Who is now watching out for the little angel?”

This is a statement made by Cindy, a woman in grief, and despair, questioning, "Why"?

Casey's, (supposed) statement on Myspace":

"What is given can be taken away"
“On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken
Trust no one, only yourself.
With great power, comes great consequence.
What is given can be taken away.
Everyone Lies.
Everyone Dies.”

This sounds like, a bitter, angry, selfish, vengeful woman, showing no remorse, pain or heartache for her missing child!

I can't believe Casey's parents, seem to know so little about their own daughter? Her father, George, a retired police officer, her Mother Cindy a nurse? Being "real' here, where did they think she was spending her days? How could they not be aware of the fact, that Casey had no job? She lived in the same house, didn't anyone know what was really going on? I can't believe, people living under the same roof, can be so blind to the actual events that are taking place. Daily events taking place, right under their noses. It seems to be, some sort of denial, perhaps even fear of Casey, who seems to 'bully and control people. How could anybody, parents, grandparents, etc. never even have met a woman, who had "supposedly" been babysitting their granddaughter for two years? If someone had been taking care of anyone in my family, I would make it a point to check them out. Wouldn't any person with any common sense do that automatically? Who was paying for this "nanny"? Remember, Casey's dad was on the police force? Doesn't that seem suspicicious? Where in the world, are these grandparents heads? It doesn't make any common sense, when you look at the whole picture. Two and two, are most definitely NOT making four. Why isn't there a paper trail of the $40,000, Casey spent with the Cindy's stolen credit card. It was $40,000, she charged! How can a person spend $40,000 in so little amount of time? Drugs, what? Why aren't the police checking the paper trail, where the charges occurred and to whom? SOMEONE NEEDS TO PULL THEIR HEADS OUT FROM WHEREVER THEY ARE, AND THINK "COMMON SENSE HERE"!!
Why didn't the parents bail Casey out of jail? They could have used their home as collateral? They must have known Casey had emotional problems a very long time ago.... and WHY, didn't they get her help?
Maybe George, should take a DNA test to see if he is Caylee's father? Maybe, (just maybe?.) All scenerarios need to be checked at this stage of this so-called game. And yes, it is becoming more and more like a very ill-played game, with very little professionalism or common sense being used!
Perhaps, just perhaps, some family member was molesting Casey, and she worried they might do it to Caylee too??? I hate to even think this, but worse scenarios have happened. It seems as if the grandparents change their stories way, way too often! They seem to be into HUGE denial about so many things. Any person, who used to be a cop, like George Anthony, has been trained, developed skills, to 'sniff out the truth, investigate, and use their intuitive skille, and trained senses, to 'think about all the possibilties"! Where was George's trained instincts, in the past, now, or in the future? How can a police man and a nurse, not tell the difference between the smell of rotting pizza and a dead body?

It seems, as if there are just too many secrets in this family.

I know, if Casey were my daughter, she was bailed out, sent home, I would't be wasting a minute, in giving her the 3rd degree,'beating'(figuratively) her into confessing all the truth, nothing but the truth, and doing it NOW,IMMEDIATELY.
They're not just putting themselves, into this tragedy and sadness of missing Caylee, they are putting the whole world into it!!!!!!!!

Where is Lee, the brother, what does he do for a living, does he have any problems emotionally as well?
This whole family seems so normal, so 'middle class' on the outside, but what are their secrets, behind closed doors? They show too little 'REAL' emotion! They seem so stone faced, no tears, no real, honest to God sadness and grief. To heck with what the public may think, I would be crying my eyes out, begging, pleading for help!
All members of this family, seem to be in such a 'flattened' state of mind! It seems George can get mad at the media, well then, why doesn't he turn that anger towards his daughter and demand she "fess" up?
If this were happening to me and my family, I could care less if the whole world saw me break down, into tears, sadness and grief. I would be tearing my heart out in public, begging for support, begging for help, demanding my daughter to come forward and tell the truth! No patronizing her, like they seem to be doing!
This attorney Mr. Biaz, seems to know something, yet, all he is thinking about is his client, not finding out where this child is! yes, I know that is his job, but what about morality? He seems a bit to 'cuddly' towards Casey to me! Casey calls him by his first name, Jose? A bit too much familiarity between client and attorney for my taste!

Now,the so-called story about Caylee's father? A real strange sort of huge secret!! A secret, kept by all the members of this family! Perhaps they should exhume, this person's body, and do a DNA on him, to see if he really is the father. I'll just bet he's not. Too many coverups, lies and secrets.

The Grandparents need to STOP defending their daughter and say what they know.
The whole Anthony family, knows so much more then they are telling! It's so blatantly obvious. They need to STOP making all these excuses for Casey, telling Casey's lies! Face up to the truth, for Caylee's sake! They need to let the world know the truth, so everyone, can start the process of healing and move forward. They should either tell what they know, and get this child buried, if she is dead! That is the very least she deserves!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Anyone else would be charged with at least 2nd degree murder! This precious little girl, needs to be found, dead or alive! Get 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' on it!. This joke of a bounty person "Leonard Padilla" is quite pathetic! At first, I thought, give it a shot, give anything a shot! However, he has changed his mind so many times, it's like looking into the 'crazy mirrors' at the amusement park. I'd like to grab that bloody toothpick out of his mouth and put it somewhere else!
Poor little Caylee, is either in the ground, eaten by alligators, burned or sold, into who knows what! What type of family would keep hiding the facts. If Caylee is no longer on this earth, at least have the decency to come forward, put Caylee to rest in a loving and decent manner and show her the respect she deserves!
If this family loved her, which I'm sure they did, they would do this!!!
Does anyone here, know the meaning of LOVE or TRUTH?
It makes me sad, it makes me mad, to see the whole Anthony family, trying to get something "over on the system". When it comes to a child missing, they should be upfront about everything and get this case solved...once and for all. It's just outragous, that it has been so long now, and still no Caylee, dead or alive!
Maybe they should all take lie detector tests, even if they are not admissable in court, it would shed light on something, because right now we have nothing!

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A Little Girl is missing, a little child, that seems to have vanished out of midair, despite all the family who holds her near and dear! WHY?

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3 years old

Anonymous said...

I think its sick how there are sites like this who want to bash this family. I have to say that I do now think that the little girl is dead and that her mom is the main suspect here BUT I don't think her parents are doing anything any other grandparent wouldn't do. They are trying to cling on to any hope they can get. They are not going to assume that their daughter killed her I mean how could any parent face that. If she is lying to them they need to believe her so there is hope. What Casey has done, lied about, and shown zero concern is something only a monster could do and I just don't think her parents can see her in that light. I wish people would let them start to understand all of this and stop bashing them its just not right!

BigSteve said...

I think George Anthony knows the score, but has to defend his daughter and try to save her ass. Cindy I'm not sure about. I think she is badly in denial. But I think they were good, loving grandparents to Caylee. Looks like she has a nice home, nice toys and playhouses in the backyard, etc.
Now Casey the mother is another story. A pathological liar, thief, and baby murderer. I would like to strangle her slowly with my bare hands.

Anonymous said...

I am posting a link to a petition about Cindy Anthony. I think through her lies she has done nothing but obstruct justice. I also feel she knows a lot more then she is telling. She even tried to help Casey escape after the murder indictment.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't DENIAL mean "Don't even know I'm always lying"?
Take heart George and Cindy, this is to you, have all you want!

Anonymous said...

Why are people blamming George, Cindi and Lee Anthony. For goodness sake that is there daughter, they know what she has done, but can you imagine what this is doing to the parents. They lost their grandchild that they loved dearly(very good grandparents) and they know what there daughter has done and will loose her also. The parents are going through a very difficult time. My prayers go out to them. As far as Casey, they need to do to her what she did to this little innocent child. I can't stand to look at Casey.

My prayers go out to George, Cindi and Lee.

Anakerie said...

To the most recent "Anonymous" commenter:
It's funny that you chose a post of mine that was written back in August to lay blame for people blaming George, Cindy and Lee for the death of Caylee. Have you even read any other posts about the Anthony circus on this blog?

I do not, nor have I blamed George, Cindy or Lee for what happened to Caylee. The blame for that lies squarely on Casey's head. What I do blame the rest of the Anthony's for are all the lies, all the bizarre behavior and the complete stonewalling that they have done since that 911 call that brought this case to the world's attention.

I, too, believe that they loved that child. I also believe that they love their daughter. What I don't understand is the attitude that they've held towards the media, the searchers and everyone else that this case has touched. as the evidence piled up against their daughter even before Caylee's remains were found, they spent more and more time pointing fingers at everyone buttheir daughter, Casey. Why?

Yes, they are going through a "difficult time", as you said, but a lot of the difficulties were caused by their own behavior. Wouldn't you agree?

Anonymous said...

I love this site.... Agree with most of whats here and feel bad for the family on one hand whle knowing that they have played coverup for casey all along. Then theres the meter reader....... isn't he strange????? Doesn't anyone but me think its strange that he "saw" something he felt sure enough about to call the police not just once but 3 days in a row ....... and a month later went to see again?????? Someone paid that dude off to make sure she got "found".

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the meter reader was living in the vacant house behind where Caylee was found.

I find that the names of the home owners being the same as the babysitter a little too odd!

Caylee was close to home (as she told her brother) and by the home of Zenida? and Gonzales?

Too coincidental,for my mindm

Anakerie said...

I don't think the meter reader has anything to do with the Anthony's beyond finding poor Caylee's remains.

As for the names of the owners of the homes near the area where Caylee's remains were found, my theory is that those names could be one of the things that gave Casey the idea for the name of the invisible nanny.

Anonymous said...

I just found this and cannot believe the arrogance of this family. Who on earth would work for free doing everything that is mentioned. In George's add, not only are you to work your butt off for free, apparently you are expected to donate supplies to the search effort as well.

I hope both pudding whipped George and Mr. CMA Lee got a lot of phone calls telling them to go to hell.

What are the two of them doing while their assistant/slave is doing all the work? Driving around in that car with the trailer behind it? The only reason George volunteered to do that was to get away from his witch wife. We know how much George hates to do any kind of real work.

Avid Observer said...

1. Please recommend or suggest that George Anthony have a DNA paternity test involving the "Y" chromosome to determine if he is the father of the tot, Caylee. Reason? We gather, from the news, that George and wife Cindy, and 23-year old daughter Casey had many arguments, some violent involving Casey wanting to put the tot out for adoption, against George and Cindy refusing to allow adoption out of their family. - SCENARIO -
2. They know that adoptive parents have a right and need to know the race and health of the blood parents of the tot, and documentary proof.
3. George and Cidy do not want to reveal that George is the blood-father of the tot Caylee because it would indicate INCEST and ADULTRY and possible history of his fondling and molesting of his 23-year old daughter, disguised by him as normal fatherly affection, since she was a young and innocent, obedient teenager in their home. George and Cindy had the STRONGEST MOTIVE to plan and murder the baby, Caylee, if Casey refused to allow them to claim and possess the baby as their own, not Casey's.
4. George was a former HOMOCIDE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, in Ohio, and for some sufficient reason was removed from that position to become a security guard. Reason? As a Homocide Officer, George likely had seen and understood how some homicide caes have never been solved, and what evidence is essential to make an arrest, and to prosecute a case and punish an offender of the law. He knows how, and how to void it or die trying!
5. George has displayed on thenews screen that he has a violent temper and displayed an attitude of superiority over photographers who attempted to photograph him as George desperately rushed around to EMPTY HIS HOME-GARAGE OF A RED GASOLINE CAN AND BUNDLES OF APPARENT PAPERS, BAGS AND CLOTHS, and much possible evidence, of value to the investigators and prosecution.
6. We learned that IT WAS GEORGE WHO VERBALLY IMPLED THAT A DEAD BODY HAD BEEN IN THE TRUNK OF HIS DAUGHTER'S CAR, WHEN THE SNIFFING DOG AND INVESTIGTORS WERE PRESENT, BY STATING TO THEM:"I SMELL DEATH!" This certainly suggested to all that George's daughter. Casey, should be considered the killer of the tot, Caylee, at some time stored in his daughter's car by someone, possibly her brother, Lee, or George or Cindy.
7. Sometime, soon after that, George and Cindy left Florida and traveled to California pretending to search for a "Nanny" and more likely, to stay out of reach from any interrogations by investigators, whom they definitely chose to avoid.
8. A strong possible scenario is that: Casey wanted to remain in her home withGeorge and Cindy and her baby,Caylee,and be supported, financially, by George and Cindy. But the baby grew older precocious, and some time soon she and everyone would want to know her father. Only George and Cindy and Casey, and probably her grandparents and brother,Lee, know the big, dangerous SECRET, not to be disclosed.
9. If Cindy wanted a baby and was too old to conceive, George could have convinced Casey they could help make Cindy happy if they would create a baby, together, for Cindy. That constitutes INCEST AND ADULTRY which Cindy tolerated and accepted, as did brother, Lee and grandparents. After the baby was born, Casey loved and chose to keep her baby, not to relinguish the tot to Cindy and George to pose as tot's parents. Disagreements ensued!
10. Cindy did not want George and Casey living together under the same roof with their new baby ,Calee, as a man and wife family unit! Cinedy felt LEFT OUT! Who was to claim the title of "MOM" in that house? Constant heated arguments excalated! They all decided that the tot, Caylee, HAD TO GO. Casey suggested that she would offer the tot out for adoption. George or Cindy refused to allow the tot, Caylee, to be adopted out of their family, and chose Cindy to act to act as "MOM" OF THE HOME. Casey objected, left OUT! Casey refused to accept such arrangement POSSIBLE SCENARIO:
11. GEORGE proclaimed, since they all agreed the tot, Caylee, had to go, HE WOULD GET RID OF THE TOT AND NOT TELL ANYONE WHERE OR HOW. And, they would "all be a family" again. which Casey often reminded George and Cindy while talking to them from her jail, that she wanted to ge home and "all be a famil" again. George was more capable than otheer family members, and therefore George learned what he needed, and gave orders to the others to "stick together".
12. George could anesthetize the tot to sleep or death with chloroform, then break the tot's neck with his hands so the tot could not breathe or swallow, and he could place duck-tape across the tot's mouth and nose to prevent any oxygen to her lungs, causing death by asphyxiation or suffocation.
13. The red, 5-gallon gas can, located in George's home-garage, could have contained enough poisonous liquid hydrocarbon (gasoline), which is a solvent for fats, to have dissolved the flesh and soft tissues from the tot's skeleton, the process of which would have left an aroma of those chemicals in the bags or containers or closed car trunk where the tots skeletonized body had been, before it was discarded or buried outdoors.
14. The small, red ornamental HEART pressed onto the duck-tape where it covered Caylee's small mouth may likely have been placed there by her adoring MOM, Casey, as a last goodbye kiss before she carried out the final plans, directed and secreted by George, former Homocide Police Officerr, who was trusted by his family to fortify them from criminal prosecution.

Hear little Caylee's little voice, "you are my only SUNSHINE," FOREVER---

Anonymous said...

It is my sincerest hope.....that GOD will pour down the greatest VENGEANCE upon this TROLL mother from HELL that killed her daughter.

She is SOULLESS...

As for her the granparents, they are they are ONLY concerned with PROTECTING the murderer at the instructions by the SLIMY BASTARD LAWYER.....

Remember the OJ SCUM defense team.? Remember what happened to 2 of them.? they died soon after and of VERY PAINFUL CANCERS.....

Caylee..... God WILL have justice for your soul...

Crohnkiller said...

if george was somehow involved, then why on June 16th was Casey trying to call him at work when all reports point at when Caylee was murdered? if he was there as Jose Baez says, then why call George at work? He is there, no reason to call him..Jose Baez makes me sick. He wants nothing more than get into Casey's pants hopefully

Anonymous said...

The drowning happened in the morning. George works second shift.

Anakerie said...

Amazing. Just absolutely amazing. Ok, Anonymous (On June 5 @ 11:35AM).. So, how do you know when Caylee died? Were you there watching?

Or are you just one of Jose Baez's fans? Do you realize that this post is from more than 2 1/2 years ago? This post was written before Caylee's remains were found and long before Jose Baez and his lying client came up with their "brilliant" strategy to throw the whole Anthony clan under the bus.. Stupid. Really stupid.

Anonymous said...

Jump forward 3 years and the same lies come out. I see that George was asking for money for the find Caylee fund. They KNEW she was dead. DC and cindy walk with him that night. IS THAT Legal to get money from people under false pretenses. What is that called? He was telling lies about the PARTY PICTURES. I hope that the STATE of FLORIDA is not paying for their FROLICing with the dolphins. NOT fair thank you