Monday, May 12, 2008

Windy Monday.....

I got woke up early this morning by the lovely sound of the venetian blinds slapping against the window sill. We've got a strong north wind blowing today, so now all the windows on the north side of the house are closed. And, naturally, with the north wind, we've got lots of dirt and pollen in the air and my allergies are kicking up. I am tired of sneezing.

At least out here in Meridian we don't have the problems that Marysville has. The Appeal Democrat is reporting in their "Breaking News" that the winds are kicking up a fire on the northern edge of the city of Marysville. PG&E are also reporting numerous power outages around Yuba and Sutter Counties. So far so good out here in Meridian, I haven't seen the power blink yet, but if the winds keep up, I'm sure I will. If it doesn't go out completely that is. One thing that Meridian has to it's advantage though is the presence of a PG&E maintenance facility here in town. We usually get our power back fairly quickly if something goes down/out that affects the whole town.

In trial watching news, as usual, I spent some time this weekend lurking and posting on the In Session Message boards and am amazed at how some folks can come up with off-the-wall theories that have no basis in fact, no evidence, nothing at all that can justify their ideas. Then, this morning when I looked at the website I found this image that perfectly fits some of those folks.


In other words, don't confuse me with facts! Don't tell me how my whodunit idea won't fit the evidence. I CAN'T HEAR YOU, so I'll just continue posting my own ideas and to heck with facts! lol...

Today is Monday the 12th of May... Mario Lozano's sentencing is this Friday, the 16th. Counting today, he has 5 days until he knows how long he gets to stay locked up for murdering Kacie Barron. And 4 months from tomorrow it will be time for Kacie's Ride For Hope to End Domestic Violence.

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