Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gremlins, Anyone?

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Well, first of all, I will apologize to those who come and read my blog regularly that have found nothing new for the past few days. I'm sorry for not posting anything! lol.. No excuses, though, I don't have any. First of all, the news about my Mom is all good. Everything is going fine with the new pacemaker and her healing from the surgery to replace the old one. I spent the last couple of days helping my trucker friend spend money.. lol... He's getting ready for his vacation and he needed some new clothes and stuff. He's preparing to go to England for a visit and some sightseeing. So, I went along and gave advice about things to take and things not to take. Things like comfortable shoes, clothes for both cool and warm weather and stuff like that. We also met up with another friend who had a job interview on Tuesday and gave him some moral support, along with crossing our fingers for him. Hopefully he'll hear back from them with a job offer. Yes, my fingers are still crossed.. lol

The firefighters are gaining a lot of ground with the fires from the lightning storm last month. According to Cal Fire there are 25 active fires burning in the state. And not all of them are from the lighting event. I've been putting the statistics for both the state and national fires up on the California Fire News website every day. Check it out... Hopefully the weather will hold and the firefighters will be able to contain the rest of the fires soon. The thing that worries me is that this is the end of July. Traditionally, the worst months for fires in California are September and October. We still have August to get through... Yikes.

As for the crime stuff I've been watching, first we have Drew Peterson, who's going to have to face the gun charges against him. Too bad for Mr. Brodsky, who predicted on a couple message boards and on TV that the gun charges would be dismissed. I wonder if he'll be making anymore predictions about Drew being charged in the death of Kathleen Savio or the disappearance and possible homicide of Stacy Peterson?

Another situation I've been watching and reading about is the missing 2 year old child in Florida, Caylee Anthony. The "drama" the child's mother, Casey Anthony, has caused is twisted beyond belief. Lies upon lies upon yet more lies. I truly feel sorry for the investigators in this one because even the Grandmother, Cindy Anthony, has been putting lies out. For instance, take the pizza in the car scenario that the Grandmother insists on. In the 911 call, she tells the dispatcher that the car smelled like it had a dead body in it. Later on, she tells the media and the court at Casey's bail hearing that the car had a bag of pizza in it for 12 days. What happened to the "dead body smell" that she was screaming about in the 911 call? One of news stations in Orlando, WFTV Channel 9, did an experiment. They put a whole pizza in a car in the hot Florida sun. Here's what they had to say about it: "But the Eyewitness News experiment doesn't support the smelly pizza theory after temperatures in the 90s. After seven days, the moisture was gone from the pizza and it had the consistency of shoe leather. More importantly, you have to get really close to smell anything and, when you do, the smell is pizza." And that is just one of the statements by the Grandmother or the Mom have made that have been proven false. The InSession message boards have a lot of information and a lot of speculation as well about the case.

At this point, it's going to take a miracle to bring that child home alive. I've never seen a missing child case in the news with so much misinformation handed out by the family that has been so easily proven to be false. The Grandmother rants on about how "no one is looking for Caylee" on all the news programs. But, how is anyone to even know where to start looking? The date she went missing keeps changing. We have no idea where the child was last seen because the Mom lied to the investigators about where the mysterious "nanny" lived. We have no clue what the child was wearing when she was last seen. Uhm.. Wouldn't that be an important bit of information? In normal missing child cases, it's reported to the police shortly after the child goes missing. In this case, the child being missing wasn't even reported until the child had been gone for 31 days! Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.


Sprocket said...

Annakerie, if you get this in time, I'd pick up a copy of the Los Angeles Sunday Times. There is an excellent 4 page + front page article on fires in Australia, and how their plan for fighting brush fires differs markedly from the US. It's a "leave early, or stay and defend" policy. By adapting this policy they have dramatically reduced the number of deaths by wildfires throughout the nation.

Pick up the paper if you can!

Anakerie said...

Thanks for the tip, Sprocket! I live in such a tiny little town up here that the LA Times isn't available. Our local "news stand", meaning the 2 newspaper boxes outside the post office, only has the Sacramento paper and the Yuba City paper.. lol.. But, I did find it online.. I'll be doing some reading for a bit...

Sprocket said...

Oh Great! I didn't think of that but I'm glad you found the article. I was amazed. They turned a high death count of 60 back in 1983 to five but adopting this new policy.

Sprocket said...

"by adopting" this new policy.